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Game Develop is a software for creating video games without programming. Help us improve it and bring it to Steam, MacOS and Ubuntu!
Florian Rival
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Game Develop is not an usual software, it's a complete and easy to use creation tool.

With Game Develop, all you need is great ideas and some spare time to create games. And the best of all is that you do not need to know any complex programming language or subtle concepts to use GD!

Artists, graphists, developers, marketers, children... anyone can use Game Develop!

Keep reading to know why it is magic and how you can help us bring it to new OS and accelerate its development.

"Blazing Inferno of Space", a game created with Game Develop!

First, here is an awesome fact: Game Develop is already available as a "Pay What You Want" software for Windows and Ubuntu! Just go on the official website and grab a copy! You can download it for free or donate any amount you want.

 What can I do with GD?

Any kind of 2D games.

If you have an idea, just fire up Game Develop, create a new project, import some images and start adding them on the screen. Then, define how they interact and your first prototype will be ready in less than a few hours!

If you're curious about how GD works, read the end of the description, and you'll get a nice overview of the innovative event system that GD uses to make everyone able to create games!

However, developing such an ambitious piece of software requires a lot of time and money. The goal of this Indiegogo campaign is to develop an export option for iOS and Android and to improve the Ubuntu and Windows versions!

First goal: Export games to iOS and Android

Having a game that can be played on iOS and Android is a must for any game developer. The goal of this campaign is to add a real export option allowing Game Develop to build games for these platforms!

The funds will allow us to do intensive tests on an iPad and spend extra time on Game Develop to make some much needed improvements to the game engine and add an export option so that games run smoothly on iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets.

These platforms are growing at a fast pace, and specific features like games monetization will be created for them!

With your help, Game Develop will be the first free software on Windows and Ubuntu allowing anyone to create games for iOS and Android! Again, contributors will have access to beta versions and will be able to get better support for smartphones sooner!

Second goal: Bring GD to MacOS and make Ubuntu a first class citizen for Game Develop

Ubuntu and MacOS are both great platforms, but they currently lack such a nice game creation tool! Linux or MacOS enthusiasts often complain about the lack of games for their platform: Game Develop will allow to build and play games on Ubuntu and MacOS.

When the goal of this campaign is reached (2200€), we'll be able to spend more time on Game Develop (alas, we can't live on love alone, we need funds to work on GD!) and get a MacBook. This is required for porting GD to MacOS: with your help, MacOS users will have access to the first free and complete game creation tool for this system!

We'll extensively develop and test GD on Ubuntu so that it will be fully cross platform and working flawlessly on Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows. With your donations, we will make MacOS and Ubuntu great platforms for creating 2D games!

Note that contributors choosing a perk with a value of €20 (or more) will have access to beta versions, so that you'll be able to test the new MacOS version or the improvements made to the Ubuntu version very soon!
First OS X beta versions should be delivered about two or three months after the fundraising goal is reached, and Ubuntu version will be improved even before.

Third goal: New and improved features by hiring one or more developers

When reaching more than €4000, we'll be able to hire full time developers to put more working hours in improving an extension or a specific feature, while we keep working on GD. Check the list of features that could be done below! Note that if you choose the "Ask for a specific feature" perk, you'll be able to pick which feature gets the most priority!

Each additional €1000 will allow us to hire developers again for a new feature or to improve an existing one. This will accelerate a lot the development of Game Develop and ease the work of developers using Game Develop!
Here are the features that will be developed:

  • A new particle engine, for HTML5 games. For now, native games created with GD can use a particle engine to create visual effects, but games exported to the web can't. The new particle engine will be available for HTML5 games so that gamers will enjoy seeing realistic fires, explosions and other nice visual effects.

  • Dynamic lights, for HTML5 games. Create and play to games with realistic shadows and lights! Also perfect to create dark ambiances, fog or games with limited line of sight.

  • Port the extension to draw shapes on screen to HTML5 games. This feature is perfect for creating advanced effects like a laser gun.

  • Sound object for HTML5 games. This object help adding sound effects on a scene. It will be adapted so that games exported for the web and mobile can use it!
  • Editor improvement: dropdown lists and autocompletion to quickly fulfill parameters of conditions or actions
  • New tutorials. We'll use our time to create new tutorials that will enable developers to master every aspect of Game Develop!
  • New templates. There are already a lot of examples bundled with GD, but still we can create new one! They are a must have when creating a new game.
New features being developed thanks to the funds raised during the campaign will be announced on the forum, the facebook page and twitter so that you'll be able to follow their development.
And remember that you can choose to offer to some of these features a higher priority by choosing the "Ask for a feature" perk!

 And as a bonus! Registering Game Develop on Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight is a nice way for the community to help promote which games or software should be added to the service.

Alas, as a developer, there is a €99 fee required to register an application on Steam. €99 will be reserved to pay these fees and the community will then be able to see Game Develop on Steam Greenlight and vote for it so that it get permanently listed on the Steam store!

This is an exciting way to make GD even more visible! The steam community will have access to a 100% free and complete game development tool. When GD is registered on Steam and when we reach €6000, we will also work on integration with Steam Workshop. Developers will be able to share their creations and custom content, such as sprites, sounds... in Steam Workshop and their projects to help the community with examples.

 Tell me more about GD!

Game Develop interface is intuitive and fast! Most other software for creating games has a very complex interface - with a lot of scary buttons, requiring you to do complex things to get the simplest results. 

With GD, everything that you need is displayed on the screen. The ribbon at the top of the window is context sensitive - switching to the appropriate tab depending on whether you are editing a scene or an event sheet.
It is sleek and shiny! Wtih beautiful icons that were especially made for GD, carefully crafted editors so that you can discover the new features easily and try them with a couple of clicks. Clean, efficient and beautiful.

And it's fully skinnable, so you'll feel at home.

 But hey, if programming is not required, how does it works?

Here are a few awesome facts: you do not need to write lines of codes or know complex programming languages in order to use GD.
The game logic is built using events. Events are so nice. An event is composed of a list of conditions and a list of actions: when conditions are met, actions are executed.

Here, when a missile collides with an object called "bad guy", they both get destroyed.

It's that simple.

This is one of the advanced examples bundled with GD: Events allow to create complex games with advanced behaviors and gameplay.

This innovative system is so flexible that it can really do anything that can be done using a programming language.

Take a look at some already existing nice features!

  • Integrated, easy to use, physics engine, to simulate realistic behaviors.

  • Platformer engine. Just add it to your object to start creating a platformer game.

  • Pathfinding. Your object will be able to move and avoid obstacles. Nice for tower defense games and building AI!

  • Easy to use actions and conditions to create action games, top down shooter, racing and puzzle games...

Game Develop has tons of other features that allow developers to create awesome games without coding! You can also take a look at games created with GD on this page!

 Who is GD developer?

 Hi, my name is Florian! 

I've created GD in 2008 and I've been maintaining and improving it since then. I love bringing new features to it and see what amazing games people can do with the software - seeing games made with GD is surely the best reward for me.

I'm currently studying mathematics and computer science in France. I plan to keep developing GD for as long as possible and maybe release it as open source one day, that would be awesome!

Open Source FTW

If lots of people get involved in this campaign, and I hope so, then I'll surely setup another funding campaign to release GD as a fully open source software - GD will be the first open source HTML5 and native games creator software!

Note that parts of GD are already open source! Go on the website and grab the SDK or check my Github account.

I do answer to questions!

Feel free to send me an email if you have a question or if something is not clear!
My nickname on the official forum is 4ian, and you can also send me a private message!

And let's not forget people that contributed to Game Develop!

If you launch Game Develop and click on "About..." in the help menu, you'll see the list of people that helped one way or another. I want to big up them for everything they made for Game Develop!
You'll be added to this list if you choose one of the contributors perks!

 How else can I help?

Do not hesitate to share this campaign and spread the word! I'm sure that everyone know someone who is interested in making games, and this campaign is a nice opportunity to improve GD and make it even better!

Even if you do not have money to support this fundraising, make sure to try Game Develop, and send me your feedback!
And if you made some games with GD, let me know about it! I love playing to GD-powered games!

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This campaign ended on May 18, 2014
Select a Perk
  • €3EUR
    Internet High Five

    You'll get a BIG thank you and a special ranking on the GD forum just under your nickname.

    9 claimed
  • €15EUR
    I'm a gamer!

    You're a gamer and you want to show your support to GD and indie game creation! You'll also have a BIG thank you :)

    1 claimed
  • €20EUR
    Access to beta versions of GD

    When a new version or a new feature will be almost complete, you'll receive an early access to it, so as to try it before anyone else. Bundled with an awesome "Beta tester" ranking on the forum!

    13 claimed
  • €40EUR
    Ubuntu Contributor

    Show your love of Ubuntu with this special perk! Get access to beta version of GD and be listed as a contributor in the about box in the software and on the forum!

    1 claimed
  • €40EUR
    MacOS Contributor

    Show your support for the new MacOS version of GD! You'll have an early access to beta versions of GD, including the OS X version, and be listed as a contributor in the about box in the software and on the forum! First releases of OS X version of GD should be delivered two or three months after the fundraising goal is reached, maybe before!

    0 claimed
  • €90EUR
    Super contributor

    Show your support to Game Develop and be listed as a super contributor in the software! Access to beta versions and forum ranking also included!

    1 claimed
  • €200EUR
    Ask for a specific feature

    There are a bunch of interesting feature that could be done but some choices have to be done concerning which one to do first. By choosing this perk, you'll choose one of the feature listed in the description and it will be developed before the other! Access to beta versions included as usual, and you'll have a "ultra contributor" ranking in the community!

    0 claimed
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