When faced with the hardest grief, a young man finds salvation in the most unnatural form.
Edgar Khoo
United Kingdom
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When every choice is far too hard and real life hurts too much, what to do?
“We’ve done Karmic Mandala Healing Meditation on the Amalfi Coast, Reiki Raja, Lakshmi Puja, the Mastery in Masculinity course in Morocco which was basically a guy telling us to smile as we beat up our wives...”
Gaspar is a traveller; a posh, aimless drifter sampling every tribal brew, magic berry, self help course and new-wave remedy the atlas has to offer. It’s a charmed life to be sure but something truly seems amiss. Gaspar’s now in Greece on invitation to a Pagan rebirth ceremony but with daemons locked in every mind and ritual so steeped in life, this trial could be a push too far.

Gaspar is a film that can be described as a supernatural coming-of-age film set on a small island in Greece. It explores every person as a work in progress, the search for inner knowledge, dealing with Gaspar's grief and bereavement. The script is written with a sincere appreciation of the coming of age ritual that many of us undertake at some point in our lives, something increasingly overlooked in a time where knowledge of the world is more important than the knowledge of yourself.

What the Funding Goes Towards

We are aiming to raise our target amount in just over a month in order to complete the film and get it released. Here's what your funding will go towards:

  • Equipment hire
  • Location hire
  • Travel expenses
  • General production expenses
  • Costumes
  • Props

Why Crowdfunding?

Gaspar is our most ambitious project to date,  and although we have found some incredible locations in Greece, most of our crew is based in the UK and we have a fairly modest budget, which also makes this our most expensive production yet. We have already shot some of the film, but we really need your help to help us take the final step and take the film into its final stages of production.

Why Should You Donate To This Project?

We already have the script and production team ready to go for this film. What our main priority is for Gaspar is production value and visual quality. We know that people out there will simply not even take a glance at a project if the production values are not at least top standard. With your help, we can acquire the right locations and equipment to make this film look truly stunning.

We've put together a really great team who are all willing to work on this film for free, which shows the commitment we all have to making this the best film that we possibly can. We just need you to help us take that final step.

Other Ways You Can Help

Any level of donation large or small is greatly appreciated, but if you are unable to donate to the project, there are a number of ways that you can help:
  • Share our teaser trailer on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Like and Follow our Facebook and Twitter page.
  • Share this campaign on social networks.
  • Word of mouth is important - tell all your friends and family, and get them to spread the word as well.

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    A digital script of the film and all of the above.

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    Digital stills album of the film and all of the above.

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    Signed physical copy of the script and all of the above.

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    Signed physical stills of the film and all of the above.

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    Personal Thank You video from the crew and cast, and all of the above.

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    An executive producer credit and all of the above.

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