We help youth (age 4-18) in financial need access climbing at no or reduced cost.

Our Story

Climbing is an amazing exercise and lifetime passion shared by many. But access of climbing is not always possible due to costs and lack of climbing mentors. This project is started in Sep 2011 so kids who are in financial needs can have a chance to participate in this dream and passion. Also, climbers can utilize their climbing skills and character to inspire the kids to pursue healthy lifestyle and avoid bad life choices.

Each month, we have 3 2hour sessions at 3 climbing gyms where Climbing Mentors (volunteers) teach the kids how to climb and have a fun time.

So far we have run 31 on-going sessions and helped 100+ kids.

We also gather donations to pay for gym memberships, passes, courses and equipment so the kids can have the opportunity to pursue climbing not once-a-month but a lifetime dream and passion.

So far we have purchased:

22 junior rock program at 3 Cliffhanger gym locations

*4 month weekly 2hr program where staff teaches the kids how to belay 

1 Hive gym 10-passes

1 Cliffhanger gym 12-passes

2 adjustable kid harnesses for outdoor climbing

This is a pioneer project, one of its kind in Metro Vancouver. It's all volunteer run by dedicated climbers. 0 admin. costs.


What We Need 

The gyms waive part of the admissions and we use our community donations to cover the rest. But our donations are running low (~$500). In order to keep the sessions cost-free to the kids, we need your support!

It costs the kid:

- $5.6 to go to one monthly session at Richmond Cliffhanger.

- $8.96 to go to one monthly session at Richmond Cliffhanger.

Cost of 1 year = $3494.40.


The Impact

Remember how you get into climbing in the first place? How your life has changed after you discovered climbing? Now, you can be the change and bring this dream and passion to someone! Hugely meaningful and the kids will remember that for a lifetime!


Ways You Can Help

1. Donate (we have 60 days to receive donations)

2. Volunteer as Climbing Mentor for this project

3. Share this fundraiser with your friends through facebook, twitter, word or mouth, etc.

4. LIKE our facebook page and share.

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