Galloping Antiquities

Connecting adults of the future with artists of the past--on rocking horses!

Short Summary

Galloping Antiquities creates hand carved, heirloom-quality rocking horses in designs from ancient art. Galloping Antiquities rocking horses stimulate the imagination and familiarize children with great world art. Our children are entering a world that is ever more international. Art is a treasure that tells our children who we are, who they are, and what traditions they come from. Galloping Antiquities is art that conveys the global values of beauty, heroism, a love of horses, and most of all, adventure.

The economic crisis in the US was brought home to me when, a few years before retirement, I lost my researcher job. Why worry? This is a huge opportunity for me, and I'm jumping on it to breathe new life into an old dream…

Galloping Antiquities is the realization of a dream that I put off for 40 years—becoming a wood sculptor. In recent months I've carved a prototype of a Lascaux Cave rocking horse. It's sturdy, it's as blithe as its original that someone painted on a cave wall 32,000 years ago. It's toddler-tested, and it rocks (see the video)!

Now I need to prototype a second toy, a Chinese Han Dynasty rocking horse, sized for a five-year-old child. And I also need to do some serious marketing  of these creations, so Galloping Antiquities will be ready to do business by the end of this summer.

Only Galloping Antiquities mines the vast history of humankind for glorious, dramatic horse designs. We exploit the finest of ancient art – prehistoric cave painters, ancient Egyptian, Syrian, Greek and Chinese horses – to create old-fashioned, heirloom-quality, hand carved rocking horses. These treasures bring children hours of imaginative play, then gallop on to grace your home, hinting of distant times and places.

What We Need & What You Get

I need $6,000 for marketing and to sustain Galloping Antiquities for two months while I carve the prototype 5-year-old size Han Dynasty rocking horse. Marketing will be mainly in horse lover magazines to start with, and will take about $2,500. The other $3,500 will cover overhead, supplies (more wood) and some improvements to the shop—an air cleaner and a few new chisels.

If I don't make my goal of $6,000, I'll distribute what I do get proportionally between marketing and overhead.

One thing: The way Indiegogo works, donations will be accepted for 45 days, but early donations get my project the most notice, so please, if you can, donate now, or within the next 3 days. Of course, any donation in the next 45 days is greatly appreciated!

You get stuff, too.

Every dollar is deeply appreciated!

At the $25 level, you get a T-shirt with the dynamic Galloping Antiquities logo—a great conversation-starter!

The $100 level, a handsome, practical tote bag with the Galloping Antiquities logo and a Certificate of Thanks from Galloping Antiquities.

At the $500 level, Leo Yerxa's Ancient Thunder.  "Yerxa, a Canadian of Ojibway ancestry, celebrates the relationship between horses and the native people of the Great Plains in a series of three-mystically themed montages. At the center of each picture is a paper fringed shirt…the shirt serves as both backdrop and landscape for Yerxa's lean, schematic portraits of horses, usually depicted in groups at full gallop…In both their content and feel, the compositions feel more akin to cave paintings (the horses especially so), and evoke a sense of wonder." (Excerpted from Amazon.com)

At the $1,000 level, All of the above, Special Thanks on Galloping Antiquities web page, plus dinner with the artist—the woman in the fuzzy red fleece—(assuming that doesn't require a plane trip)!

The Impact

In the course of the 4 decades between intending to become a wood sculptor and actually doing it, I've picked up a lot of skills that are helping bring this dream into the world. I've learned to do research, so I can delve deeply into questions like Why people make art, how Arabian horses got to China, to name just a couple. I've learned to gather resources and ask for help. And I've learned persistence.

 With your help, I can not only negotiate this sharp turn in my career path, but also create a joyful legacy: toys of lasting value.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help even if you can't contribute. For example, by copying the link to my Indiegogo page and emailing it to as many people as you can, along with nice words--preferably people we haven't seen at the same parties. Indiegogo has share tools to make it easy.


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