FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. - Positive Youth Empowerment through HipHop

An intensive one-week 'inspirational' program for educating and empowering young HipHop enthusiasts in Nepal
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  • $10USD
    DJ Scratches

    With this contribution, you will receive our warmest gratitude, prayers, inspiration and blessings for bringing us one step closer to our dream of giving our youngsters a powerful platform to express themselves creatively!

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  • $20USD
    Beatbox Bumps

    'DJ Scratches' and hearty shoutouts on the official FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. site and our FunkyFresh Facebook Page. Plus, a FunkyFresh Button to add an extra zing to your collection!

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  • $50USD
    Microphone Check

    'DJ Scratches', 'Beatbox Bumps' and a personal FunkyFresh message of thanks over the phone or skype, wherever you are in the world and a FunkyFresh sticker for inspiration!

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  • $100USD
    Slammin' Poetic

    'DJ Scratches', 'Beatbox Bumps', 'Microphone Check' and a signed DVD copy of videos from the Art of Slam Poetry workshops, with lots of passion, poetry and love.

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  • $200USD

    'DJ Scratches', 'Beatbox Bumps', 'Microphone Check', 'Slammin' Poetic' and a copy of all our students' beat productions from the Art of Beatmaking workshops and a personal beat of your own choice of style, which the FunkyFresh team will be ecstatic to produce for YOU!

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  • $500USD
    Mural Shrine

    'DJ Scratches', 'Beatbox Bumps', 'Microphone Check', 'Slammin' Poetic', 'Beatlicious' and 8R Sized (signed) Photographs of our teachers and students' works (with personal notes on their work) from the Art of Graffiti workshops for you to frame and FunkyFresh posters to decorate your own space!

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  • $1,000USD
    Popping Credits!

    'DJ Scratches', 'Beatbox Bumps', 'Microphone Check', 'Slammin' Poetic', 'Beatlicious', 'Mural Shrine' and ending credits in your name for both the ROOTS documentary DVD and the FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. video coverage of the workshops and final showcase. Both DVDs will be signed with a personal message for you that will land swiftly at your doorstep!

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  • $1,500USD
    FunkyFresh Crew!

    'DJ Scratches', 'Beatbox Bumps', 'Microphone Check', 'Slammin' Poetic', 'Beatlicious', 'Mural Shrine', 'Popping Credits' and a FunkyFresh Tee in the colour of your choice. You will have a BIG SAY in all our ideas and plans till the project launches and will be given recognition for your contribution and effort in any press coverage or interviews that follow.

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  • $2,000USD
    OldSkool Royalty

    'DJ Scratches', 'Beatbox Bumps', 'Microphone Check', 'Slammin' Poetic', 'Beatlicious', 'Mural Shrine', 'Popping Credits', 'FunkyFresh Crew' and you can do us the honor by presenting the awards to the students at the Final Showcase if you are in Nepal. For those abroad, we will play a recorded video message of you to all the students and teachers for all to see at the ceremony.

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