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Provide seed funding to employ local Haitians to run a clean water business to improve the health of their own communities. Clean water for Haiti, by Haiti.
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The UN gave Haiti cholera. People are dying because they don't have access clean water. This June, we are starting a business to empower local women to educate their friends and neighbors while offering them an affordable and life saving product. We have an amazing team. We have amazing partners. Now we need your help to take the final steps towards launching! Join Us!

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Cholera? Seriously!?!

The Short Version

Problem: Cholera kills 3 million people every year. Diarrhea kills 2 million children under the age of 15 per year. We think that is unacceptable. The international development community has not been able to stop these diseases in places like Haiti and people continue to die every day from easily preventable illnesses.

Solution: We believe that the solution is with the people of the developing world. Proven technology and practices exist to stop these problems. We are working hard to facilitate the translation of technology and ideas into large scale businesses that allow parents to save their own children. We will be launching a clean water social enterprise, using chlorine water treatment technology, in Haiti this summer to provide local employment opportunities and put an end to water-borne illnesses.

Who is Archimedes? Archimedes is a greek mathematician who discovered how leverage works - how to move a large seemingly impossible to move object with a much smaller object. He is credited with having said - Give man a lever and a firm point on which to place it, and he can move the world. We believe that existing technology, knowledge and local partners can be leveraged to solve this difficult problem.

How can I help? Have your say! We created this project to bring in as many voices as possible to contribute their perspective in order to shake up the development community! Share the project! If you know other people who are passionate about changing the world- share the Archimedes Project with them! Support the project! To launch our first project in Haiti we have done an amazing job raising funds but we need more help to facilitate a viable launch! Even a small donation will help us train more entrepreneurs and reach more communities faster!

We are working hard to launch our Haiti project in just a few short weeks. We would be honored if you joined the dozens of people who have already shown their support for our work and our mission!

More Details:

What is the Problem?

It is difficult to believe that in today’s modern world 1 billion people around the world continue to live without access to clean water, and 2.5 billion lack access to sanitation. Yet every year, these conditions lead to over 5 million cases of cholera and the death of almost 1 million children under 5 years of age - that is greater than the total number of children under 5 living in all of New England! 

These are 19th century problems that are entirely preventable with 21st century technology and knowledge.  Compounding the problem, many countries that suffer from high levels of diarrheal disease also have high unemployment rates, making access to clean water and sanitation proportionately costly and perpetually out of reach of many poor and low-income individuals.

In Haiti alone, there have been over 800,000 reported cases of cholera and over 8,500 deaths from this devastating and debilitating disease since October 2010. Simultaneously, more than 40% of Haitians are unemployed, and more than two-thirds of working individuals do not have formal jobs. In urban Haiti, the cost for a household to purchase safe drinking water is equal to 16% of the average wage; a cost burden many are not able to bear. 

Although affordable water treatment methods exist, distribution networks within the country do not make these products widely available or easily accessible.

How Will We Solve It?

This summer, the Archimedes Project will launch its first social enterprise, Community Chlorinators, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Community Chlorinators will be known locally as Kouzin Dlo, the Haitian Creole words for cousin and water.  Kouzin Dlo tackles all of the above challenges simultaneously, generating local employment opportunities, especially for women, while developing a distribution network for chlorine, a proven and low-cost water treatment product, and increasing the accessibility and affordability of clean water. The enterprise will work with local partners to train community members to become entrepreneurs who educate their neighbors and friends about the value of chlorine to purify drinking water, offer the product for sale, and teach them how to use it. Within one year, Kouzin Dlo will expand to 10 communities across Haiti, creating over 200 local jobs, providing 10,000 households with access to clean water, and significantly reducing cholera and other diarrheal diseases among treated households.

Who Are We?

The Archimedes Project is a nonprofit organization that believes the most intractable problems in water and sanitation can be solved using market driven approaches. Our goal is to end cholera by supporting the design and launch of scalable and financially sustainable clean water and sanitation social enterprises around the world. We bring together visionaries, thinkers, makers and doers from across sectors in hackathon-style Ideation Labs to create lean, collaboration-driven social enterprises that can scale across a country. Our first Ideation Lab in November 2013 brought together over 60 experts, professionals, students and judges and 14 clean water and sanitation organizations in generating the idea behind Community Chlorinators. Although many clean water and sanitation organizations have operations in developing countries, none are similar to Archimedes Project in facilitating and implementing innovative ideas generated by a diverse gathering of experts, students and practitioners. In 3 days we build a social enterprise, within 365 days we launch it.



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    It takes more than circumstantial evidence to determine what really works to make change. Your donation will support the implementation of our rigorous monitoring and evaluation plan and enable us to adjust our approach based on our findings. As thanks you will receive quarterly progress update postcards during Kouzin Dlo's first year and a year-end impact update. You will also be recognized on our website and receive VIP tickets to all Archimedes Project events this year!

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