Get your kids to eat healthy!

Fitly is revolutionizing healthy eating by making cooking simple, convenient & fun for the entire family.

Our Founder's Story

"I started Fitly after experiencing what harm obesity inflicted on my family. I witnessed my father suffer through a triple bypass surgery--a life saving procedure often prompted by clogged arteries associated with high cholesterol. During this time, my brother had become overweight as well and two of my nephews were becoming at risk from exposure to unhealthy foods.

I remember going over to my brother's house for movie night with my nephews one Friday evening, and before and during the film, my nephews asked my brother for snacks. His pantry was filled with cookies, waffles, syrup, chips, salsa, and an entire assortment of processed foods entirely too long to list. I remember feeling genuinely angered by this and concerned about my nephews' health. Seeing what poor eating habits did to my father, I wanted to help my nephews avoid the long term effects of their routine by getting in front of childhood obesity.

Being an entrepreneur who loves to solve problems, I started thinking of ways to solve this one--and that's when a light bulb went off! I needed to find a way to promote healthy eating by starting at the root of learned habits--the home. As founder + CEO of Fitly® , I made it my goal to help families eat healthier and with my Fitly Family we are devoted to making eating healthy simple for families, convenient for parents, and never ending fun for kids!"

-Anthony Ortiz, @fitlyfamily


Problem: Over the past three decades childhood obesite rate in America has tripled.

FACT: Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled

FACT: Today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese.

FACT: In the US, families spend over 200 billion dollars on grocery related food items.

FACT: Over 50% of that is spent on unhealthy & processed foods that are driving the prevalence of obesity-related diseases and healthcare costs through the roof.

FACT: If we don't solve this problem, one third of all children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives. Many others will face chronic obesity-related health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma.

As parents, we know that planning healthy meals is time-consuming, shopping at multiple grocery stores is inconvenient, and getting your family to eat healthy isn’t as easy as it sounds! We aim to change that.

The Solution. Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy. Our solution is to bring your family closer together around delicious foods.

How? Get healthy meals delivered weekly!

Fitly and our team of registered dietitians will come up with the recipes, make a list of the required ingredients, and prepare easy-to-follow instructions that all will be delivered to a convenient pick-up location near you.

An example of one of our family-friendly lunch recipes:

recipe card

Check out our website at www.fitly.org and the infographic below for more information!

How it Works

The Future: Our Vision

Our Vision

With your contribution today, you'll allow us to let Fitly help your family tackle healthy eating in even more engaging ways. 

Fitly Challenge: Who can make (and stick!) to the healthiest food choices? Compete against other families our set your own family goals to win points that turn into prizes! Our meals will display the amount of points your kids receive for helping with cooking and eating their meal. Prizes might include anything from gift cards, iPads, game consoles to family vacations!

Nutritional Wellness Platform™: An analytics system that will provide you with detailed and easy-to-understand information about your family's eating habits, which will allow us to provide more personalized meal plans and nutrional education.

Fitly's Funding Goals

Reaching $25,000 will allow us to 1. finish our test program and allow us to perfect our system, and 2. complete the development of the meal planning program described above and launch it nationally, giving you access to healthy kid-friendly meals, detailed shopping lists, and prepping instructions.

Raising $50,000 will allow us to do all of the above as well as 1. increase the number of places to which we deliver meals, 2. launch a mobile phone application so that you can have healthy meals with you anywhere at any time, and 3. build out our Nutritional Wellness Platform™.

Reaching $100,000 will allow us to do all of the above as well as develop Fitly Challenges, creating even greater incentives for your family to eat right!


Help us help you!


What is Fitly?

Fitly is an online meal planning service through which parents can choose from a variety of USDA’s My Plate and Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate approved meals. Fitly provides families with a free and convenient delivery service of healthy ingredients and meal prepping instructions to convenient pick-up locations like workplaces, schools, and recreation centers in your neighborhood.


Why Fitly?

With Fitly, making a healthy dinner for your family will no longer be a struggle. We provide you with recipes, ingredients and directions that make cooking a nutritious meal simple and stress-free. By taking out the guesswork and aggravation that parents associate with meal planning, Fitly strives to keep kids engaged and motivated to eat well.


How do I use Fitly?

Using Fitly is very simple. Once you register at fitly.org, you can choose from our current dinner options, and have them delivered to a convenient pick-up location once Fitly Delivery is available in your zip code. If Fitly Delivery is not in your area yet, you can digitally receive our full meal plan: an itemized grocery list, recipes and meal preparation instructions. When Fitly is operating in your area, you will be the first to know!


How is Fitly fun?

In addition to the pleasure that will come along with making dinner, Fitly will be offering weekly competitions and prizes that reward kids for making healthy choices.


What are the health benefits?

All of Fitly’s meals are USDA’s My Plate and Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate approved. We include nutrition facts for each meal.


Where can I pick up my groceries?

You can pick up your healthy ingredients and meal-prepping instructions at convenient pick-up locations like workplaces, schools, and recreation centers in your neighborhood. At check-out, you will be asked to choose your delivery site.


What's the cost? 

For a family of 4 using Fitly delivery for 5 dinners per week, the cost will be as little as $100 per week or $6 per person per meal (even dad)! Without the food delivery, our meal planner will cost $5 per month and includes, weekly recipes, fun prepping instructions, a detailed shopping list, and nutritional information. 


Risks and challenges

If we do not fulfill our goal of $25,000, we will not be able to complete our 5 month pilot program. We need your help to make this successful! 

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