Game Time Decision

A film about a retired football player living with the consequences of multiple concussions who tries to save his estranged son from suffering the same fate.
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Please click the video above and check out our teaser trailer presentation for “Game Time Decision”. We are raising $30,000 for pre-production.


My name is Matthew A. Cherry and I am a former NFL player turned filmmaker. My first feature film, The Last Fall, starring Lance Gross (Temptation, Crisis), Nicole Beharie (42, Sleepy Hollow) was done independently a few years ago and got a distribution deal through Image Entertainment. It had a limited theatrical run, it had it's television premiere on BET (and still re-airs), the DVD was available for sale in stores, online, and at Redbox, and it now streaming on Netflix. My first feature film could not have been completed without the help of a crowd funding campaign and that is why we are taking similar steps to help bring this new film, Game Time Decision, to life. 

In the few years since we shot Last Fall, the concussion issue has been thrust into the national spotlight. Many players have sued the NFL for negligence on the concussion issue and sadly some players have resorted to taking their own lives. I wanted to make a narrative film that shows a retired player dealing with this disease and show how it affects everyone around him on the pop warner, collegiate and professional level.

As we all know it is extremely difficult to make a feature film and that is why I am trying to be pro-active and are reaching out to you guys starting today for your help to bring this very important story to the forefront. I am currently raising $30,000 in pre-production money for Game Time Decision. This is a narrative feature film about the concussion crisis that is plaguing professional football. This film is about the last days in the life of a retired football player who is suffering from CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). We feel that it is very necessary to give the concussion crisis a human perspective, in order to properly educate people on why they need to take it seriously. 


Game Time Decision is a film about Rusty Washington, a retired football player who is suffering from the effects of concussions sustained throughout his professional career. He tries to reconnect with his estranged family and warn his son about coming back to play too soon in the biggest game of his college career less than a week after being knocked out a game with a concussion.

I have been developing this script for a little more than a year now, and have done countless hours of research and information gathering in order to tell this story as accurate as possible. It is our goal that through this film we can put a human story to the concussion and CTE issue and show how it affects a family and a community at every level. Too many former players are suffering in silence and wondering why their lives are falling apart and we feel that this movie can further the conversation and hopefully implement some change.


Simply put filmmaking is an expensive undertaking and we learned many lessons throughout the process of bringing The Last Fall to the screen. Pre-production is where your film lives or dies and we want to make sure we tell this movie the right way and give it the proper scope so that it can have as big an impact as possible. Things that we need to raise money for include retaining legal services, hiring a crew (line producer, DP, Location manager etc.), casting (we want to have a mixture of big name talent and fresh new faces), for scouting and locking down location ( It is my goal to shoot this film in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois), and for further research and other pre-production costs.


We believe in giving a fair exchange in return for your donation. We are going to offering different perks and opportunities, similar to the ones who gave with, The Last Fall, to get you guys involved with the process of trying to get this movie made. Different perks will include, shout outs, the full film, opportunities to have your names listed in the credits as backers, t-shirts, the soundtrack, PDF's of the script, autographed posters, a chance to come to our premiere, a book that will include the script and filmmakers journal that will document the process of bringing this film from an idea to the big screen, and many others.


Game Time Decision contains a story that needs to be told sooner rather than later. The concussion issue in football is not going away anytime soon. This is by far the biggest project I have ever attempted to bring to life and we are going to need your help in order to do so. At this point all we have is a script; we currently do not have any big investors or any talent attached (Although we have begun the process of looking for both). All we have is a vision and a goal to shoot this movie Spring 2014.  Game Time Decision is a raw and gritty portrayl of the concussion crisis that is plaguing our athletes both old and young and we would love for you guys to take this journey with us in order to help us get this film made. Make sure you check out the perks and if you can't donate help us spread the word. Thanks for checking us out. Donate now!

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    Shout out on social media (Twitter, Facebook) and a digital download of our soundtrack.

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    Movie & Soundtrack

    We will send you a digital download of the soundtrack and finished movie and a shout out on social media (Twitter, Facebook).

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    Script & Credit

    We will send you a digital download of the movie, soundtrack and a pdf of the completed script and we will thank you in a special section in the films final scrolling credits.

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    Credit & Book

    We will send you a digital download of the movie, soundtrack and a pdf of the completed script. We will thank you in the final credits of the movie and you will get a digital copy of the "making of" book that will include the filmmakers journal and exclusive pics.

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    Autographed Poster & T-Shirt

    We will send you a digital download or DVD of the movie, a digital copy of soundtrack and a pdf of the completed script. We will thank you in the final credits of the movie and you will get a digital copy of the "making of" book that will include the filmmakers journal and exclusive pics, PLUS a t-shirt and an autographed poster from the film.

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    Premiere Tickets

    All of the above PLUS you will receive two tickets to our film's world premiere (travel and lodging not included) along with a physical copy version of the "making of" book.

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    Featured Background

    All of the above PLUS you will spend the day on set as a featured background performer and eat lunch with the cast and crew!

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    Cast/Crew Dinner

    All of the above PLUS you will be invited to a private dinner with our cast and crew.

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    Speaking Role

    All of the above PLUS you will get a speaking role in the movie (travel and lodging not included).

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    Associate Producer

    All of the above (except for speaking role and special Indiegogo film credit) PLUS you will be listed in our film's credit as an Associate Producer and can hang out on set during the making of the movie for a full day. (Flight and hotel not included)

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