Full-Length LEAH album

Help launch a brand new full-length metal album with LEAH!
Leah McHenry
Vancouver, British Columbia
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  • Timo Somers and Sander Zoer of symphonic-metal band "DELAIN" will be collaborating and playing on the new album!

  • Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian/Vengeance) is joining forces on bass!

  • Cirque de Soleil and Riverdance score writer helping with orchestration!

***   PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD SHIPPING TO YOUR PERK: $5 for North America and $15 for everywhere else. Thanks!!

*****    For those wondering about the $20 "Mega Download" - it does NOT include the brand new album (because it's not made yet!) but there is a separate $10 download perk for the new album!

Brand New Full-Length LEAH album

Most of you know me from my first full-length album "Of Earth & Angels" which I released in 2012. Others know me from the 5-song EP "Otherworld" which featured guest vocals from Testament's Eric Peterson. A few others know me from my YouTube covers, such as King Arthur's "We Will Go Home". If you've heard any of my music, you know it is my passion. You know my own celtic roots are very influential part of my songwriting, and I'm always working on something new.

I'm ready for the next project.

Being a Do-It-Yourself artist is both challenging and rewarding these days, especially when it comes to the financial end. I love the freedom, and being able to call my own shots, and I love that so many dedicated music-lovers want to bypass labels and the big corporations and support me directly! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Having said all that -  one thing you really need in order to do anything (ie. produce a great-sounding album, print merch, tour, etc.) -- is funding. So while I continue to keep my family #1 priority (I'm a homeschool mom) I'm hoping you'll join me in this journey to the next musical project -- that is -- a FULL-LENGTH ALBUM!

Last time I was still just getting my name out there (and still am!) so I only raised enough funds to do a little bit. I worked with what I had and made a 5-song EP, which was mixed by Spacelab Studios (Delain, Serenity, Everon, Imperia). I believe this time around I have enough faithful listeners and friends that are willing to step up and be co-contributors to a real high-quality full-length album!

I feel more inspired than ever to write better music, always pushing and challenging myself.

Already, I have much material to sort through and refine, and in the process I usually end up writing even better songs and nix a few others (this always happens!). I've begun to flesh out a theme for the album content, the visualization (which will affect the photography and art), and more. I'm very excited about where this next album will take me - and you!

My main thing has been along the lines of symphonic rock/metal with Celtic and folk undertones or overtones. I will be staying along these lines, but always pushing forward. There will be some interesting players on this next one, and I think it will take me into new territory!

Thank you so much for reading, supporting and sharing this campaign with your friends and networks. That is really the only way I'll be able to do this!

* I'm going out on a limb here and choosing the "Fixed Funding" option. It's all or nothing baby! Either we raise all the funds needed or I get ZERO. BUT - if every fan on <<Facebook alone>> contributed ONE dollar -- we would easily surpass the funding goal by a long shot.

If you can only do one thing - please share with your entire social networks!
Need some ideas?

  • Email!
  • Facebook!
  • Twitter!
  • Blogs!
  • Youtube!
  • Music forums!

Thanks a million - I can't wait to get started!!!



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    Every dollar helps!

    Your name will be posted in an online public thank you :)

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    Email thank you

    1. Your name will be listed publicly in an online thank you. 2. You will receive a personal email thank you from LEAH with a professional music photo that hasn't been released before.

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    Digital Download

    You'll get a digital download of the new album before the release date!

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    Mega Download

    A digital download of all the music LEAH has ever released so far, including albums, singles, Xmas music, and personal home recordings.

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    CD & Download

    1. You'll get a *signed* physical copy of the album 2. A digital download of the album before the release date! *Please add $5 for shipping within North America, and $15 for shipping everywhere else.

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    CD & T-shirt

    1. You'll get a signed physical copy of the CD 2. A newly designed LEAH t-shirt (you'll be contacted for your size, etc.) 3. Digital download of the new album before the release date! *Please add $5 for shipping within North America, and $15 for shipping everywhere else.

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  • $50USD
    Secret Listening Party

    A secret link will be emailed to you for private streaming access to the new album *before* the release date. We will have a listening party via Google Hangout, where you can share your reaction with LEAH personally!

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  • $65USD
    Secret Song

    An original, never-before-heard song written and sung by LEAH. It might end up on a future album one day, and you'll have been the first to hear it in this very raw state - so keep it secret!

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  • $75USD
    ALL Albums & Mega Download

    1. You'll get signed copies of LEAH's previous two albums + the new album. 2. A download of all the music LEAH has ever released, including albums, singles, Xmas music and home recordings. *Please add $5 for shipping within North America, and $15 for shipping everywhere else.

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  • $100USD
    Super Duper Merch

    1. Signed copies of previous 2 CD releases 2. Signed copy of the brand new album 3. New LEAH t-shirt (you'll be contacted for your size, etc.) 4. Signed thank you photo card 5. Your name will be listed in the booklet 6. A digital download of all the music LEAH has ever released! *Please add $5 for shipping within North America, and $15 for shipping everywhere else.

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  • $150USD
    Hang out with LEAH

    A Skype or Google hangout with LEAH! Ask her anything you want, have a cyber-beer together, or show her a song you've written, maybe she can help you brainstorm!

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  • $200USD
    Handwritten Lyrics

    1. LEAH will hand write any song of your choice 2. Signed copy of the two previous CD releases 3. Signed copy of brand new album 4. LEAH t-shirt (you'll be contacted for your size, etc.) 5. Your name will appear in the CD booklet 6. A digital download of everything LEAH has released so far. *Please add $5 for shipping within North America, and $15 for shipping everywhere else.

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  • $300USD
    Personalized Cover Song

    You pick any favorite song, and LEAH will learn it and record a piano/vocal version of it, specifically for you! Then she will post it on YouTube, dedicated to you!

    4 out of 10 claimed

    An Original Song

    LEAH will write an original song for you, on a topic of your choice and post it on YouTube, dedicated to you!

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  • $1,000USD
    Ulitmate Fanny Pack

    1. Private access to any and all footage, clips, and pictures taken during the recording process (not to be shared with others). 2. Your name will be featured in the CD booklet credits. 3. Lifetime VIP to any future shows in your area. 4. Super Duper Merch (All 3 CDs - signed, NEW t-shirt, photocard, download of all music ever released). *Please add $5 for shipping within North America, and $15 for shipping everywhere else.

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