Ghost Music EP

Lacy Rose is finishing her first EP-length album, Ghost Music, fully orchestrated and produced in Austin, TX.

Ghost Music EP

Lacy Rose is nearly finished with Ghost Music, an EP-length album comprised of all original compositions, recorded at the studio of Same Sky Productions.

After years of personal growth as an artist, a record is finally coming to fruition. Lacy is a classically trained vocalist and pianist who began shaping a new kind of music when she moved to New Orleans in 2009. During her two-year stay there and since her move back to Texas, she has relentlessly continued to create, drawing from her eclectric surroundings, opera, jazz, early musical theater, and gothic horror. This is now "Ghost Music," a unique, interesting, and--to many--a beautiful, haunting sound all her own.

What's Left to Do

Recording and mixing of the tracks, including vocals and instrumentation, is complete. What remains is to finish paying the studio for its time and services, as well as paying for mastering and printing/manufacturing. Donations will be used to cover as much of these costs as possible.

What You'll Get

By helping make Ghost Music come into being, you will be among the first to experience Lacy's recorded works. Additionally, you'll receive limited-edition materials of thanks made by Lacy herself. Depending on donation level, these can include:

  • The album itself, signed and with a thank-you note
  • Printed stickers and posters of the album art
  • T-shirts
  • Creature dolls, hand-sewn by Lacy
  • A private performance



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    Lacy Rose

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