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GeckoEye Provide Round-the-Clock Safety to the Things That Matter Most. Save 25% pay now.
Valdis Turlovsky
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Introducing GeckoEye

Introduce GeckoEye - a unique and versatile solution for anyone to ensure that their property - house, car, office etc. – is safe and secure 24/7. This small gadget can easily replace many other devices at a much lower cost. You will not really need car dvr, security camera, baby or pet monitor any more.

What does it look like?

GeckoEye is a small (45 mm), stylish, highly-protected and convenient device with durable aluminum or polycarbonate casing. It is a round camera powered by solar panels that is fit to be mounted anywhere due to its special mounting features.


GeckoEye cam is equipped with a motion sensor which connects to the base (supplied with a cam, it also has a gsm slot) by wi-fi. The GeckoEye station transmits video to a secure cloud storage. The user can either monitor the device live or video from the archive and look through it later.

What is included?

GeckoEye camera(s), Geckoeye Station, . Application and 50 GB secured cloud storage for free.

*100% rececled box

Where can it be used and why?

GeckoEye is a unique and one-of-a kind security camera with video storage service that can be used anywhere and for variety of purposes. You have only to spend money once - when you buy a camera. You get all other services for free.

Some of the examples of places to apply it:
1.Home entrance
4.Car DVR (front, back, interior)
6.Summer cottage
7.Pet monitor

There are multiply reasons which prove that GeckoEye is really a catch.

GeckoEye  is:

·  Compact, elegant and wearproof

·  Easy to mount, customize and use

·  Multipurpose

·  Constantly updating and developing, offering you more and more new options

·  Efficient

Using as Car DVR

Using in office

Using in kids room

*shown optional universal mount

Easy window mount

Gecko sticky tape included in package. Can be mounted on any surface.

How does it work?

GeckoEye Cam is equipped with a motion sensor which connects to the base (supplied with a cam, it also has a gsm slot) by wi-fi. The base encode video and transmits it to a secure cloud storage. The user can either monitor the device live or video from the archive and look through it later.

After buying a device you should just sign in with mobile app, connect GeckoEye Cam (s) to GeckoEye Station by Wi-Fi, mount the camera (s) and set up the most convenient and appropriate way for you to get different kinds of alerts, as well as set up the type of record mode and video quality. All these actions can be easily performed by anyone, you do not need someone to install the camera, customize or maintain the equipment. It is as easy as to use a common smartphone.

No matter where you are now – at office, having holidays at a far-away location or on a business trip - using GeckoEye app you can always check out the security of your possessions and property from anywhere on Earth.

You can easily customize the app to send immediate alerts in real-time by different means - SMS, Email, Facebook message. Whatever is convenient for you!

Moreover, you will have 50 Gb cloud storage free of charge which can be additionally expanded on a paid basis. GeckoEye cloud is secure and encrypted at all times and require user access and authentication. All communications are over SSL.


Perks for Backers

*Only for Indiegogo backers prices are about 25% less then future retail.

Featured in


About us

We’re a small company of enthusiasts who are really into GeckoEye project. Our core team consists of highly qualified stuff - designers, software and hardware developers, engineers and marketing specialists who work hard hand-in-hand to create the best product.

Our main team members

We adore our job and love to make real difference to this world!

Why we need your support

We've already done a huge job, collected initial funds to start this project. We have produced several generations of prototypes, apps and made them work together concordantly.

In order to start the bulk production we need to purchase a large amount of electronic components and manufacturing molds.

Our apps work smoothly now, but we still need to work a great number of hours to make them perfect for the market launch.

We have ambitious plans for our software updates and we intend to use the financial support to make the most of the GeckoEye technology.

We are very much decisive not to bring another useless gadget into the market that is really teeming of them but rather to design a totally unique and special product that could be utilized through  smartphone, tablet, PC and whatever is convenient for the user.

Our Timeline

Additional accessories

Car mount will be manufactured and available for sale in march-april 2015. Our first 100 backers of any GeckoEye set will receive it for for free. 

UPDATE: All our wonderful backers will receive this car accessorie for FREE!!! Thank you for your support!


Q: How do I set up GeckoEye, can anyone do it?
A: Yes, it’s very easy to setup.
      1. Unpack your device
      2. Sign in with mobile app
      3. Connect GeckoEye Cam to GeckoEye Station by Wi-Fi
     4. Customize GeckoEye device for your convenience – set up the mode of alerts, video quality, settings of storage and record

Q: Does perks prices include some discount?
A: Yes, only for Indiegogo backers price is about 25% less then future retail. Also cloud storage is always free of charge.

Q: How big is GeckoEye?
A: Camera is just 45 mm and base is 104 mm.

Q: How many GeckoEye cameras can be connected to base?
A: It support up to 3 cameras.

Q: What is the range GeckoEye camera can send video to base?
A: GeckoEye’s range is approximately 200 feet (61 meters).

Q: How does GeckoEye attach to items?
A: GeckoEye cameras can be stuck to almost any surface using mount stick. But best way is a window.

Q: Can I use the GeckoEye app on more than one mobile device?
A: Yes, surely. You will be creating a account with a username and password which will allow you to sign in on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Q: What if there is a power outage?
A: GeckoEye is equipped with high capacity batteries and will continue to operate as a security system, even if it has lost contact with your home internet connection due to power loss.

Q: What if there is a GSM signal lost?
A: GeckoEye base equipped with 128GB onboard memory and after signal is back all your data will be send to secured Cloud.

Q: What are the monthly fees?
A: There will be no monthly fees for Indiegogo backers. 50 Gb cloud storage is available for each user for free. However, it can easily be extended for an additional fee.

Q: Where is recorded video stored?
A: The video is stored on our secure cloud service and streamed to the mobile app. Live video is accessed directly from GeckoEye by the mobile app.

Q: What encryption do you use?
A: GeckoEye will use 256-bit SSL encryption for all communications.

Q: What if someone steals or destroy my GeckoEye camera?
A: You’ll receive alert and will immediately have access to recorded video of the event.

Q: Can I check my office/home/car if I’m on other side of the Globe?
A: Yes of course, all you need is internet connection.

Q: Can I use GeckoEye when I left my car on a parking?
A: Yes, it will still work up to 240 hours.

Q: Does this replace my existing security system?
A: As you wish. It can be stand-alone system or as additional to your existing security system.

Q: What voltage does GeckoEye Support?
A: GeckoEye will ship with an international switching power supply capable of 100/240v 50/60Hz cable.

Any other questions? Ask away!

We hope you join us.


We've built the cost of shipping into the price of the Indiegogo perks. As with all Indiegogo Projects, this price does not include the customs fees, duties and/or taxes you might incur when importing products into your state or country. We cannot pay these fees for you.


Please email pr@geckoproject.net
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Select a Perk
  • $35USD
    Car mount

    This mount will perfectly support GeckoEye in your car.

    5 claimed
  • $40USD
    Universal mounts

    Limited offer for our backers: two of kind mounts in black color.

    11 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $65USD
    1 TB cloud storage

    Only for those who want extend secured cloud storage space. With this volume you can store 40 days of continuous video record in best quality or 90 days of continiouse video record in lower quality or up 366 days of record in motion detection mode. Enjoy maximum performance of security!

    3 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $189USD
    One camera black set

    Like black style? Get 1 camera set. Application and 50GB cloud storage per year for free.

    58 claimed
  • $229USD
    One camera aluminum set

    Like polished aliminum? Get 1 camera set. Application and 50GB cloud storage per year for free.

    12 claimed
  • $409USD
    Three cameras aluminum set

    Really thrilled of polished aliminum? Get 3 camera set. Application and 50GB cloud storage per year for free.

    38 claimed
  • $612USD
    Cover your home and 2 cars

    This perk is for big supporters with big homes and 2 cars in family. Pledge at this level and receive a one set of 3 cameras and two sets of 1 camera, 1 TB cloud storage, 2 car mounts and set of 3 universal mounts to cover every area of your home and cars, and get all of them at $612 instead of $912!! All in black color. Control all of this through the free mobile app. (Shipping everywhere already included in price.)

    8 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $2,244USD
    Resellers 10 black sets

    You can make some cash selling this product in your retail store. Get 5 one camera and 5 three cameras sets with discount -15%.

    1 claimed
  • $2,711USD
    Resellers 10 aluminum sets

    You can make some cash selling this product in your retail store. Get 5 one camera and 5 three cameras sets with discount -15%.

    0 claimed
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