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A feature film about two High-School seniors living in Tennessee dealing with being bullied. A quest of love, friendship & definition of family.
Elliot London
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
5 Team Members

We want to thank all of our supporters that have helped us reach our first mile stone. 

Please help us reach the $50,000 mark so we can go into production next month. 





Do you remember coming out? Did you ever feel different, unattractive, left out?  Do you ever ask yourself what is it like to come out in 2012 or what it is like to be different from the rest of the pact? Is it easier? Is it harder? Obviously, it is much different than ten years ago...


Meet Joseph and Ali

FRIEND is the story of two teenagers experiencing the trials and tribulations of growing up gay and transgendered small town America. After an original script writing, Director Elliot London spent three months searching across the country for the stories of present day struggles in the LGBT teen community. Along the way Elliot met two incredible young adults who helped me bring a new life to the characters I had previously developed. They inspired him to tell some of their stories. It was through them that he learned what it is like to be an LGBT youth in 2012. Joseph and Ali have become such an important aspect of the FRIEND Film that we have invited them to be creative liaisons for the project. It is because of them that we will be able to re-tell the often-overlooked American story.

FRIEND is a film that is not written by a bunch of writers in a Hollywood room, but rather by the very own kids we see at the end of our streets.

The story follows the life of two seniors in high school, Brad and Alejandro. Their lives are ones we can relate to; Brad, a straight A student, active with the school's football team, the definition of your typical all-American male teenager. Alejandro, a good student, artistic, stays clear of petty school politics; a definable hipster finding his place in the world.

The two meet as juniors, and the sparks rapidly see the two teens to becoming a couple. Everything about the relationship follows its natural course, until Brad begins to face the suppressed doubts about his gender identity. The film takes a journey of self-discovery, bullying, and acceptance.


Core issues that are addressed in the film:

  • Portraying a positive gay relationship in a high school setting
  • The dynamics of an accepting & non-accepting family
  • The importance of not taking one's life no matter how bad the situation
  • Reveal the misconception that even gay people can bully towards one another, while exploring the acceptance of others. That bullying is not only black & white but all shades of grey.
  • Coming out Transgendered
  • Friendship, Love, & Family


A Note from the Director

I always knew I wanted to create queer cinema after seeing Andre Techine’s 1995 Les Roseaux Sauvages Wild Reeds). His complex storytelling always involves a triangle of complex personalities. The nature of this film is indicative of the films I want to make as a director. Combining his classic film structure with the imagery of In The Mood For Love (2000) by my favorite filmmaker Kar Wai, I will create a beautiful piece of film through a similar use of colors and camera movements.

I will never forget the day I was listening to NPR on September 22, 2010. I was driving with my producer Andy Wells from Cincinnati to a shoot location in rural Kentucky. News reported that a gay college student just took his life for being outed through Twitter by his fellow hall mate. My heart was breaking at the sound of the report, and I knew when the time was right that I needed to tell a story that would be important for not only the LGBT community, but anyone that has been bullied.

I did a lot of soul searching and wrote down my darkest moments of being bullied before setting out on a road trip across the United States to really understand what our LGBT youth is facing in 2012. I met some incredible people while on this journey. It was two of them that stood out most to me in helping write a treatment for FRIEND. I honor their struggles and courage in the two characters that will make this film.

We are truly excited to have you join us on this journey!


Executive Producer Ronnie Kroell

Ronnie was born and raised in the "windy city" of, Chicago, Illinois (a city that will always have his heart). It wasn't until the 6th grade that he began to realize that he was different. Some of the older kids would knock him to the ground during recess and call him gay, but he didn't really understand what that meant. All Ronnie knew, was that being different was bad because it caused him to get beat up after class and to live in fear of what was around every corner. It wasn't until he was 15 years old that his secret was released - his Mom caught him kissing his first BF in the backyard. While it wasn't his ideal way of coming out, he felt a certain weight lifted off his shoulders and a freedom to simply be who he was without lying anymore. Thankfully, Ronnie's parents have been a great source of support and empowerment over the years. With that support, he followed his dream of becoming a professional model and was cast on season one of BRAVO's, "Make Me a Supermodel, in 2008. Ronnie emerged as runner-up and fan favorite, which lead him to make the decision to move to "The Big Apple", NYC (a city that helped him develop a backbone). In 2011, Ronnie decided that he wanted to dig deeper, to learn more about who he was, and to share important stories. So, he accepted his break-out acting role in, "Eating Out-Drama Camp", and soon after moved to Hollywood, CA (a city that has been a platform for his voice). Since then, he has acted and assisted in producing numerous films including the much anticipated, "Scrooge & Marley", where he portrayed the Ghost of Christmas Past - alongside his talented friend, Bruce Vilanch. In addition to his passion for the entertainment industry, Ronnie is an activist and champion for equality. While he believes that anything is possible, he knows that it takes hard work and strong convictions.

Follow Joseph


The Team











**** Also if interested in being a major donor of $5,000  or more you will have to write a check, we are in need of major donors.

All Checks Are Written Out To 

FRACTURED ATLAS  in the memo line "Friend Film" 

149 Luna Lane, Hendersonville, TN  37075

Email us for the check tax deduction form



***IF You Donated on the first campaign, your perk and credit will still be honored on the film :)


If we do not raise all the funds for the project, we will donate funds back to an Organization...

If we do raise the funds we will be putting together a fund towards Joseph & Ali college during the proccess...



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    You get an IMDB Credit as an 'Associate' A DVD that is donated to a High School GSA will have a Personalized Message from you. You will receive an invitation to a Screening There's more? You will get to have a private meet & greet with the cast & crew. Your name will appear as an 'Associate Producer' at the end of the film! A film poster *Please add $7 to international orders.*$20 dollars is non-tax deductible due to poster, DVD, & screening. (amount over $20 is tax-deductible)

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