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If you think disposable plastics are loathsome, help us finish our documentary: Life Without Plastic. Our film will help many people rethink their habits.
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Short Summary

Plastic poses a serious threat to the health of our planet, including human health. It is a material that we use often for very short periods of time- sometimes mere seconds- yet it lasts forever in our environment.  Recycling you say?  A well-promoted myth when it comes to plastic.  More about that in the film..

We use it everyday. It´s around us, on us, in us, yet the average person knows very little about this material that defines our age.  Furthermore, most people have no idea what it would take to live life without plastic, and why it would be worth it to try.

I´ve been living plastic free for three years and given my near obsession with the loathsome material, I know the ins and outs of our disposable world.  Making this movie is my passion and with it I hope to share my knowledge and experiences:   educational, inspirational, and entertaining.  My film explores the concepts of consumerism, waste, and convenience as well as going without.

Read my interview with plastic free guru and author Beth Terry:

The Impact

When I tell people that I live without plastic, many seem bewildered.  Often however, these same people will return to me and say that they have not stopped thinking about plastic, and are noticing it EVERYWHERE since we last spoke.  My Plastic Manners blog has received over 100 000 hits in the past three years.  It is clear that people care about this issue, and once they get it, it is hard to do nothing.

There are a few films about the problem of plastic pollution, but no one has examined in depth how individuals can be a part of the solution (in a big way).  Also, this film we hope, will serve as a historical record of how ridiculous plastic avoidance was in this day and age...that is, when disposable plastic is no longer allowed.

About Us

My name is Taina Uitto.  My brother and I decided to make this film when I began my plastic free quest. 

I have a Master's Degree from the University of British Columbia in the field of Natural Resources Conservation.  I have been working in this field for over 10 years.  I am particularly passionate about marine conservation.  I moved from Vancouver 2 years ago and am currently building an off-the-grid home.  I am a new mother of the love of my life son, Armas, who is the newest plastic free citizen.

My brother Ilkka Uitto is the camera operator and editor, with a degreee from BCIT in television and video production. He has worked on a number of television productions as well as most recently completing a documentary about Finnish war veterans. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can´t donate, thanks for reading.  Please share our trailer and fundraising link.  Other ways to help?  How about refuse one disposable plastic item today that you would otherwise have acquired.  Then challenge someone else.

Learn more:


Read more about my plastic-free quest:


BC Living:

Globe and Mail:

David Suzuki:

Contact me at (fromthewasteup at gmail dot com) if you have ideas or questoins.


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