Girls At Work

Girls At Work is an incredible nonprofit organization that empowers girls at risk by teaching them to use power tools. Check it out!

Hi! My name is Elaine Hamel. I'm the executive director of a nonprofit organization called Girls At Work. We empower girls through building by teaching them to use power tools to discover their inner power tools of strength and courage!

We began in 2000 and initially, all of the workshops were held at the Girls At Work barn/workshop in New Boston, NH. Eight years ago, we decided to go 'on the road' with our program and we now travel to summer camps as well as other agencies all over New England and set up a shop 'on site'. This has enabled us to reach almost 6,000 girls in the last 12 years!

We target nonprofit agencies that work with at-risk girls. So many of the girls we work with face neglect, abandonment and abuse in their lives and are constantly reminded of their failures. Our mission is to help them overcome their self-doubt and expose them to what they can do; to help unlock their potential. Failing grades lower self esteem while overcoming fear and using power tools to build something can boost self esteem!


Our goal is to raise $25,000 in the next 30 days. This will enable us to provide 40 more days of programming to nonprofit agencies all over New England!!! Each day, we will work with at least 25 girls, and with YOUR help, we will be able to reduce the fee from $50 to $25 per girl!

So when you contribute, you are giving the gift of a powerful experience to a young girl that will begin to see herself as capable and strong. At these camps, the girls build bookcases, window boxes, benches, birdhouses, planters, picnic tables, raised beds, tennis walls, and entire sheds. The sky is the limit!
picnic table (you build it! at $1500 or $2000)

As for our campaign, we have some very cool perks to offer as a thank-you for your contributions, such as bracelets, tshirts, benches made of 100 year old barn board, workshops for you and your friends/colleagues, and even free tickets to our annual Girls At Work MusicFest that will be held in November. So pick your perk and you will be part of making this amazing program happen! (note* we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit so your donation is tax deductable!)

At this time of year, many girls are counting down the days until summer camp, looking forward to the outdoors, laughs, campfires, and new friends. But far too many girls are counting down the days for very different reasons. Many of the girls we work with are looking forward to summer camp because it is the one time during the year that they will get a break from the chaos and uncertainty that exists in their difficult lives. They will eat three meals a day and find safety and reassurance with staff that support and believe in them. Many of the girls we work with dream of a year round camp.... These are the girls we are asking you to support!

potter's bench ($1000 pledge level)


as they master the use of power tools to uncover the strength and determination that lie beneath the surface. Help us provide these very deserving girls with an experience that will leave them feeling strong and confident!!!





 bench  ($700 pledge level)


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