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Gamebuino is a retro portable game console project based on Arduino. It allows you to make your own games easily, and even more.
Aurélien Rodot
St Etienne
1 Team Member


Don't forget to take a look a the "Updates" tab to know what's going on!

Why Gamebuino?

About one year ago, I made a quick and dirty handheld console over a week end. Since then, a lot of people contacted me to know how to make their own. They had a lot of trouble connecting every part together, and even displaying a picture on the screen was a challenge. That’s why I’ve been developing Gamebuino: a turnkey solution to start making your own 8-bit games right away, even with very little knowledge about programming. And if you are an advanced user, I have made it open-source, hackable and expandable.

"That's what I love about Gamebuino, it's easy enough for beginners to start playing with immediately but restrictive enough to provide a decent challenge to those willing to push the hardware to its limit." Myndale

Speaking of Myndale... here is a few things he already did with his Gamebuino:

What is Gamebuino?

Gamebuino is a retro portable game console project based on Arduino. It allows you to make your own games, and even more.

It is designed so you can easily get started with your game, yet it is capable enough to make fully-featured 8-bit games and other badass projects. The library allows you to start programming your game in minutes, and the console is shipped ready to run, yet customizable thanks to the extension ports which allow you to add modules (like an accelerometer or wireless communication), or to connect several Gamebuino consoles to play in multiplayer with your mates.

Gamebuino is also a website and a community, with tutorials on the wiki, and a forum to share your creations or find some some help. Easy to remember, it's named gamebuino.com.

What we need

After one year of development and numerous updates, Gamebuino’s design is finally well polished and ready to be mass-produced, most of the library is finished, and I’m now writing documentation and tutorials. It took time and money, and I have been doing this project on my own funding as long as I could.

Now, to make a Gamebuino affordable for everybody, I need to manufacture large quantities to bring down the unit price. By supporting Gamebuino, you will allow us to launch the whole project, and also to create a great community of Arduino retro-gamers.

All the extra fund raised will be used to further develop the Gamebuino project, for example with the creation of modules like accelerometer or wireless communication.


  • €3,141: Project launched! [Raised]

    Minimum amount to be able to mass-produce Gamebuino consoles and spread retro-gaming all over the world.

  • €6,666: Everyone get a µSD card! [Raised]

    The cartridge experience is back... You'll be able to store numerous games on your SD card to switch between them on the go \o/

What you get

Gimme coffee

Coffee keeps me running. Without it, Gamebuino wouldn’t exist. By offering me a coffee you’ll make me work harder, better, faster… and the best part is that you’ll get your name on Gamebuino supporters’ page.

Gamebuino & Early bird

A Gamebuino with everything included:

  • An 84*48px monochrome display with automatic backlight (fancy!)
  • magnetic speaker to play the 4 channel sounds and music
  • battery to play during 24h hours before recharging it with any standard USB port
  • micro SD socket to store stuff. You can use it to make a datalogger, or even play movies (no kidding!). It may also allow to switch between games without a computer
  • 2x I2C extension ports to connect several Gamebuino or add modules (like an accelerometer or wireless communication)
  • A standard micro USB port (probably like your phone) to load the battery and upload games

Goodies, because who don’t like goodies?

  • transparent acrylic case to protect your Gamebuino on the go while showing the magnificence of the electronic components (pictures soon!)
  • A micro SD card to store all your games and switch between them on the go.
  • An USB cable to upload games and load the battery

Multiplayer pack

  • A Gamebuino and its goodies, as detailed above
  • Another Gamebuino and its goodies
  • A cable to connect them together and play with your friends

A pair of Gamebuino prototypes with their acrylic case. The upper one still have the paper protection. Some will keep it to draw stuff on their Gamebuino, other will peel it off to see the electronic component's beauty.

Shipping ETA

I will assemble, test and ship your Gamebuino over July.

Other ways you can help

Get the word out and make some noise about the campaign!


If you want to change your order or shipping address, please send an email to support (@) gamebuino (.) com.

If you have general questions about Gamebuino, please ask them on the forum.

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raised by 805 people in 1 month
1.056% funded
No time left
€3,141 EUR goal
Fixed Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 28, 2014
Select a Perk
  • €2EUR
    Gimme coffee !

    You will contribute to the project by keeping me running thanks to an extra shot of caffeine. Of course, you will also get your name on the gamebuino.com supporters' page.

    12 claimed

    Gamebuino - Early bird

    Get your Gamebuino before everybody ! (Worldwide shipping included)

    10 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • €65EUR
    Multiplayer pack

    If you think that playing alone is a sad thing, you can get 2 Gamebuinos and a cable to link them together. (Worldwide shipping included)

    168 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • €100EUR
    High score

    Get a Gamebuino and your 10 character name loaded by default in the high score table of every Gamebuino. (Worldwide shipping included)

    1 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014


    Get a Gamebuino, the first spot in the default high score table, and the game you have always dreamed of: just describe the gameplay, and I'll make it real (in the limits of the hardware capability). (Worldwide shipping included)

    1 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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