Giant 2 Inch Soft Foam Polyhedral Dice Set

Perfect for a quiet individual, learning activities, or throwing at your RPG Game Master. This is a set of soft foam polyhedral dice.

NOTE: The first $20 pledge does NOT allow voting on color and the second $22 pledge does. This was a cut and paste error not found till after people already pledged. Sorry for the confusion.

(DISCLOSURE: The dice shown here in this campaign, while very similar, are dice I've collected to show what we're attempting to make. These example dice are 1.5"-2.5" in size and of many colors, OUR DICE WILL BE 2" AND ALL OF 1 COLOR.)

These soft foam dice are great for many uses. From your spawn's first set of dice, to helping the hard of sight old fart DM see the numbers, to educational uses (yeah I said that), to just throwing them at your Game Master!

While I've managed to collect this set of dice from 3 different products costing me well over $50, I would like to provide gamers with an out of the box solution of the standard set of gaming dice. All at a very reasonable price!

The full set of dice (with the stretch goal 10d10) compared to a normal 16mm set of dice.

The basic set will include six dice, 1 of each of these 2" (tall) foam dice:

  • 4 sided die (1-4)
  • 6 sided die (1-6)
  • 8 sided die (1-8)
  • 10 sided die (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  • 12 sided die (1-12)
  • 20 sided die (1-20)

These dice are just the right size to fit in your fist and they are squishy too! Fondle them without shame. Roll them and knock over miniatures without remorse. Best of all the 4 sided die doesn't hurt when you step on it!

The final single color of these dice (which will be all one color unlike the examples) will be chosen by 2 surveys. The first survey will be done May 16th and  ONLY current set backers will be asked to choose the 10 finalists colors. At the end of the campaign, anyone who has pledged for the VOTER reward level will make a vote on the final color of the dice from the top 10 survey.

These dice are made of non-toxic Polyurethane and then tampo printed (stamped) for long lasting markings. Child safe (if they don't eat them!), Cat friendly, and recommended for ages 3+

The dice will come packaged in a plastic bag with a printed cardboard hang top.

To buy any item off the ala-carte menu you simply need to modify your pledge to add the dollars listed to your total pledge amount, but leave your reward set to the original reward. After the campaign finishes, we'll use a system called BACKERKIT to allow you to spend your over pledged amount in a cart like checkout system.

* If you are a RETAILER and would like to get in on some of these dice complete with all stretch goals, please contact us directly so you can get on the pre-order list and not have to pay for your dice until they are delivered.

We encourage backers to name a local store in their area they would like to pick up their dice from instead of having them mailed.

We will include a seventh die with ALL sets!  This will be the 10's 10 sided die that has 00,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 on it. Perfect for rolling percentages (1-100).


At this goal we'll make a larger d20 die for everyone! This allows for larger numbers to be printed on it. The one shown in this example below is actually 2.5".

The above picture shows a 2" d8 next to a 2.5" d20 die.The above picture shows a 2" d8 next to a 2.5" d20 die.


(IndieGoGo Exclusive)

A large 8x8x5" velvet draw string bag to put your dice in! I've tested it and it's a great fit! If we fund this much you'll get a bag, but if you want to make sure you get one you can add the $4 for the ala-carte add-on.

Shipping is included in all rewards.

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