Amarok Racing needs your help to get Canada's first electric motorcycle to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race.
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Amarok Racing was founded by partners Michael Uhlarik and Kevin O'Neil in the winter of 2010 with the aim of designing & building the lightest, best handling high performance electric racing motorcycle possible, to challenge existing electric motorcycle limitations. 



Using our combined 40+ years of experience as professionals in vehicle development, we started with a clean sheet design that grew around the largest and most limiting part of the motorcycle : the batteries.  From there, inspired by our passion for aeospace design and Canadian design icons like the AVRO Arrow, we constructed an all aluminum, stressed-skin monocoque that radically reduced weight, added stiffness and balanced the motorcycle like the very best gasoline powered bikes today.



The Mission

The real test starts with our unprecedented entry in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race, near Boulder Colorado this June 24 - 30th.  This is the second oldest motor race in the United States and a brutal 156 turn, 10,000 foot ascent up Pikes Peak, that tests the resolve of professional drivers and that pushes the performance the endurance limits of vehicles.  

The electric motorcycle record up the hill stands at just under 13 minutes, a feat that was done on a big gasoline-powered Suzuki that had been modified with electric power but as a consequence weighed over 250kgs!  

Our Amarok P1A weighs almost half that, and was designed without compromise to be electric from the start.  Together with trusted partner and advisor Greg Tracy, a man who has won the race 6 times on a motorcycle, we plan to beat that time and set a new record for an electric motorcycle.  


Our Challenge 



We are an entirely self-funded team made up of motorcycle industry pros, but this isn't our day job.  Based in Altantic Canada means that our race will take us nearly 7000 kms round trip.  Thats a lot of gas for our van (pictured above), roadside food and some lodging (we can't sleep in the van every night without risking our partnership).  

Money raised will offset the cost of transportation of the motorcycle, spare parts, tools and crew, plus airfare and accomodations for our racer and development rider from Toronto and Atlantic Canada to Colorado and back.


- gas for van ($1400)

- return arifare for racer ($800)

- return airfare for videographer ($800)

- accomodations for team of 5 x 10 days ($2400)

- food for team ($1200)


Extra funds will go towards manufacturing lighter parts for the bike, that will further increase our chances of success on the mountain.  

We need your support to help fund our attempt, the first for any Canadian built motorcycle, to get to Pikes Peak and proove Why Less is More.




Amarok Racing believes in the power of hand craftsmanship and human experience to overcome limited resources.  Thats how we designed an electric motorcycle with the same power-to-weight-ratio of leading gasoline-powered 600cc supersport bikes without resorting to exotic materials and without hundreds of thousands of dollars in development budget.




Supporters of Amarok Racing will be up close and personal as we continue to document our project with live updates, a special event video and opening our doors and desk drawers so that you can see how we make this happen.  

We aim to punch above our weight, literally and figuratively.  In the months since we announced our intentions Amarok has garnered tons of media attention all across the racing and alternative energy world, and going ahead we expect to validate our concept of lightweight efficiency.


Amarok Racing is international award winning motorcycle designer Michael Uhlarik, and life-long motor racing mechanical design technician Kevin O'Neil.  Together with a dozen or so close friends, colleagues and supporters, we have made this ground-up project happen, from idea to track test in two and half years.

Michael has cut his teeth as a senior designer for Yamaha Motor in Europe and Japan, penning machines like the MT-03, TZR and 2003 M1 MotoGP.  He has also worked for Aprilia, Derbi, Bombardier and others.  He teaches design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and writes about the motorcycle industry for Hell For Leather and Cycle Canada magazines.

Kevin has been mad about Formula One and motorcycles since his teen years, owned and wrenched a March 71B formula race car, worked as a Norton, Laverda and Ducati mechanic, built kit airplanes and designed and manufactured just about every mechanical part found on performance motor vehicles, including the P1, for the better part of three decades.  What Kevin can do with a lathe and hand tools has to be seen to be believed. 



Amarok swag, limited edition poster prints, original artwork, trackdays with us and corporate team sponsorship are all on the table.  We want to show you that we apprecitate you help, your support and your enthusiasm by offering value as well as excitement.  Our new clothing is being made in Halifax by local people so we can ensure quality and reliable delivery.




The Impact

Amarok Racing is entirely self-funded.  We are raising corporate sponsorship and have been supported by AGNI Motor, Dunlop tire, Pro 6 Cycle, iamphoto media, CZ Carrozzeria, as well as a small army of supporters.  We expect to secure a title sponsor soon to compete in TTXGP / E-Power world championship events, but Pikes Peak is going to be all on us.

Going forward Amarok wants to keep developing the P1 concept so that we can race full time in 2014 and eventually bring our lightweight electric performance motorcycles to market for you to enjoy.




Other Ways You Can Help

If you like what you see but don't want to put down money, then tell all your tell your friends and paste a link to our campaign, our Facebook page or one of our videos into you social media and pass on our message.

We are the first Canadian team to do compete internationally on a motorcycle designed and made in Canada since 1984 when Bombardier ceased manufacturing Can-Am bikes.  Spread the word and you help boost Canadian innovation in vehicle design and manufacturing.

Thank you,


Team Amarok Racing

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    Because designing, building, testing and racing an all-new electric motorcycle isn't hard enough, we have to do this after regular jobs, kids, & kazoo lessons. Buy us a coffee and we'll add your name to our original funder webpage and thank you while we tweak the bike in the garage at 3am .

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    Amarok Supporter

    Get your name on our original funder page and the classic Amarok Racing tee shirt. This oft-maligned original swag item is all black, and features our white paw logo on the front, and detailed patent drawing on the back. Price includes shipping.

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    Amarok Team Super Fan

    Super Fans get the above mentioned classic tee and their name on our original funder webpage, plus a limited edition Pikes Peak special print tee shirt. We are only making 100 of these blue shirts with our original poster art on them, so super fans stand out.

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    Limited Edition Artwork

    As well as receiving both the limited edition Pikes Peak event tee and the classic tee shirts, You'll get a high quality 24" x 36" poster print, featuring a hand rendered design sketch of the Amarok P1, signed by designer Michael Uhlarik. Only 100 of these will be made, because really, Michael can't sign his name more than that or risk cramping his hand just before race week.

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    Amarok Hoarder

    In addition to the shirts, and poster, you'll get a singed, original design drawing from the Amarok P1 project. These are completely un-doctored, un-computer, hand made sketches and technical drawings, typically made with pencil and graphic design markers on vellum or marker pad or the back of envelopes for unpaid bills. They vary in size and a selection will be offered to Hoarders to chose from a complete project drawing e-booklet.

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  • $1,000CAD
    Amarok Pack Member

    Pack Members get the above perks while running with us in our natural habitat. Pack Memebers will be invited to join us trackside in Canada to witness Amarok testing, and receive a free trackday from founding Amarok Racing sponsor Pro 6, Canada's premiere track day operator. Pro 6 trackdays run at Mosport, Calabogie, and Shannonville, and come with terrific instruction and support. Bring your own bike or rent one of the professionally prepped machines on offer.

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  • $3,500CAD
    Silver Sponsorship

    Sponsorship means that your company name and logo appear on the motorcycle in 4" x 10" glory (both sides), are included in all media communication, team uniforms, new poster art, and on our professionally produced event video. Sponsor announcements have been picked up by the New York Times, Wired, Engadget, the Globe and Mail, a feature cover story in Cycle Canada and other high quality media. The Pikes Peak racing event will be broadcast on RedBull TV to millions of viewers worldwide.

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