Get Backspace's Back

Your favorite coffeeshop/venue/internet cafe has been told to get the money or get out. Help show the landlord that nothing else will do.




Backspace is in Trouble.

Backspace is in jeopardy of losing their lease entirely, on top of a pleathora of late rent charges. We do have an pending lawsuit from ASCAP/BMI but we are just hoping to make it into the next year to deal with that when it comes. We could handle one of these things at a time, but because of the perfect storm of these financial dilemmas, during the holiday season nonetheless, we have to ask for your help.

We have basically been told by the landlord that if we can't come up with a substantial amount of money, by the 1st of January, that we will be thrown out.  We are asking for $10,000 to take care of these two dillemmas, and give us a cushion to carry through operation into, and hopefully through, the new year.

If Backspace closes it means we would no longer be able to play a pivotal role in being a community space for the people of Portland.  We wouldn't be able to house benefits for local non-profits.  We wouldn't be able to give bands an all-ages venue to play in.  We wouldn't be able to hold one of the most awesome poetry slams in the world.  You would no longer be able to step off the MAX, step into our doors and get the perfect cup of coffee that you depend on to start the day.  Local writers would be asked to create in less than genuine venues.  Employees would lose their jobs.  


We Don't Want Something for Nothing.

Because we believe of the importance of our role in the Portland arts community, we have the bands, the artists, the writers and the organizations that support our mission to help us show you the importance of our doors staying open.  Bands are donating music, shirts, posters, performances.  Local writers and publishers are donating whole packages of books.   

If you donate to help us keep our doors open, there are some awesome packages of gifts from members of our ever widening community to show their thanks.  

We understand it is holidays and people are broke.  If you can't afford to donate, please share with your friends.  Come in and buy a coffee, come to one of our awesome shows we have set up before the new year.  Join us on New Year's Eve.

(*Keep your eyes peeled to this page, for as packages are taken, they will be replaced with new ones, as IndieGoGo only allows a limited number of packages to be active at any given time.*)

Backspace is community.  Backspace is art.  Backspace is progress.  Backspace is taste.  Backspace is style.  Backspace is people.  So are you.  So is Portland.

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