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A Tibetan Buddhist Monk risks his life to rescue girls with disabilities in remote regions bordering Tibet&Nepal providing a safe home and an education.
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"I am a human being and Dharma leads us to do good to fellow human beings.  That is everybody's responsibility without any borders or limits.  No social status, no caste, no skin color or race.  It is a universal responsibility to move compassion into action.  It is for that reason."  - Lama Tenzin Choegyal

In 2001,  Lama Tenzin, a young Tibetan monk, began his journey to rescue children from poor living conditions in the isolated villages in the Himalayan border region of Upper Dolpo, Nepal. He built a home for them in India where he, his mother and his sisters raised and educated them, and provided them with spiritual guidance with the hope that these children would return to their homes one day and do the same for their communities. The journey to rescue these children is very dangerous. The Dolpo is the highest inhabited region on the planet, with villages around 15,000-17,000 feet in elevation.There is little in Dolpo in the way of food, employment, medicine or schooling. The central government is far away in Kathmandu, and little assistance has been given to the residents of Dolpo in the form of bridges, roads, clinics, or basic infrastructure. In fact, there are no roads anywhere in Dolpo. All transportation is on foot or by horseback. Yaks are often used as beasts of burden.

Children in Dolpo start work as early as the age of four, gathering twigs and yak dung for fuel, or minding the yaks. Living with their animals, the children often contract diseases such as skin anthrax. Food is comprised of barley meal, yak milk, yak cheese and Tibetan tea.

Over the past 10 years, CED HOUSE  has grown to 21 orphans and underprivileged children. The children are mostly girls, some of whom have disabilities. The first group of these children will be graduating from high school this year-marking the first time children from these remote border villages have ever received a formal education. The culture in these remote regions still favors sons over daughters. The traditions still support old ideas that keep alive the inequalities between men and women by maintaining that only boys can provide financial support for the family. And girls born with disabilites are quite literally discarded by their families and the larger village community, believed to be "bad omens". Lama Tenzin first saw Pema-the young girl  whose rescue is depicted in the attached video - who was born unable to walk - living outside with the cows and other animals, given a bowl of food and nothing else each day. She was quite literally left outside with the animals until Lama Tenzin obtained permission from her family and the Nepali Government to take her in and give her a chance at a full life.

I have known Lama Tenzin for many years. I call him The Feminist Lama- because he believes and dedicates his life to ensuring that women's voices and ideas are as valuable as those of men. He knows that education increases girls’ options to live a full and meaningful life empowering them to take leadership roles in family, school, and community. Your support will allow Lama Tenzin to continue this vital work of the rescue, nurture and education of these girls that have no other advocate. They are truly forgotten. You have the rare opportunity with your donations to deliver a meaningful life to a child who may become the next great doctor, inventor, lawyer, scientist, writer or teacher. If we support them - they will take their knowledge into the world and some will even return to their villages and enrich their communities in ways we cannot imagine. They also recieve practical vocational skill training so that they may seek meaningful employment and acheive economic independence.

Together, with Lama Tenzin Choegyal you can remove the educational, societal, and professional barriers for girls with disabilities.

 Please give what you can. Our $40,000 goal will go toward the immediate rescue trek to Upper Dolpo that is planned for this June! Without these vital funds, Lama Tenzin cannot rescue another child like Pema, who is now thriving in her new home at Lama's orphanage in Dehardun, India. She is going to school, receiving medical care and the nutrition she needs to grow into a healthy and independent young woman.

If you are unable to contribute yourself, please share this with others, send people to the website http://cedhouse-org.readysitebuild.com/gift-pro... and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lama-Tenzin-CIA-... so that others may learn about this extraordinary Monk and the mission he and he alone is leading.
Thank you so much for your consideration.


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    Special prayer flags

    Tibetan prayer flags are very auspicious to hang outside your home where they can catch the wind. Lama Tenzin will obtain a special blessing from The State Oracle of Tibet, the Spiritual advisor to HH The Dalai Lama especially for you.

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    Tibetan OM amulet

    When Lama Tenzin travels to Nepal and Tibet, he often finds authentic lockets and amulets that he can say a blessing over -either a blessing for protection or good health, and send to you to wear or give as a gift to a loved one.

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    authentic mala

    a mala is like a rosary - you can carry them with you or wear them. They will also come to you with a special blessing from Lama Tenzin and the State Oracle of Tibet.

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