Get Kuzimu to New York Comic Con

Indie creator raising $1750 for travel to Comic Con by providing books, sketches, tshirts and original artwork to funders.


Kuzimu is a horror comic book about the realm of the dead and the consequences of a single life across time. Once a Maasai shaman, Pt'eros must face the truth of his existence to find peace and escape the afterlife. It is a dream-like book filled with interpretive visuals, symbolism and fantastically weird beings.

It was first self-published as a webcomic, then as the first independent comic published through Graphicly's digital platform. Now this year it is being released as 194-page full colour graphic novel (paperback) by indie publisher 215 Ink, in stores and at Baltimore/New York Comic Con.

I am looking to raise $1750 for travel to and accommodation in New York for Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October.



I have 3 other Kuzimu Graphic Novels planned and would love to have the full story see the light of day. Naturally, this depends on not only sales of the book but also awareness of it. If there is a perfect place to do this, it is at Comic Con, where I can turn the press, fans and comics professionals onto my work.

Getting a comic to this stage largely on my own has taken a toll on personal finances, relationships and my health to a degree. It is make or break time to take it to a higher level.

I need some help to raise the money to get me and my pencils to the next step toward a career in comics.



This book has been a personal journey for me. Having created the main characters at 15 and then developing the book for the last six years, this will be the culmination of about half my life.

Because this means so much, I promise to repay each contribution in some personalised way.

All funders will be mentioned in the next issue of Kuzimu (no 8), which is scripted and should be ready for release Winter 2012/13. Mid level perks get you a signed copy of the book 'Kuzimu Volume 1' with a personal message from me (you can ask for something specific). Higher level perks get you a unique inked or coloured sketch of any character you like (as specific as you please, it is up to you).

The most precious thing I can offer at the highest levels of funding is a piece of original inked artwork from my book. Every page is like a baby to me, but getting the work out there is so much more important!



As the event itself is the goal of this campaign, if you're going to New York I can do something a little extra for you.

Each mid to high-level perk contains the option to have it shipped to you, or to collect it from me personally on Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th October from my publisher 215 Ink's booth (number above). You can even let me know whether you want me pre-prepare it or if you want me sign your book etc. and draw your sketch on the day!

Two of the basic mid-level perks are specifically set up for this. One is cheaper to allow for collection at the con and the other adds international shipping. all higher level perks allow for shipping.



It's a tough time and a tough world out there. I understand that you might not have money to give. But you can still help me if you believe in my work. Please help spread the world on Twitter, Facebook, your blog or anywhere your friends are via a direct link or the share buttons.

If you're not convinced, here's some kind words said about the book:

'Kuzimu isn’t quite like any comic I’ve come across before.' - Comics Bulletin

'The experience of reading an epic such as Kuzimu changes you a little...

Brett has opened my eyes to a different type of storytelling.' - Randy Haldeman, This isn't Work

'A cool looking comic' - Jeff Lemire

If you want to know more, please visit - www.kuzimu.co.uk

Or you can check here for updates - @kuzimu - Kuzimu Comic (Facebook) - Kuzimu (Tumblr) - Brett Uren (Google +) - Brett Uren (Youtube)

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