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FuelBox has been declared winner of Indiegogo's Maker Challenge sponsored by Amazon & Autodesk!!

Here at Team FuelBox, we are inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere to build & launch their own companies and chase their dreams!

We've worked extremely hard to get this far! We'd love to hear your thoughts on Facebook & Twitter...

In today's world, you need to stay connected to stay on top. And to do this,


FuelBox has you covered. We’ve created the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution (Dock + boostPack). The Ultimate Charging Solution is the first 2-in-1 charging solution providing both stationary charging at home or in the office with mobile charging on-the-go! Plus, it's full compatible with all your favorite mobile devices. There’s nothing else like the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution on the market. No more cords to lose, no more mess or waste, no more overloaded outlets…no more losing touch as your phone loses power.

The Ultimate Charging Solution is a combination of a stationary docking base and a mobile battery pack with 25+ hours of extra battery life. It can handle all your charging needs both at home and on the go. 

Stay connected. Stay on top. Power your life.

FuelBox in Robert and Dan’s words:

When the FuelBox idea was first developing, we knew we had a great idea. But many people told us we couldn’t make it happen. They said we were too young and too green to create a new innovative and successful mobile charging solution in a market filled with large companies. But we didn’t believe them and our first product –The Ultimate Charging Solution– has now launched!

It all started one day as we searched for our roommate’s lost phone charger – again.. We realized there’s got to be a better solution. We looked around at what was available on the market and it was clear: nothing was good enough. 

We quickly became passionate about creating a BETTER universal solution – with everything you need in one place. The ONLY charger you will ever need, at home and on-the-go. Less stuff, less waste, no more cords to lose. More life-friendly. A better way to stay connected. And more fuel to power our busy lives.

But we didn’t want to just create a new product. We want to lead a revolution that will change the way you charge your mobile device. A charger that is life friendly, sleek, efficient and powerful. 

Many people told us our idea would never work – two guys like us could never build a product like this and make it successful. We were told we could never make a viable product from scratch…BUT WE DID! So to all of the entrepreneurs out there, never give up on your dreams!

FuelBox is leading a revolution that will change the way we charge our mobile devices because...

Your impact:

Your contributions help fuel a dream, a revolution, AND you get your very own Ultimate Charging Solution – the last charger you will ever need! It’s a win-win situation.

Your contributions will also help us take on the big boys and get the Ultimate Charging Solutions on store shelves. Plus, Robert is tired of sleeping in a tent in Dan’s backyard. He’s been working without pay for three years, these funds will help get a roof over his head – El Nino is coming. 

Please take just a minute or two to join the revolution and help us spread the word about FuelBox and the Ultimate Charging Solution and bring us to life! Here's how we will be using your contributions..

Ohh, we almost forgot we have some more good news for you. We've designed the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution to be incredibly easy to install. Simply plug the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution into your outlet and you're ready to go!

Here is our executive team:

1. When will I get to choose the color of my pre-ordered products? Following the end of the campaign and prior to kicking off manufacturing, all backers will be contacted to confirm their color preferences! FuelBox products come in two elegant colors: Moonrock White or Astro Gray. 

2. Will the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution work with my iPhone 4/4s or older versions? We've eliminated the old Apple® 30-pin chargers, however you can still plug your old charging cords into the Dock's surge protected outlets or USB port to recharge. The old generation Apple® devices are phasing out of the market, but until they do, let's keep you fully powered shall we?

3. Will the Ultimate Charging Solution work with my iPhone 5/5s/5c & iPhone 6/6+?  Yes it will! We have 2 built-in Apple® certified Lightning-pin chargers so you can charge all of your new generation Apple® devices without a problem as well.

4. What else can the Ultimate Charging Solution charge? Glad you asked! Because of the elegant and efficient universal design, the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution charges thousands of devices including all Apple® devices (iPads included), Samsung®, LG®, HTC®, Android® & Motorolla® devices, e-readers, GoPros, e-cigs and anything else charged with a Micro-USB device. It is truly the best charging solution on the market!! 

5. Am I supposed to manually add shipping if I'm not in the US? Yes, you have to add shipping on top of your selected perk if you're outside of the United States. Sorry friends around the world, wish we didn't have to! When you pledge, please manually add an additional $10 to the price of the perk you want. 

6. Help! What do I do if I forget to pay for shipping? No problem. Click the contribute now button at the top of the page and manually enter $10. It will be added to your pledge amount. Enter the same personal information you did on your initial order. We will do the matching ourselves at the end of the campaign.

7. When are you going to be shipping my Ultimate Charging Solutions?  Indiegogo isn't like Amazon or other online stores where you get the product you ordered next week. When you contribute to FuelBox on Indiegogo you are funding all of our engineering, tooling process, manufacturing, shipping and everything that is needed to bring a premium quality product to market. Because we truly appreciate your support in helping bring FuelBox to life, you are receiving special early adopter prices (only on Indiegogo) for pre-ordering!  Our estimated delivery date is September 2015. Thanks again for supporting the dream!!

8. I asked for my perk to be sent to the wrong address! What do I do? We will be contacting all our backers at the end of the campaign and prior to shipping about your perk choice. When we do, please respond and let us know the correct address where you would like your Ultimate Charging Solutions shipped.

9. What is the battery size in the boostPack? Another good question! We have a built-in 5200 mAh battery. For those of you who don't care for the technical terms, that's approximately 25+ hours of extra battery in your pocket, purse, or however else you choose to carry your boostPack. Stay connected, stay on top, power your life!

10. Are FuelBox products MFi certified (Made for iPhone--Apple® stamp of approval)? Our manufacturing partner is a long-time MFi certified vendor and we have been working alongside them in order to meet Apple's guidelines. The MFi certification is a lengthy, multi-step process, however we are taking all of the right steps to produce the highest quality product for you, our backers, as physically possible!

11. Can you give me a short synopsis about FuelBox? Headquartered in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, FuelBox Inc is a rapidly developing technology start-up committed to providing better, life-friendly charging solutions for mobile devices. Back in late 2011, FuelBox started as an innovative idea that incubated for many months at the Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Santa Barbara City College. FuelBox founders (and Santa Barbara City College graduates) Robert Herr and Dan Friedman then invested countless hours, days, months and years of hard work to develop a unique and innovative universal charging solution for mobile devices.

Do you have any questions we didn't answer? Please contact our campaign and send us any and all questions you may have. We'd love to hear your feedback!

-Team FuelBox 

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