George Zimmerman Juror Needs Help

This brave mom's children have been threatened, she lost her job and home. his is a travesty,let's stop the mob mentality. Please help Maddy and her family.
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Sanford, Florida
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A mom who's only crime was doing her civic duty and serving on the George Zimmerman jury is now losing everything, being threatned and about to become homeless. Maddy made an unpopular decision, she followed the law .

A Central Florida employer is offering a job to the George Zimmerman juror who says her life was ruined by the trial.

Doug Kaplan, managing partner at Gravis Marketing, said an "Inside Edition" report on juror Maddy's plight "hit a nerve."

Maddy said she had a lost friends and a full-time nursing home job because she served on the jury that acquitted Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin's fatal shooting. Maddy also revealed that she has received death threats and that her family is close to being evicted from her four-bedroom home in Seminole County.

"I can help the juror with employment if needed," Kaplan said in an email to me. "We are a political polling and consulting firm in Winter Springs, and have a call center that makes outbound phone calls. I think when someone does civic duty, to have to deal with this nonsense is un-American."

"It's heartbreaking, this brave, courageous woman," Kaplan told the magazine. "She was doing her civic duty."

Maddy says she and her husband, who has a low-paying maintenance job, are down to literally counting pennies. They sold the kitchen table and are just days away from being evicted because they can't pay the rent."

There are other chilling repercussions from the trial.

Before the Zimmerman case, she used to let her kids play outside. She is now afraid for their safety. 

"I've had death threats. On Facebook, someone wrote I'm gonna the feel same pain as Travon Martin's mom. Which means I'm gonna lose my son. 

What We Need & What You Get

Maddy has a large family, anything that you can give will help her family get through this difficult time.  Maddy is left to wonder why she has lost so much, all because she did her civic duty.

The Impact

We all want a fair trial, in the future jurors will be afraid to vote not guilty, because the mobs will start attacking them, they will risk losing friends, their job and families. It will be easier to send innocent young men and woman to prison. This has serious long-term repercussions for our friends and family. It does not matter what you think of Zimmerman, this is about a Brave mom doing a courageous thing and service on the jury doing her civic duty.

  • It is just and moral to help with brave woman. She is an innocent victim.

Other Ways You Can Help

Any thing you can do to help the family.

All money will be donated to Maddy. 

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