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We need your help so we can expand and get into Android gaming!


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What is Gameolith?


Gameolith (www.gameolith.com) is a game download store for Linux. We provide installation packages for Ubuntu, Debian GNU/Linux and Fedora, and tarballs for everyone else. We've set out to prove that Linux is truly a viable platform for gaming.

But for us, that isn't enough. We want to let gamers take their games anywhere. That's why we want to create an Android version of our store.


The Impact

We intend to supply Android games in a quite unconventional way. Everyone who buys or has bought a game off our store with an Android version will get it for free! We will be using part of the money to assist developers in creating Android versions of their games and in bringing more games to Linux!

If we don't get the full $10,000 by the deadline, we'll try to keep going on what we have. All claimed perks will still be sent out.

What's the money going to be spent on?

We need the money to help us fund the development of Gameolith for Android. We will need an assortment of Android devices of different specifications that we can develop and test on. It's not just phones we need (although we can and will be repurposing our own Android phones for testing), we need tablets as well. The costs of creating this will cost at least $5000, probably more.

Once the development of Gameolith for Android is complete, we'll be using this equipment and our experience in app development to assist game developers in creating Android games for sale on Gameolith.

We also need to expand on what we already have with Gameolith by bringing on a couple more programmers on a part-time basis, so Jonathan isn't trying to do everything at once. Right now, he's the only one working on the website, and although he can do the work, there's only so much one man can do. 

In addition, we need to start a US-based subsidary of our company, so we can access more payment solutions - such as Amazon Payments, Google Checkout (US dollar payments) and Stripe for direct card payments. This will cost us around $1400 just to do the right paperwork and set up bank accounts, without taking into account unexpected problems requiring trips to the US. This will also mean it's a bit easier to hire people within the US to work for us.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you don't want to contribute to this campaign, you can always help by buying games off the website! It'd also be great if you were to tell developers about us, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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