Geek Wave: A No-compromise Portable Music Player

Geek Wave is a high performance portable music player, made for discerning ears.
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Introducing Geek Wave: Something Different

Apple has completely abandoned iPod, the original portable music player. Their vision is to integrate music playback into the iPhone. That's great for everyday music listeners, but what about those of us who don't want our music interrupted when a phone call, email, or text comes in? What about those of us who want the highest quality sound? We know when you start mashing up devices, compromises have to be made. What about those of us who love what high-resolution digital audio sounds like? We know iPhone just can't cut it.

We're trying to save the portable music player, and we're not alone. Along with friends like Sony, Pono, and Astell & Kern, we're dedicated to making a small, portable device that's created for one task: to uncompromisingly playback high resolution music.

Geek Wave is the evolution of the portable player. It provides uncompromised sound quality, while also loading you up with the portability, functionality, tech specs, and features LH Labs is known for. It plays PCM formats natively at up to 384 kHz sample rates in pure 32 bit depth. Beyond PCM, it plays DSD formats at up to 128 times the sample rate of a standard CD. Geek Wave doesn't mess around.

Whether you're just looking to replace that old iPod you've been carrying since the early 2000's or you're a hardcorde, dyed-in-the-wool audio aficionado, Geek Wave mixes work with play, and is ready to party. Beer, cheeseburgers, and giddiness sold separately.

Our crowdfunding vision.

It's no secret, we're incredibly passionate about crowd-designing our products. So much so, that we've been able to partner with our backers to create and co-design some amazing products (Geek Out, Geek Pulse and Geek LPS, for example). Each product has been heavily influenced, both in features and design, by our backers' requests and requirements. For us, crowd-designing is like having 1,000+ people helping us engineer our product, cementing its value proposition while also ensuring that it meets the needs of the most demanding user.

That's why we're running this campaign! Please help us make Geek Wave something truly spectacular.

Help Us, and Help Yourself!

Please help us bring new friends into the high performance audio hobby and earn great stuff at the same time!

Starting on January 27, 2015, this is what you can earn:

How it works: Simply log in to Indiegogo to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). Spread the word about us with your friends all over the Internet and you'll earn refunds quickly! You can even track your own progress by visiting your Indiegogo "My Profile" page and clicking on "Referrals."

The Highest Resolution Audio Available

Being the first company to bring the world a 32 bit/384 kHz plus DSD 128 component has it's advantages. Like it's predecessor, Da Vinci Dual DAC, Geek Wave is the only 32 bit / 384 kHz PCM capable, native DSD player in the world. What does that mean to you? It means you can feed it anything. From MP3's all the way up to DSD128 files.

Geek Wave Runs on AOS 1

The operating system for Geek Wave had to be as unique and cutting edge as the features it provides. We searched far and wide and finally decided, since nothing measured up to our standards, we'd create it ourselves. No simple task.

We've taxed some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley to develop an OS that is designed with two purpose in mind. First, to process high-resolution audio files at the fastest possible speeds. Second, to create a seamless intuitive user interface that caters to what you care about most. The music.

AOS1 is the first OS of its kind. There's nothing superfluous. Only the most necessary functions to playback high-rez music have been included. The entire operating system takes up only 47 kB of space. That's it. Because of this lack of overhead, Geek Wave boots up from a dead stop and is ready to play any audio file you have loaded in less than one second.

We're asking our Geek Force to help us add new features to AOS, as well. Currently, we're working on adding streaming functionality to the operating system so you can stream your music from Tidal, Pandora, or other services right on to your Geek Wave. Help us improve AOS by joining our Geek Force and giving us your ideas.

The Latest DAC from ESS

Geek Wave has always utilized ESS' Sabre 9018 DAC microchip for its digital to analog conversion. New for 2015, ESS has released the 9018AQ2M, which boasts even better harmonic distortion characteristics than its predecessor, as well as a lower noise floor and greater dynamic range. If you've selected Geek Wave 64 or higher, you have the option to utilize this new chip.

For more info on ESS' new SABRE9018AQ2M, please click here.

Geek Wave Models

Geek Wave Features

Pure Class A Amplification

Geek Wave has the most powerful pure Class A amplifier than any of its competitors. With different models to choose from, you can use Geek Wave with any headphone that's out there— from sensitive IEM's all the way up to large, esoteric cans.

Touch & Gesture Control

Geek Wave's intuitive design allows you to control it in multiple ways. First, you can touch its screen to easily move from song to song, through playlists, or to turn the volume up or down. If you want to set it down on a flat surface, simple gestures above the screen will accomplish the same thing!

Drag & Drop Music Management with Expandable Storage

Easily manage your music files by dragging them from your computer's hard drive onto Geek Wave, which comes with at least 64 GB of internal storage (128 GB available), and is expandable via an SDXC port, which supports up to 2 additional terabytes.

Ten Processor Cores

Geek Wave uses both a dual core MIPS32 MPU from Microchip Technology and an eight core 500MIPS CPU from XMOS. With its unprecedented processing power, Geek Wave supports all major lossless music formats, as well as all the standard "lossy" formats such as MP3.

A Large, Interchangeable Battery

One the biggest complaints against many portable music players is that they don't have a replaceable battery. When the battery dies, the whole device dies with it, forcing users to pay for repair.

Geek Wave's battery is user-accessible. After the expected two year lifespan of the rechargeable lithium ion battery, you can easily swap in a new one.

No-compromise Geek Architecture

Instant Power Technology

Geek Wave holds power in reserve for sonic events that have more "boom." It doubles the power of the amplifier when it's needed.

A Three-layer Elastic Buffer

In digital signal conversion, timing is everything! To ensure computer speed fluctuations won't influence Geek Wave, we're adding the same proprietary (and patent-pending) three-layer buffer we developed for Da Vinci DAC to Geek Wave.

Our Powerful Duet Engine

Our company has been developing the most cutting-edge ways to enhance audio from MP3's, CD's, and other low-resolution streams since 2010. In our $31,000 Da Vinci Dual DAC, we have a sophisticated technology called Duet Engine, which is a timing technology that effectively doubles the quality of a music file without artificial "up-sampling" by merging two wave patterns of sound. No gaps, no air, just pure audio. Duet Engine dramatically improves audio quality, making the experience more lifelike.

Geek Wave Accessories

Geek Source

As its name suggests, Geek Source is THE BEST music source in your home stereo. Geek Source is the most powerful and high-end music server available for under $1000 (for now... MSRP is anticipated to be $1299). Not only does it pair perfectly with Geek Wave, but it was also specifically designed with Geek Pulse in mind. Talk about a two-fer!

We've utilized technology from Light Harmonic's Da Vinci Source, a project that we began working on in 2012 and unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, pairing it with our world-renowned Da Vinci DAC. The results were stellar.

Just like Geek Pulse's relationship with Da Vinci DAC, Geek Source's core design is directly derived from our soon to be released ultra high end music server: Da Vinci Source (MSRP $12,999). Same concept, same core technology, same development team, dramatically different price.

  • Geek Source features a whopping 2TB (4TB optional) of internal hard drive storage space. That's enough space to store 5000+ Hi-Rez tracks or 50,000+ CD quality tracks!
  • Built in Double Phase Re-Clock Jitter Elimination circuit for all output digital circuits. Every digital output is precisely timed making it the perfect fit for any system that has a dedicated DAC.
  • Many of us have trouble playing FLAC or DSD files with iTunes. Fret no more. Geek Source is a high resolution music playing specialist. Looking to play FLAC, DSD, DSD2, DXD and 384K? Geek Source handles it all.
  • Dedicated USB audio class 2.0 output with a noise free power supply. This isn't your Grandpa's PC or MAC music server. Geek Source is a super high speed playback machine.
  • Less noise, more music. Geek Source has an external power supply, keeping the bad noise at bay while letting the good noise (your tasty tunes) in.

How Geek Source Works With Geek Pulse
Connect the USB cable from Geek Source to Geek Pulse and you're ready to rock. Best sounding combination under $3,000, no question about it.

How Geek Source Works With Geek Wave
Geek Source syncs with Geek Wave as a music storage source, backing up your music files onto Geek Source's hard drive. This is where it gets interesting, Geek Source features the ability to have analog playback while Geek Wave is synced to it, through your home stereo. Mind. Blown.

Geek IEM

Geek IEM's are ear buds that have been in development to get the most out of Geek Wave. Designed ergonomically, they're comfortable and attractive. Thanks to their metal alloy anti-resonance (AGM) enclosure and tuned port, Geek IEM's feature an ultra-wide bandwidth with vigorous bass, sweet mids and clear highs.

Geek IEM-X

This is a balanced version of our Geek IEM ear buds, designed to integrate seamlessly into the balanced topology of Geek Wave XD 128 and above through its balanced TRRS connector.

Geek IEM-X's balanced design doesn't reference ground like a single-ended design does. Because there's no reference to ground, all of the ground noise just goes away. This makes for a much more revealing sound piping into your ears.

Join Our Geek Force

We've had such good fortune with Crowdfunding that we decided to open up parts of our product development process to YOU.

Geek Force is a forum that allows members to put in their "2 cents" and have a voice as we develop Geek Wave. We're a small company and our Geek Force is an amazing resource for us. It's a pretty cool group. Becoming a member of our Geek Force is free and easy to do. Just visit

About LH Labs

LH Labs is an amalgamation of audio geeks and engineers who have partnered together with one sole purpose in mind: bringing the sound of high-end audio to the masses.

Based in Northern California, the epicenter of the high-end audio industry, LH Labs was founded on the principle that music lovers deserve something better than just the "usual." We've made it our mission to create the best products possible for both audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

We've earned all kinds of awards, including a CES Innovations Honoree Award, A Publisher's Choice Award from TONEAudio, a Greatest Bits Award from Audio Stream, a Writer's Choice Award from Positive Feedback Online, and a Blue Moon Award from We've been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Street, Stereophile Magazine, The Absolute Sound, The Business Journals, and The Daily Swarm, among many other publications.

In the years that we've been creating audio products, we've had some pretty nice things said about our gear.

Sonic Satori - Michael Mercer
"Man, that thing was so airy, tight, and downright exciting to listen to. I don't think I've heard a USB dongle-type head-amp/DAC with the overall authority and SLAM of the Light Harmonic GEEK yet. That's why all I can say is WoW!!"
Inner Fidelity - Tyll Hertsens
"Boy, this little gadget's got some balls!"
Part-Time Audiophile - Scot Hull
"Me? I have two of 'em [Geek Out] on the way. Can't wait... I'm a dork. I ordered an extra."
Stereophile - John Atkinson
"Da Vinci produced a sound that thrilled."
The Absolute Sound - Steven Stone
"The visually striking Light Harmonic Da Vinci Dual DAC was a CES Innovations Award honoree, but its real beauty is inside."
CNET - Philip Wong
"Purists should find the Light Harmonic's DAC's ultra-low noise power supply a welcomed feature..."
CEPro - Robert Archer
"With the music industry evolving from a medium of physical discs into a world of digital downloads and cloud computing products like the newly introduced Da Vinci digital-to-analog converter (DAC) take on a greater importance.

"Light Harmonic's latest DAC is engineered to provide audio enthusiasts with a state-of-the-art digital audio solution that incorporates a contemporary industrial design that matches its performance."

The LH Labs Team

Larry Ho, Lead Electronics Engineer
Always challenging the status quo. This is Larry's fourth major no-compromise audio component project.

Gavin Fish, Marketing & Communications Lead
The nerdiestest market communicator in the greater Sacramento area. Gavin is LH Lab's campaign architect and lead communicator.

Kayla Bejsovec, Industrial Design Lead
Kayla loves four things: bionic cats, Rock Band (in expert mode), Taylor Swift, and fresh industrial design. Not in that order.

Juha Salmela, Mechanical Engineer
Our resident go cart racer. Juha always has the best ideas when he's on a track going 110 MPH.

Casey Hartwell, Online Media Lead
Social media enthusiast. Record Facebook session without going to the bathroom: 51 hours, 22 minutes. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amount of continuous play time is anticipated on the various models?
Playback time will vary depending on what type of music file you play. But as a general rule, we project at least 10 hours of playback time for each model. Our Engineering prototype has run 10 hours continuously with max volume without any problem.

When will I get my Geek Wave?
As the campaign goes along, it's likely that some features of Geek Wave will change based on your feedback— which is rad! Because of this, the estimated delivery dates specified in our perks are our best guesses of when we'll deliver your perks. After the campaign closes, we'll take a long and hard look at what needs to be done to deliver the units with the configurations committed to during the campaign. Within two or three weeks of the end of the campaign, we'll confirm the actual delivery schedule.

What is the TRRS connector specification you follow?Here is our specification:

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