Gay Youth Reading Groups

To develop a gay reading group for gay young adults both in French and English in Canada.

"The Gay Icon Classics of the World" is a collection of gay love stories from different cultures. The book is written for a general audience. The stories help us understand that all cultures have gay love stories.

I have committed myself to help start a reading group for young gay men in Canada. However, I would like to be fair and also donate this wonderful book, in French, to  form gay reading groups in French speaking Canada too.

So, won't you help me raise the money needed for the translation and set up costs of the book?

For a donation of $25.00, you will receive a copy of "The Gay Icon Classics Of The World II". This is a GOOD DEAL because the book cost $18.00 on Amazon and with shipping, it would be $25.00.

For a donation of $100 or higher, you will receive a coupon from Icon Empire Press (www.gaybooks.info) for the a free copy of any book in their catalog. Although Icon Empire Press has gay fiction...THERE IS ONE BOOK THAT ALL AUDIENCES WILL LOVE, it's "1001 Internet Jokes Gay - Lesbian Edition". So, they have something for everyone at the $100 donation level!

Icon Empire Press has also offered matching book donations, for every book that I donate in my campaign in Canada, They will donate a book to a gay youth group in the United States. So, please support this wonderful company!

Please help me teach young adults both straight and gay that gay love exists in all cultures.

Thank you.

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