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FUBi is a high-performance full-sized bicycle as well as an optimally compact foldable and also color customize-able bicycle.
Ulf Laxstrom
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2 Team Members

FUBi is a high-performance, customize-able, full-sized bicycle, and is foldable in 2 ways.

The FUBi patented collapsible frame is the most compact full-sized foldable bicycle in the world , that also has an other folding system and that is as fast as other full size fold-able bikes. It retains all the functionality of a normal bicycle and can be styled with our color customization. 

Bicycles have some pains and disadvantages related to it. Bicycle theft, storage, parking and transport. The quest was therefore to find new, not before explored, ways to address these pains. All this effort has finally resulted in something very unique namely:

Why FUBi?

  • FUBi is color customize-able.

  • FUBi is foldable in two ways. One fast way and one optimally compact way. 

  • FUBi  is being made of aluminium or titanium

  • FUBi is an easy “Do-It-Yourself” bicycle kit.

  • FUBi is is a bicycle where the ride is far better than most foldable bicycles. FUBi is a fast, safe and enjoyable-to-ride, full-sized bicycle.

The FUBi color customization


With just 10 colors and 7 individual frame elements in the FUBi frame there are 10 million different combinations to choose from!  With 12 colors, there are over 35 million and with 14 colors, over 105 million combinations!

All this will make it possible for you to compose your very own, one of a kind FUBi, unlike any other FUBi or other bicycle in the whole world.

More colors to choose from and more color choose-able items, like tires, grips and handlebars, will be added in stretch goals in our campaign.  

You will be able to choose from at least 10 colors, like in this example picture, for the 7 different FUBi frame parts. After the funding is completed, you will be able to access our color configurator to complete your perk.

The FUBi® fast fold 

           FUBi stroll-able                                                   FUBi with the front wheel off

            2 FUBi folded in Volvo                                FUBi folded in a Ford Fiesta 

 The FUBi® compact fold

             FUBi compactly folded                                               FUBi in a locker

        FUBi in an office                                                   FUBi in a traveling bag    

How the compact folding works?

Our crowd funding project: To get FUBi into production

This FUBi project would include several steps.

-Start the production of FUBi. 
We have taken this vital step seriously and have therefore already established contact with a company that will handle this important part for us.

- The process of choosing and/or ordering to our specifications the most suitable parts for FUBi, the ones that will make FUBi perform well and to stand out.

FUBi single speed

Some people that use FUBi

FUBi specifications

The unique FUBi® frame

FUBi will be realized in aluminium  and titanium.  We would be able to achieve the low weight, while gaining some unique properties that make it an excellent material for bicycle frame construction.

Titanium and aluminium will not rust or corrode. And as an added advantage we can use the same methods and procedures we already have developed for steel FUBi.

The titanium FUBi will weigh about 9.5 kg!

The Aluminium FUBi will weigh about 11.5kg!

With the light materials of choice, all the unique features of FUBi will come to their full right, giving a bike that is strong, light and durable.

The FUBi fast-shift derailleur

 The patented frame of FUBi has its own new derailleur system

The narrow hubs and bearing system of FUBi

-50mm (2 inch) wide hubs and identical front and back wheels!
-Narrow frame where the wheel bearings are part of the frame (not the hubs) 
-Uses high quality deep-groove bearing with longer life-span and low rolling-resistance!

           FUBi bearing system                          FUBi wheels(left) and normal wheels(right)

FUBi Specs

FUBi will be available in two different sizes FUBi 25 and FUBi 27.

FUBi 25 geometry specs in mm:

FUBi 27 geometry specs in mm:

Frame: FUBi collapsible frame consisting of 7 different frame parts, loose free pivots to accommodate folding and an extra diagonal part for stability, quick release on chain-stay /saddle-stay connection and on diagonal stay connection.

Weight: Aluminium 11.5kg, Titanium 9.5kg

Fork: FUBi fork with integrated head-tube.

Head-tube: FUBi special and integrated with front fork by the bearing assembly.

Bottom bracket: No traditional bottom bracket cassette! The bottom bracket bearings are directly fitted in the frame, with a straight crank axis through.

Derailleur: FUBi Fast-Shift derailleur, 7 gears.



Handlebars: FUBi crossing and dividable handlebar.

Brakes: Rim brakes, FUBi H type brake calipers, movable on fork(s) to accommodate different sized rims.

Wheels FUBi 27: Rim 622, tire 23-622(700x23C), or rim 584, tire 35-584

Wheels FUBi 25: Rim 571, tire 23-571(so called Triathlon size), or rim 559, tire 35-559

Hubs: FUBi hubs and without moving parts, M12 R on the right side, M10L on the left side. 36 or 32 spokes.

Crank set: Open, 48t or 52t chain ring

Specifications are subject to change. Which isn't a bad thing, as we will be looking for the best workable solutions and parts in order to make FUBi into a really cool experience.

Risks and challenges 

Similar to many crowd funding projects, we face several risks and challenges in undertaking this next step in the evolution of FUBi . The primary risks for us include:

To achieve the level of functionality and simplicity in the user experience of FUBi that we have set as a goal, we have still some small engineering challenges we want to have solved in a more functional way. We have some ideas on how this can be done and we need to test them in order to find the right ones.

We have made very extensive research concerning all aspects of FUBi. Therefore we have a plan on how to go about production FUBi in both aluminum and titanium.

We have taken some key steps to ensure our engineering success:
1) We have started to form a team of engineers and designers to complement the existing ones.
2) We have set out a plan for testing the FUBi so that it will perform according to our intentions and specifications.

Many crowd-funding campaigns can encounter problems when taking their prototypes to production. This includes issues like finding the right suppliers for the various parts and for the materials needed. Smooth execution is absolutely essential to overcoming such risks.
We have taken this vital step seriously and have therefore already established contact with a company that will handle this important part for us. They have through their network, contacts throughout the major regions of major suppliers of quality bicycle parts and related items.

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€50,000 EUR goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on February 14, 2014
Select a Perk
  • €5EUR
    FUBi postcard

    Our personal gratitude expressed to you through a personalized FUBi Postcard.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • €35EUR
    FUBi t-shirt

    Limited edition FUBi t-shirt with text "FUBi" on. Size and color of your choice. t-shirt available in grey or off-white

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • €40EUR
    FUBi titanium bottle opener

    The FUBi titanium bottle opener. Get the feel for real titanium with this cool FUBi titanium bottle opener.

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • €560EUR
    Early Bird FUBi

    One time offer! Early Bird - You will receive a FUBi color customized bicycle foldable in 2 ways. Detailed video and instructions of how the bike works included. Normal retail price ~749€ Free shipping to US and EU. Add 50€ for international shipping.

    5 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • €620EUR

    One time offer! You will receive FUBi color customized bicycle fold-able in 2 ways. Detailed video and instructions of how the bike works included. Normal retail price ~749€ Free shipping to US and EU. Add 50€ for international shipping.

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • €1,800EUR
    FUBi titanium exclusive!

    One time offer! You will receive FUBi-titanium frame color customized bicycle fold-able in 2 ways. Detailed video and instructions on how the bike works included. Normal retail price ~2250€ Free shipping!

    1 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • €2,750EUR
    FUBi 5 pack

    One time offer! You will receive FUBi color customized bicycle fold-able in 2 ways. Choose from a single gear or 7 gear bike! Detailed video and instructions of how the bike works included. Normal retail price ~749€ a piece Free shipping to US and EU. Add 150€ for international shipping.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
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