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Gaybros combines blog and community. We aim to break down stereotypes, promote self acceptance and bring people together.


Founded in January of 2011, Gaybros is the leading men's interest community tailored specifically to gay men. Gaybros aims to promote self acceptance, break down stereotypes and bring people together in real life. Gaybros today receives over 200,000 monthly unique visitors and 2 million monthly pageviews, growing from a small community into a movement spanning three continents. With the new Gaybros website, users will be able to interact with the latest news and videos regarding men’s interests and gay issues while submitting their own content. Utilizing an innovative proprietary publishing platform, engagement and post quality will be calculated for each submission, determining the rank and placement of each article on the website in real time. This way, the best content rises to the top. 

In addition to the in-house and user submitted content, the website will feature enhanced user profiles, event listings, and location based searches and groups to cultivate and grow the already rich user community and culture. Gaybros is looking to raise $8,000 for beta phase development.

Gaybros focuses on promoting an active lifestyle, resourcefulness, healthy choices, and moving through life with a sense of humor. 

When Gaybros was founded, we felt there was not a place online for guys who didn’t fit the stereotype many of us often feel pressure to emulate. We had no idea how big the group would grow or how fast we would get to where we are today, and we are absolutely thrilled with the community into which we’ve evolved.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback, but a recent survey confirmed our thoughts about the functions and features that the community wanted. When asked how you would improve Gaybros, here are some of the most repeated quotes:

  • "A better, more integrated way to see gaybros around the world and speak to new people."
  • "Better relationality (i.e. - being able to easily traverse a user's history and filter by content type more easily). This is a problem with the functionality of the current system, not a gaybros-specific issue."
  • "Better map and better Facebook connecting"
  • "Drop-down menus for high level categorization of posts e.g. like the above list where we now have the bracketed daily theme title."
  • "I would love to see the Gaybro take on the issues we talk about. More custom posts and less links to random other websites."
  • "A facebook style profile page somewhere, not a full social network but enough to get to know who else your interacting with."

How is it different from the current community?

Gaybros the website is going to bring together many disjointed aspects of the community into one central hub, but some of the standout features are:

  • Custom Content - Professional writers and bloggers will be crafting content specifically for our community. 
  • Original Video - We currently have 3 original web series planned for our YouTube channel, from sports shows to recipes to original stories... all from the Gaybro point of view. 
  • Event Listings - RSVP to Gaybros events right from the site. Facebook integration is optional for those of you who don't want your friends list knowing you participate, but is available for those who want it. 
  • Enhanced Profiles - No more sifting through pages of post history to find if a user has a picture, link to their social profile, or lives near you, you can add these things to the top of your profile so it's easier to make friends. Search users by location, age or other filters to find new buddies. Naturally, all this information is optional as privacy is a big concern. 
  • Better ranking and points - The points system on the current community is broken. We've taken the idea of points for content and comments and reinvented it to focus on quality and engagement, not simply whether you agree or not (or if it's a hot picture). Now the top QUALITY content rises to the top.
  • Categories - Some people like the military, some people like cars, some people like cooking, some people like beer. View the front page with all the Gaybros content as you've come to expect it, or drill down by category to get more specific.
  • Better Privacy, Safer Browsing - Advanced privacy features that allow you to control just how much anyone can find out about you. Additionally, for those who are discrete, the website has a feature that will change the name of the site and logo to simply "GB" instead of Gaybros if you don't want the people looking over your shoulder to know what you're looking at.  

What are we funding?

In response to overwhelming community feedback, we decided to finally move forward and develop this website. As the entire team functions on a volunteer basis and collectively funds are extremely limited, we are coming to you to help fund this project. Expenses such as servers, maintenance, design, programming, legal fees and more will be incurred and we want to be able to cover those without worry so we can deliver the site the community deserves in an accelerated timeframe. 

What backers get

Let’s not forget the perks! Any donation, big or small, makes a difference, but for those who reach our perk levels there are a variety of excellent perks: whether it’s a t shirt, an exclusive signed print from our talented designer, a home brew kit, or a VIP account (don’t worry, all functionality is free, but VIP accounts get bonuses that enhance their experience such as multiple profile pictures, friends lists and advance notice and accessibility to exclusive events - additionally VIPs have a form of "ownership" in which they can vote on new features or columns and attend quarterly online Q&As with the development team) -- all backers will know they facilitated the creation of an amazing online community. 


So, here we are now: Seeking your help. And your friends' help. And hopefully their friends too. In fact, anyone that is a gaybro or is friend with gaybros should want to get in on this. Tell everyone you know and let's make this happen!

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