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a pre-order campaign to fund a brand new Horror Disco label

Antoni Maiovvi and Gianni Vercetti specialise in a strange niche of electronic music, known as Horror Disco. Specially crafted atmospheric, cinematic dance music taking influence from Italo Disco, Krautrock, New Beat, EBM, House, Techno and most importantly the film scores of the 70s and 80s (think Argento's Tenebrae, Fulci's Zombie and John Carpenter's Escape From New York)

Antoni Maiovvi has been releasing Italo / Horror Disco records since 2008. He is not Italian, but actually from Bristol in the UK. He has produced 3 albums for Seed Records (the most recent being a double album of fake lost Italian TV Thriller soundtracks) one album for Bristol's Caravan Recordings. A 12” for Kompakt's sublabel Fright, as well as E.Ps for Slime and Italy's Sauroid.

Gianni Vercetti is a Italian/Greek Horror Disco producer living in Vienna. Slowly working away in a secret bunker of VHS bootlegs, he has released through MinimalRome and Black Montanas.

Maiovvi and Vercetti met in the start of 2011 at a party they were both booked to play in Athens and remained friends ever since. A conversation became apparent that there was no single label dedicated to this specific genre, and though releases were not hard to come by, the pair both felt it was time for them to take control over their own release schedule and really curate a label of great music released on limited edition 12” vinyl and for digital download.

But alas, both Maiovvi and Vercetti are poor artists living in Europe, they have no savings and cannot afford to put the money for the 12” pressing by themselves.

This is where you come in.

What we are asking is for you to either buy the Digital Release from us (every small amount helps us reach our goal) or to essentially pre-order the 12” which would then be shipped to you (included in the price)

The tracklisting for this EP is

A1 – Vercetti Technicolor – L'Incubo Senza Fine

A2 – Vercetti Technicolor – L'Incubo Senza Fine (Legowelt Remix)

B1 – Antoni Maiovvi – Rituals Of Lust

B2 – Antoni Maiovvi – Themroc

Gianni Vercetti's macabre soundtracks are presented with lashings of VHS grain. 'L'Incubo Senza Fine' is dripping with tension, a relentless kick drum thud like the march of the undead themselves. Legowelt's remix only adds to this, calling on the sound of his most recent collection 'The Teac Life'. We find ourselves in the deep forest of a futuristic, nightmarish land.

Antoni Maiovvi's Rituals Of Lust is a 98bpm dark EBM/New Beat-esque stomper. Retro-space age futurism, battleships preparing for war near the moons of Jupiter. Themroc(k)'s would perhaps be the perfect music for a malfunctioning T-800, demented vocals a-go-go. Dark brooding action soundtracks for a bleak tomorrow.

The tracks can be heard here at our soundcloud


If we don't reach the goal, the money is refunded to you. (Of course if you order the mp3s only, those orders will be honored)

So please pre-order now! Help spread the word!

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Please remember that due to this site being based in the USA, prices are automatically in dollars.

20 USD is the equivalent of £12.60 or EUR14,90 (including postage)

Very reasonable for such a rare item.

Your help means independence for two dedicated artists and their futures.

Thank you

Vercetti & Maiovvi

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