Get RatbagsDotCom to QED

Airfares and other costs of getting Peter Bowditch from Sydney to Manchester for QED 2013.


What is QED?

QED is a two-day science and skepticism convention taking place at the Mercure Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester, England, on the 13th-14th April 2013.


Who am I?

I'm Peter Bowditch and I run the RatbagsDotCom web site. You can find me on Twitter at @RatbagsDotCom. I live in Wentworth Falls in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney down here in Australia, a long way from Manchester.

Why am I going?

It's to meet and interact with people who don't get to the conferences I normally attend in Australia and the USA.

What will I do afterwards?

I will be interviewing people at the event and also writing articles about the presentations. These articles and interviews will be published on various web sites and podcasts (and even some old-fashioned print magazines and papers).

The budget

I'm after money for airfare, accommodation and incidental expenses (plus Indiegogo fee) to get me to and from QED in April 2013. I've set the target based on what the airlines and hotels are quoting now (September 2012) for bookings in April, plus an allowance for the fact that these will inevitably rise as the time gets closer.

If I raise too much?

If the campaign raises more than I actually have to spend on the trip then 20% of the excess will be donated to the Children's Hospital at Westmead and the rest will go towards getting me to Las Vegas for TAM in July 2013.

If I don't raise enough?

I've set the end of the campaign at December 31 to allow time to make sure that my life is in place well in time for an overseas trip in April. If by that date I haven't raised enough then the money will be distributed as if it was more than I needed - 20% to the Children's Hospital and the rest towards getting to TAM.

What more can I say?

Manchester, England, England, across the Atlantic sea. And I'm a genius, genius - I don't believe in God but I believe that God believes in Pete, that's me.

(And now you can guess how old I am, seeing that I was able to recall the words of that song without looking it up on Google.)


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