From Russia with Faith and Hope.

Help us to save the Memory and Belief in kindness and help other people to find their lost roots.
Nick Motsak
Russian Federation
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Some Words About Us

 We are a family couple: Helen and Nick Motsak, we live in Belgorod, it’s a not-big town in the Western part of Russia.

We both are professional English-Russian translators, but from our childhood we have been fond of History, especially of the Napoleonic wars period.

 In the end of 1990s we created and launched a big web-site in English devoted to the Russian generals that took part in the Napoleonic wars.  For a long time we collected materials from many different Russian sources, translated them into English and published on this site.

To tell the truth, we couldn’t even imagine that this site would become popular so quickly: materials we posted on our website were rather rare and the main part of them is known in the Western Europe and USA very little.

The descendants of many generals we wrote about on the pages of our site had to leave Russia and remove to other countries after the revolution of 1917.  Now their children and grandchildren live in the USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe countries.  Many of them after visiting our site often asked us for help to find some information about their Russian ancestors, some of them wanted to find their relatives still living in Russia.

We tried to help everybody and did all we can.

 We became good friends with some visitors of our site.   After the revolution of 1917 many countries received people left Russia and saved them from the bloody terror.  These countries became the motherland for their children and grandchildren, but they will always have a great interest for their roots, for their history and for the country that was so unjust and cruel to their parents. By our small efforts we tried to help these people to find their historical roots and to know their personal history. We realize clearly there is no our blame in the hard fate of many people, we just wanted them to know people in Russia still remember their ancestors and their mark on the History of this country.

 Many scientific and educational organizations from different countries often asked us to help them to find some information. 

All these kinds of work: looking for information, historical materials, translation them into English and publishing on our website were done by ourselves on a free-of-charge volunteer basis.

 About a year ago a Canadian company on that hosting our website was located was closed because of the economical crisis. So our website disappeared from the Internet (it was on a free hosting).

 And also our business (here, in Russia we have our own small translation company, it’s a family company: only we both and our daughter work at it) was hit by the crisis seriously. Besides our daughter got married, now she is at home with her baby and cannot help us. So only two of us stayed face to face with all problems. And our business… now it’s rather not a business but only a struggle for survival.

 We tried to find help here, in Russia, but here they don’t understand our work and considered us crazy.

 So we ask you for help, help us to help other people to find the information they are looking for maybe for all their life.  Help us to save the History and Memory, not only our History, because there is not our or your History, the History is single, universal as the single is the World we live in.

 What We Need

 At first we need good hosting for our new site, a special domain name, a lot of work to promote this resource, but it’s only a small part. The main part of money we need for translating of big amounts of historical materials we collected for last years, for developing a new website of a new conception and design: we plan to create a big portal with many functions, blogs, forums  and so on. Also this money will afford an opportunity to expand our work for searching new information and materials, translating and publication them on our website and also for making requests to different Russian archives and other historical and genealogical organizations.

 What You Get

 On our website we’ll make a special page with the names of every person helped us, if you wish we can post any other information about you on this page (your contacts, the URL of your personal page, your photo and so on).

And also everyone helped us will get a free copy of our book "From the Niemen to the Berezina. Chronology of The Campaign of 1812 in Russia" (it’s an unique collection of materials from different Russian sources translated into English. The book is illustrated by many pictures of Russian and French artists) in electronic format (in PDF-file).


And the main: you will know you could help to save a part of the History and helped many people to find their roots and maybe to find themselves in this World.

 Other Ways You Can Help Us

Tell your family, your friends about us and our work, post on you Facebook and Twitter pages.



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