FUTURE CITY - Help launch and be part of a unique virtual community

Help build our own "Future City" at Kitely where We all can live, learn, create, work, play & make real friends


A place where we all can live, learn, trade, play & meet real people


I Love creating virtual lands since 2007, but what I most enjoy is to manage all the events and care for a friendly community, helping people and projects to get togheter and watch how synergies work around this innovative new worlds to improve it every day and offer more interactions to everyone...


Project Main Goals for May 21st

Promote Virtual Education, Business & Leisure

- Create a 16 regions world at Kitely (Open Sims)

- Bulid & manage our "Future City"

- Develop our avatar community

- Start all kinds of regular events

- Promote interaction & communication

- Support personal projects

- Always diversify and Innovate  



Your Suggestions Count - "Future City" is for Us, for You, so speak up !!!

>>> Use this campaign comments tab and get creative


What is Kitely ?   www.kitely.com

Kitely is a 3D OpenSims platform where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you

Enter a world with infinite possibilities and live a life without boundaries, guided only by your imagination

All you can do & build in Real Life, you can at Kitely

Using Kitely is Free

- To enjoy the project & perks you just need to open a free Kitely account, download the free viewer, tune your avatar and BE WELCOME to our Community - www.kitely.com

- A specific group will be created created for funders perks & privileged land/objects access and use

Kitely provides virtual worlds using OpenSim technology. You can visit virtual worlds that other people have designed, or create your own worlds. Each Kitely account includes one FREE virtual world.

Kitely's virtual worlds can be used for a wide variety of activities: you can make friends, play games, experience immersive art, watch theatrical performances, role play, visit information centers and participate in many other activities. Most worlds are family friendly, but it is also possible to create virtual worlds that are targeted at a more mature audience. Such worlds can only be visited by adult users.





Our 16 region world opens next June 21st

- The total ammount aims a 12 month startup funding: building the whole country geography, infrastructures and interactive contents, paying for all setting, building & maintenance fees, and finally funding many events and taking care of everyone in our Community


Our Nation Features for All to Enjoy

- Futuristic but ecological layouts, decors and architecture

- A world with 16 regions, with: homes, venues, nature & leisures

- Ocean tropical suroundings with coral reefs and underwater life

- Modern furnished apartments with wide views & terraces

- Business centre for any kind of startup offices & stands

- Huge multi-use arena for: shows, concerts, plays & meetings

- Huge market with themed stores for sellers & shoppers

- Harbour with marina, dive centre and many watersports

- Huge warehouse with all sorts of freebies for everyone

- Green areas and small parks for sports, picnics and relax

- Display eco resources like: wind power, green roofs & recycling

- Random interactive: birds, insects, reptiles, mammals & coral life




Our Community Activities

- Attend public conferences, workshops & lectures

- Use the themed island interactive features

- Live on apartments with interactive furnitures

- Rent areas for business - bars, stores or offices

- Attend concerts, fashion shows & DJ parties

- Participate or attend exhibitions and fairs

- Dive into coral reefs with interactive creatures

- Ride the waves with surfboard, sailboat & jetski

- Meet people at the beach, park or bars

- And many more small enjoyable surprises





THE FUNDING - Why flexible ???

>>> I already started a 1 region world and if total amount is not reached any help will revert to actual world improvements and your perks satisfaction

>>> Visit My World at >>> FUTURE CITY Kitely URL (needs viewer)

THE BUDGET - Why 4.770$ ???

1.200 $ - 12 month X 16 regions fees startup

1.000 $ - Build contents and objects purchase

1.000 $ - 12 month 4h/day management startup

1.200 $ - 12 month events funding startup

370 $ - Indiegogo and Paypal funding fees

Stretch Goal Bonus - Soon to announce

 >>> MORE FUNDS = More infrastrucutres + More activities + More 4 Us







Carlos Loff AKA Carlos Loff at Kitely

 Facebbok >>> https://www.facebook.com/carlosloff


Graduated in Geography and a certified trainner, I worked 21 years as Environmental Educator and the last 7 years as a Professional Photographer & Photography Teacher

I started learning, creating and managing Second Life virtual lands and communities on 2007 and so far I developed and runed several projects and events listed below

Nowadays I run a Big Meetup with weekly Photography Workshops, where you can ask about Me and how reliable members find Me - http://www.meetup.com/clicsboa



Loff's Achievements on SL - Since 2007


Lisbon riverbank - Belém

(Reference on Portuguese Media - Here)


Lisbon square - Rossio

(Reference on Portuguese Media - Here)

Tropical Resort - Coral Homes

(Reference on Blogs - Here)

Winterfest Concerts 2010 - Collaboration with AWVR

(Reference on Lisbon Lecool Mag - Here)

(Dailymotion Video - Here)

(Blogs reference - Here)

Lisbon Interactive Tram

SL Horse Festival

Lingerie Fashion Show

Tropical Beach Hotel

Star Wars Exhibition

Fantasy Wedding - by Marisa Batata & Loff

Social Town Island

Beach Concert

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