G3Box: Ship A Maternity Clinic to Kenya

There are women who currently give birth on dirt floors. To remedy this, G3Box creates medical clinics inside shipping containers. Help send the first one.

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Campaign is over, but you can still contribute and participate!

If you would like to continue to support G3Box, please visit: http://www.imecamerica.org/donate/funds/. Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the PayPal donation option. Or you can mail checks to IMEC America with the specified use as G3Box. Mail them here:

1600 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA 01845

Thank you for your support and always feel free to email info@g3box.org with questions or Susanna directly here, susanna.young@g3box.org


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The G3Box Kenya clinic campaign has been fully funded! Oh my goodness, we are so excited and humbled for the support. Indiegogo put out a special blog post for Mother's Day today and included our campaign. Since 4:30am PST this morning, we have received so much support! And that led to hitting our goal! 

You can continue to give and spread the word about the campaign until it ends next week. All additional funds go towards the continued work of G3Box and saving lives in developing countries. Thank you everyone!

Announcing the MOTHER'S DAY PERK!

Mother’s day is coming up in less than a week! Sunday May 12th is the day. In honor of your mother, give to the first G3Box maternity clinic! What better way to show how valuable your mother is to you than by giving others the opportunity to grow up with a mother who might not survive otherwise. With this perk, G3Box will send a personal email message to your mother informing her of the donation that you made in her honor to the first G3Box maternity clinic destined for Kenya.

The purpose of this clinic is to ensure that pregnant mothers in developing countries can survive for their children. Imagine life without your mother, or perhaps you don’t have to imagine it but you know what it is like. Give so that those children can know life with their mother. We’ll give a shout on Facebook to your mom for being awesome too!

G3Box in the local news!

Last Thursday, May 2nd, G3Box was featured on a local news station. Check out the short 1.5 minute clip here.

Thank you supporters!

This campaign has been going so well. We have been overwhelmed by the support from our funders. As we have been saying in thank you emails, updates, and through Facebook and Twitter, the ultimate goal is to better save and sustain lives in Kenya. Your contributions have been doing that.

Every single dollar given will be put to excellent use to best prepare  the unit for transport, shipping, and installation. We are so close! Please share with your friends and networks. Give us feedback through the comments on what you would like to know/see on the campaign page. Or send me a personal email at susanna.young@g3box.org

Visit FB for regular updates: www.facebook.com/g3box.containers

And Twitter: www.twitter.com/g3box

Thank you!

G3Box - Generating Global Good

Help keep these young women safe and healthy

A group of women and their children that we met on our trip to Africa in 2011

There are women who currently give birth on dirt floors in unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Some of these women will die because they do not have access to the appropriate care, equipment, and space necessary to deliver their child safely.

That’s why three years ago we, four engineering students from Arizona State University, teamed up to combat this problem. Together we developed G3Box, a solution that uses the experience of partners on the ground and the generosity of inspired individuals, foundations, and corporations to create medical grade maternal health facilities within steel shipping containers. 

Over the past year we have worked to implement our idea by building the first clinic with the support DPR Construction and SmithGroupJJR. It is bound for Kenya and will be placed, operated and maintained by partners of the International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC). We are ready! We have the clinic finished, the equipment secured, and the partners in place to send it, now we just need the final funds to ship and install.

Container Clinic Collaborators

So What Now? 

We are ready to send our first clinic to Kenya and simply need to raise the final funds to ship and install it. Your contributions are essential to the successful launch of this first unit but also to the continued success of G3Box and saving lives. We will use the feedback from this first clinic to learn more about how best to serve the communities. 

Container Clinic Before and After

Before and after the unit was painted

Where Does the Money Go?

We need to raise $17,650. The bulk of the funds will be used towards shipping the unit from the United States to Kenya. The additional funds will be used to setup the water, power, security, and waste disposal systems. To ensure that all systems are installed correctly, G3Box would like to send a team member to oversee all implementation. The following table breaks down where the money will go. 

The above table shows you how the money will be used in order to successfully install the unit in Kenya. Any additional funding will go directly towards our work to engage with existing organizations on the ground in developing countries in order to manufacture and place additional units. All donations are tax deductible. And, the Indiegogo fees have been taken into consideration.

Interior of medical clinic

Interior of medical clinic


Young girls that we met on our trip to Africa in 2011

Currently, G3Box is targeting Kenya, which has a Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) of 530 women dying per 100,000 live births, as the location of its initial deployment of maternity clinics. In the first year of operation, one clinic will be deployed. Assuming four women per day go through the clinic in one year’s time, 1,460 women will be helped. In comparison, if these women were to continue with what is currently being done, an estimated eight women will die. With a G3Box clinic, not only will mothers' lives be saved, newborns will be saved as well. Finally, each G3Box clinic will be staffed by local physicians, nurses, and midwives therefore providing jobs for the community.


Clinic design

Another example of a clinic design

The G3Box solution focuses on collaboration rather than competition. We do not want to become a company just focused on converting containers nor do we want to become another NGO/nonprofit that works in a developing country. G3Box wants to connect the dots between these two groups in addition to engaging corporations, governments, and individuals. G3Box acts as a leveraging arm for existing nonprofits which can lead to faster economic and social impact. 

The main reason the G3Box container solution is competitive is due to innovative designs that allow the healthcare space to have multi-functionality that provide systems for clean water, reliable electricity, and a suitable treatment environment. Since each clinic is assembled and then shipped to its end location, setup is minimal and treatment can begin quickly. 


We are currently finishing our first two maternal medical clinics with plans to send one of them to Kenya in May 2013. IMEC America (www.imecamerica.org), has graciously agreed to stock the Kenya clinic with medical equipment and will send it to one of their organizations on the ground in Kenya. IMEC is also going to be our distribution partner for clinics heading to developing countries.

Before each clinic is constructed, G3Box will work closely with the organization that will be operating it. These partner organizations will be carefully considered to ensure that they have proven the need for maternal healthcare in the developing country they are working in and that they are capable of providing the necessary healthcare. After a partnership has been established, G3Box will leverage the relationships between large corporations, foundations, and individuals to assist in raising the proper funds for construction.

G3Box Process


Awards and Accomplishments

  • Women Deliver Pitch Finalist 2013
  • Echoing Green Semifinalist 2013
  • Entrepreneur Magazine's College Entrepreneur of 2011
  • Inc Magazine's 2nd Coolest College Startup 2012
  • James Dyson Award-National Finalist USA 2012
  • Startup Open-Global Entrepreneurship Week Top 50 2012
  • Arizona State University-Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative 2011, 2012
  • Arizona State University-Innovation Challenge 2011, 2012
  • Feature in 35 Arizona Entrepreneurs Under 35 (Arizona Republic)


G3Box Awards and Accomplishments


Why Are We So Passionate? 

Three years ago, my (Susanna's) sister-in-law was pregnant with my nephew. Four weeks before his due date, she began experiencing abdominal pain. She went to the emergency room and the doctor prescribed an emergency C-section. Within minutes, he was born and my sister-in-law’s life was saved. She had been suffering from severe pre-eclampsia which would have resulted in death. But because she had access to the healthcare she needed, she did not join the 800 other women who perish every day due to complications during childbirth. 95% of these deaths occur in developing countries where women do not have access to care. Our passion is to see that every women be given the opportunity to look forward to the birth of her child without fear for her life.

Gabrielle has a close friend who experienced severe complications during her pregnancy and without access to the care that she needed, her now healthy two-year-old twins would not have survived.

Though these stories are specific to Susanna’s family and Gabrielle’s friend, they resonate with all of the team members. Clay and Billy have both traveled internationally to developing countries and experienced firsthand what can happen where there is lack of access to healthcare. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us spread the word about the need for improved access to healthcare around the world by sharing this campaign with your friends, liking our page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/g3box.containers), and following us on Twitter, @G3Box.

If you cannot donate, but you like the idea and would like to help, please share this with your friends.

Special Thanks

  • Dr. Jan Snyder
  • Richard Filley
  • Dr. Vincent Pizziconi
  • Carl Nablo
  • The Venture Catalyst and Edson Team
  • The Arizona State University Schools of Engineering


G3Box Founding Team

Founders: Clay, Gabrielle, Susanna, and Billy

G3Box Team

 Additional team members inside the clinic (Gabrielle, Johnny, Susanna, Varendra (Odx), Clay and David)


  • Gabrielle Palermo
  • Clay Tyler
  • Billy Walters
  • Susanna Young

Team Members

  • David DeJeu
  • Johnny Cioara
  • Varendra (Odx) Silva

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