Function Flashlight - Triple Emitter 1600 Lumen

A flashlight with a revolutionary form factor and dual 1/4-20 threads. Its output is infinitely variable up to 1600 lumens.
Ron Chan
Burnaby, British Columbia
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The FUNCTION flashlight was designed for the person that doesn't want a specific light for every task. Because of the light's dual 1/4-20 tripod threads and unique form factor, it's much more versatile than the standard stick flashlight configuration. The Function flashlight can output up to 1600 lumens but since its output is infinitely variable, you can turn the brightness down to exactly where you need it. This light can be used for biking, hiking, camping, and videography just to list a few. Support our project to take advantage of the introductory pricing! 


 Features and Specifications

aluminum unibody


Infinitely Adjustable Output - Pressing down on the switch turns the light on and off. Rotating the control knob allows the user to adjust the output from less than 1 lumen to 1600 lumens.

3 x LED emitters - Cree XPG2 for maximum lumens or Nichia 219 Hi CRI for a neutral white beam with perfect color rendition

Copper LED Star Board - The emitters will be installed on a copper "pillar" star board which has no dieletric layer like the typical LED star boards. The custom  board allows the LEDs to run cooler for a longer life. Also, it allows us to drive the LED harder without sacrificing too much efficiency.

Aluminum Unibody - The body is intricately CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum.

Size - 3.31" x 1" x 1.85" (84mm x 25.4mm x 47mm)

Weight - 5.5oz (156g) 

HAIII Hard anodized - All aluminum parts on the light are anodized in matte black. The HAIII anodizing provides a scratch resistant coating with a 0.001" thickness.

Strobe - Strobe mode offers variable strobe flash rate and variable strobe brightness.

Battery Compatibility - The Function light can be used a single Lithium Ion  18650, two Primary CR123A, or two Lithium Ion 18350 batteries.

Battery Life (on Max)

Lithium Ion 18650 - 1 hr 40 min

CR123A Lithium - 1 hr

IMR18350 - 40min

Reverse Polarity Protection - The light's driver circuitry is designed to protect itself if the battery is ever installed backwards.


1/4-20 Tripod Mounting Threads - Two 1/4-20 tripod threads on the top and back of the light allows fo easy mounting with commonly available camera mounts.

Anti-Reflective Coated Glass - The mineral glass lens has an anti-reflective coating on both surfaces to maximize the light output.

Water Resistant - The Function light is designed with O-rings and gaskets so that it can function in any weather condition.

Battery lockout - A half turn counter-clockwise on the battery cap will lock out the light to prevent accidental activation

Thermal Protection - An on board temperature chip allows the microcontroller to manage the heat generated by the LED's.

Microcontroller Powered - The functionality of the light is all programmed via an ATTINY microcontroller. With a 8-SOIC clip, the Function flashlight can be reprogrammed such that it meets your specific needs.






Mode 0 - The light will be OFF in Mode 0.

Mode 1 - The light will be On in Mode 1 and adjusting the knob will change the output brightness of the light.

Mode 2 - Rate control strobe mode allows the user to change the strobe rate via the control knob. By default, the brightness is 100% but the brightness will be saved when adjusted in Mode 3.

Mode 3 - Brightness control strobe mode allows the user to change the strobe brightness via the control knob. The strobe rate is determined by the setting in Mode 2.

Soft Lockout - Soft lockout will prevent accidental activation of the light. 

Mechanical Lockout - Mechanical lockout will prevent accidental activation of the light by physically disconnecting the battery. Using the mechanical lockout is recommended when the Function flashlight will be stored away for a long period of time.


What You Get

  • Cool White Cree XPG2 or Neutral White Nichia 219 High CRI emitter
  • CR123A battery tube to prevent rattling when using the smaller diameter batteries
  • Narrow (24°), Medium (30°) or Wide (40°) optic



Check out the gallery for images of the different accessories.


Billet aluminum go pro mount - This mount will allow you to use the Function light with practically any GoPro mount.

Magnetic Ouput Modifier - A lantern dome, red or blue filter, or diffuser can be easily attached via the embedded magnet.

Magnet mount - The magnet screws into the rear 1/4-20 threaded hole and allows the attachment of the light to any ferrous surface.

Bike Helmet mount -  Allows for mounting of the Function light onto any standard bike helmet. The mount attaches to the helmet via velco straps through the helmet's vent holes.

Bike Handlebar Mount - The handle bar mount allows for easy installation of the Function light onto any bike handlebar.

Backpack mount - A stainless steel clip which allows the Function light to be attached to the shoulder strap of a backpack. The clip is made from a ferrous grade of stainless to allow the clip to be used with the magnet mount for quick removal.

Suction Cup Mount - The suction cup mount will attach to any smooth flat surface. It will be great for attaching the light onto full faced helmets.

Hotshoe mount - The hotshoe mount with ball head is great for those that want to film video with the Function light. 

Additional Optics - Different beam pattern optics will also be avialable for the user to go from Narrow (24°), Medium (30°) or Wide optics (40°).



Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are not included as part of the contribution of the Perk. The final shipping cost will depend on your location and any additional accessories you order. All items will ship out from Canada via Canada Post.


Project Progress

We have a few fully functioning prototypes at the moment. We are still in the process of improving the driver and refining the code. We aim to have two more revisions to work out any issues before the final production run. We want to make sure the electronics and code work together seamlessly to create an easy to use and efficient flashlight. In tandem, we will be working hard to provide a wide range of accessories to accompany the Function light at it's launch.


Who are we?

Ron Chan: Ron is an active member at under the avatar Ronac. In the past three years, he and Brian have created a small business in creating unique flashlight upgrade parts to the flashlight community.

Brian Har: Brian has played a critical role in design and logistics of the existing Cryos Illumination products. His background as a mechanical engineer has helped ensure the Cryos Illumination products are designed with function in mind and of the highest quality.

Mathew Leung: Mathew has been the driving force in the development of the custom designed driver for the Function light. His background and experience with electronics has brought this project to life.


What is Cryos Illumination?

Here is a sample of the products that have been designed and produced by us. Through selling these custom flashlight parts, we have built a strong reputation of supplying high quality products and excellent service.






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