FUCK CANCER! Putrid Pile Against Cancer

He's given you music; now, give him help and hope.
Shaun LaCanne
Racine, Wisconsin
United States
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Our history...
When she turned 23 she was going to a healthcheck at the doctor. At first they said that there was nothing wrong, but then she got a weird mail in the evening about that she should come in next day. They have discovered bad cell changes. The next biopsy showed that she had cancer.

It have been a very hard time for her, specially mentally. It have been taking hard on her, to agree with that she's sick. She have always been a fighter in her life, and even the day today, she still try to work all she can, so she can forget that she's sick.

How long will she be able to take it before the perfect picture will break?

Thanks to all, she went to a private hospital April 16th and got removed the cancer and she have now got 1 of her vaccines, that prevent it 70% to come back. Unfortunately they didn't managed to remove it all, so she will go under surgery again 23rd and then hopefully it all will be removed. The next 10 years she will have to go to check 2 times a year and she need 2 more vaccines, so the nightmare havn't ended yet - she will always be scared about it will come back.

She have had many mentally breakdowns with trips of anger and crying and she have canceled her job as a seamstress cause it stressed her out. Now she only put focus on her job as one of the volunteers for the non-profit festival Sick Fest, which is by the way supported by the cancer foundation and the commustry where she live. This is helping her to get through a hard time.

A big thank you goes out to all who have donated and your perks will be send out June 1st-5th, when my DVD and new album 'Blood Fetish' will get released.

Keep her comfy...
The campaign is now over, but we still wanna make sure our dear friend can keep doing what she loves in her recovery. Listen to metal, eat good food, read books about serialkillers and watch movies and we wanna give her small things that can make her smile. She already got doctors to take care of her body, so now we need to take care of her pretty soul.

Therefore it's still possible to donate through PayPal: shaunlacanne@yahoo.com

If any wanna send her get-well cards or small gifts, they shall be welcome to contact me on the same e-mail regarding her address.



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    Provide your address with the donation, and Shaun will send you a copy of his new opus upon release.

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    "House of Dementia" CD

    House of Dementia is the third album by Putrid Pile. It was released in 2009. Featuring the popular tracks Involuntary Suicide, Blood Runs Red and The Gorebox.

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    Blood Fetish CD + Surprise CD

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    Provide your address with the donation and Shaun will send you his new album 'BLOOD FETISH' + DVD as soon it get released. On top of that you'll get the rare 5 track 'BLEED FOR ME' Demo from 2001. All of it will be signed.

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