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A series adapting poems to the screen through a musical collage of animated graphics, text and live action featuring a wandering poet haunted by a lost love.
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From the Pages of Album is a series of short films of different lengths adapting the poetry of Jorge Diaz Martinez  to the screen.
Every episode unveils a poem in a musical collage of animated graphics, texts and silent live action scenes.
Each episode will  be in two version (English and Spanish).

We have already finished the production of 80 hours of raw footage. We have material enough to edit two feature length movies!
There’s also many graphics created and about half of the material shot is already edited and accompanied with a first provisional original music soundtrack.

We are not doing the average web series or videoart or video poetry. We are aiming for a true cinematic experience, crafting our images to have a quality and resolution optimized for projection in a movie theatre.
However, this particular fusion of poetry and narration, combining live action scenes, graphics, and music is as yet unseen in theaters.

Thanks to donations in this campaign we would collect enough to finish the first two episodes in the series. Your contribution helps us face post-production challenges we could not overcome singlehandedly.

Yes there is, the verses and images unweave the story of a poet ridden by the memory of a tragedy and a lost youth love.
In a slow, self-destructive process and plunged into the night world of Brussels, haunted by dreams and visions and ultimately transformed into a vagabond on the threshold of madness, the poet tries to close his old wounds and piece himself back together.

You will contribute to the design of the animated collage of motion graphics and live action scenes, the final color grading, the creation of missing foley, sound design and effects, the recording of musical pieces, and the sound mixing of these two episodes.
You will also enable us to create and maintain the websites that will host the episodes.

Every episode is different in length and they each feature a single poem. The first, Out of Reach, is short, three minutes, deals with a single scene and has no musical soundtrack apart from the sound design. However music is very important in our second episode, Caravan, featuring a longer sequence of several scenes.
Next in line is Skin Haul, a much longer episode comprising several sequences and digging deeper into the psychology of the poet.

All the poetry in the series was originally written in Spanish by Jorge Díaz Martínez, a poet born in Andalusia, Spain. His books have been awarded and released by some of the most prestigious publishing houses of the field in Spain.
Some poems in this series remain unpublished while others have already been edited in the award-winning collections La piel de la memoria (The Skin of Memory) and Almizcle y tabaco (Musk & Tobacco).

Our trailer features fragments of scenes appearing in different episodes. We hope you like it!
We think the episodes will not look like anything you saw before.
Consider as well that none of the images in the trailer are fully post-produced yet: To really have an idea of what the full series will look like, you would need to watch at least our first three episodes.

The drive behind this project has largely relied on the independent effort of a two man crew. We began to manage the fund raising, production, shooting, editing and post-production of this story and these poems about 10 years ago.

From the pages of Album is signed by Pablo Diartínez and Erik Parys. We met at film school back in 1998 in Brussels, where we started a collaboration that continues to this day. Pablo is credited for writing, producing, directing and designing the film whereas Erik is credited as an actor and mainly for shooting and editing the film, as well as for too many other tasks to be listed here.

Our stubborn efforts have been rewarded with the selfless support of countless friends and contributors. Our gratitude goes out to them!
The intermittent involvement of two production houses and the grants from two public film funds in Belgium and Holland, now exhausted, have also made possible to achieve much of the already shot footage.  

The music in the episodes is written, performed and recorded by T.S.E.G (aka Thomas Giry), an unclassifiable musical centipede based in Brussels.
Other artists will also participate in the episodes. For instance, the music in this trailer was written and performed by our friend Ignatz, a Belgian indie musician signed under the Kraak label.

Ten years is a very long time to shoot and post-produce and along the road we have worked with many different great directors of photography, art directors or producers.
Some of them had large contributions in many scenes whereas others helped now and then or just once but they all made the project move forward.
Every episode will credit all relevant contributions, thus illustrating the complex and varied array of situations in which this project was produced.

You can donate only with your credit card, by claiming the perk of your choice.
If you don’t want to receive any compensation you may also donate freely by clicking on Contribute now and then choosing the No Perk, just a contribution! option.

Yes. All money raised will be used only to fund the making, marketing or distribution of the episodes in this series: if this campaign exceeds the funding the first two, your contribution will fund the next one, there are many more in line.

Your interest in this project is of great help! You can spread the word about this series and share this Indiegogo campaign. Publish an entry on your blog if you have one, or recommend this campaign to friends personally or by email, Facebook, Twitter...


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