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Roommates Zoe and Autumn give sobriety their best shot. But it's tough without a chaser. Did you know you can't drink in AA? They're learning that the hard way.
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EXCITING NEWS: A generous benefactor has approached us with a game-changer! If we can raise $10,400, they will single-handedly donate the last third of our goal, helping us reach the full $15,600!

Hey, a donation of $47 still gets you some sweet original wine bottle art…



We are raising funds to film a pilot. This video is a little taste of the dialogue and characters of Withdrawal, but imagine how much better the pilot will be with money! 



Our production company MMM Yeah, Productions, owned by Maddie Paul, Melissa Zeigler and Melissa Kyle, is the creative and producing force behind Withdrawal. It is a comedic pilot about Zoe and Autumn, roommates living in New York City, who are surprised to find one another in the same Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.  Zoe is pushed by her boss, who promises her a promotion upon obtaining six months of sobriety. Autumn, on the other hand, is motivated by fitness—believing the only way of “winning” her break-up is by looking thin when faced with her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend the next time they meet. They both soon realize there is more at stake if they can't commit to sobriety.

Between their endeavors in work, love, and friendship, Zoe and Autumn experience moments of victory over their addictions, as well as moments of weakness. Through it all, they are never alone as they and their two sloppy, yet loveable roommates, JOE and DAVE, navigate the unpaved roads that are the early twenty-blah-blah years of their lives.



This story comes from our love of television and passion for creating comedic yet poignant entertainment. AAaaand a little from our own social (mis)adventures.

The ladies of MMM Yeah, Productions are trying to demonstrate a different point of view than what’s on television presently.  We love Withdrawal because of its comedic exploration of the very serious subject matter of alcoholism. We see a little bit of ourselves in these characters, and we hope our viewers will see themselves too. Addiction and its effects are something most of us can relate to – be it through family history, friends we’ve met along the way, or even problems we’ve battled ourselves. 

Zoe and Autumn’s journey will be both hysterically absurd and bittersweet while they battle with their roommates, their exes, their bosses, and, of course, their personal demons and methods of handling it all. 



We have an incredibly talented crew involved - our Director Derek Wilson, Director of Photography Masseo Davis (CLICK HIS NAME OR SEE HIS REEL ON THE GALLERY TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE) and 1st Assistant Director Ramona Murphy-Adair, have all worked on numerous projects, indie to major, including The Hunger Games, Taking Woodstock, the Onion Newsroom Pilot, NBC's Grimm and 30 Rock, and multiple music videos including Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire".

For a look at the Melissas' previous collaborations,  SEE THE GALLERY TAB AT THE TOP OR CLICK THE TITLE for a scene from their short film Sodus Point, NY, Earth 



Withdrawal's mix of outlandish comedy with the serious subject matter of alcoholism and addiction recalls Scrubs' flawless ability to mix serious medical issues with silly anecdotes. We are influenced by the flashback style timeline of How I Met Your Mother, as well as their deep rooted familiar history between friends. Our show also shares the dark humor and debauchery of Workaholics. By bringing together our favorite parts of shows we admire, we hope to create something that reflects our own unique style of storytelling and humor.



Because we really like our friends, and know they are incredibly talented and currently work in the film and television industry, we plan to pay them on our pilot, treating this project as professionally as possible. About $5500 will go toward that line of the budget.

Another large portion of our budget, about $4000 will go toward equipment rentals. We will need to rent a camera, sound equipment and grip and electric equipment, and then about $450 will go toward transporting everything in a cargo van.

Our other expenses will be food for our crew ($1500), Location fees ($500), and other startup costs like Equipment and Liability insurance ($1200) and Indiegogo/Paypal fees ($1000). And then of course, when we get to post production, we have budgeted about another $500 for getting the sound and music just right. The remaining bit will be for contingency, for those moments when something happens that we just can't control, and we want to be prepared for those costs.

We know, with your support, we can make a truly amazing project!




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    Thank you!

    A sincere thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. And a Special Thanks in the Credits of our pilot - think of all the people on the internet that will see your name!

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    Friend's Forever

    Friendship bracelets made by one of our own Executive Producers/Actors, Maddie Paul! Even choose your own colors! Variety of bracelets available, including styles for ladies and dudes.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $47USD

    Wine Bottle Art! Which means the creative cast and crew will create a one of a kind wine bottle vase art piece - use it for flowers, or put Christmas lights in it or just use it as pure decoration. Makes a great gift for someone if you don't want it!

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    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $100USD
    Zoe & Autumn's NYC Tour!

    We will provide you with a map that follows Zoe and Autumns nightly shenanigans! Includes popular NYC restaurants and bars; karaoke will definitely be involved. X marks the spot for a special surprise at the end of the night!

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $150USD

    By Melissa Kyle and Melissa Zeigler's talented sister Rebecca Zeigler. Melissa Kyle does headshots, and Rebecca not only does heashots, but also engagement and pregnancy, and graduation photos. Visit her flickr page: Limited to locations of Ohio, Baltimore or NYC, must schedule with photographers.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $300USD
    Party Time

    Be lead through Zoe and Autumn's Map of Shenanigans by the Actors Melissa and Maddie! Travel not included.

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $500USD
    Original Painting

    A unique canvas painting in the realm of graffiti art of Baltimore City by our Executive Producer's talented brother David Zeigler! Email for samples of his work:

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Set Visit

    A set visit, including a meal with the cast and crew! See what goes into making a pilot, ask the cast and crew questions and watch hilarity ensue on set. Limited to a time that works for both the backer and the Executive Producers (out of state travel not provided) but boy will it be fun!

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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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