Game Plan by Natalie Corbett Sampson

Support author Natalie Corbett Sampson's debut book, Game Plan, a YA novel about youth, pregnancy, adoption and making the right choice for you.

What is Game Plan?

Here’s the blurb:

Ella Parker seems to have everything: great friends, an awesome family and a star position on her high school basketball team. The only thing missing is a boyfriend and that changes once she catches the eye of Sam Cleveland. With Sam by her side Ella has her perfect life. But when a drunken night results in an unwanted pregnancy, her perfect life is turned upside down and she’s faced with an impossible decision.

Katherine Frayne has always wanted to be a mother. But with the last results of her in vitro pointing to no baby, she thinks there’s no hope. Then her husband Danny suggests they adopt. At first Kat is resistant, but she soon realizes that it may be her only chance at being a mom.  

Honest and sometimes heartbreaking, Game Plan follows Ella and Katherine as they both navigate their lives amidst tough decisions that not only affect them, but those they love the most.

Here’s the deets:

Game Plan is author Natalie Corbett Sampson's debut young adult novel. As an adoptive mother herself, this was a very personal story for her to write. And that definitely comes across in the telling. One of the reasons Fierce Ink Press was so drawn to Game Plan was the way that Natalie wrote her characters and described what they were going through. We could tell that she had a vested interest in this story being told. So we immediately had a vested interest in the story being read.

Game Plan is a young adult contemporary novel that we just know readers will fall in love with.

Why Support Game Plan

There’s really nothing better than supporting the arts, is there? Well maybe cute puppies helping you to support the arts. Or cupcakes. Really yummy cupcakes.  But the arts — and books — make the world go round. By supporting our Game Plan campaign, you get the chance to not only opt in to some super fun swag (everyone NEEDS a Fierceling) but you also help to support an author and an indie publishing company.

What You’ll Get

Besides our undying gratitude? You’ll get the chance to pre-order the amazing Game Plan from debut author Natalie Corbett Sampson plus some fierce swag depending on what level you opt in to. There’s also the chance to score a developmental writing critique from the folks behind Fierce Ink Press.

Where Your Money Goes To

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Cover design: $500

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  • Print run for book launch $160

  • Marketing and Promotion: $800

If we surpass our goal? Yay for all of us!! And the additional funds will go towards marketing and promotion.

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