Freeborn - Guts full of awesomeness!

Freeborn - The Werewolf Chronicles is finally rolling, and to help with the sales to distributors, we're making the ultimate werewolf transformation!
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It's time for Photomanipulations. You may have noticed we do a lot of them around here for makeup tests, and concept art. Now you can get some of your OWN as well. 

Check the gallery for the new perks "The Eye shot", "Help I'm a werewolf", and the stick out of this campaign. "Help I'm a ZOMBIE!"

Plaster Bandages, and Alginate ORDERED! 

Thanks to those that have helped so far.. We have a lot of ways to go to get all the supplies including silicones, latex's, greasepaints and materials for casting/molding.. stones, acrylics for teeth and the like. 

Check out some of the storyboarding behind the scenes. 


In just over 24 hours we've broken the 1K mark. At this point, we're showing what will be part of the perk for the EXTRAS!  STORYBOARDS

As we get these rolling. we're still working on them. Those that get the EXTRAS package will also get storyboards of the entire transformation and 'blood' scene. BOOM! 

Thanks to contributions from you, and others we're rolling on the pilot. It's grown from a 10 minute webisode, to a full hour show now. 

We've got the cast, we've got the story, now we need the blood!

i.e. We need the werewolf, and not just  a little one, a full tilt transformation scene the likes that no one has ever seen. Starring our resident evil character Tasha!

Having a pilot is great, but we want to sell this to cable as a true series. To do that, we need flash in our sales package. Having the makeup and effects in a werewolf show is essential, but it also costs. A lot!


Alginates, latex, silicones, full body casting, hands, feet, head the works. We're going to encase our stunning Emerick in plaster and create a makeup based transformation scene that will 'stun'.   

Now the good part. THIS scene we're shooting will NOT be shown in its entirety in the series. We need it mainly to get it sold, and 'parts' of it will show in the actual show. But if you FUND, you will get to watch the entire scene on a password protected server. And download desktop art, and other goodies. You can also get a chance to watch all the behind the scenes making of, including casting techniques, sculpting and all the other on set things we'll be doing to make this scene happen. 

The purpose is to make something incredibly entertaining, and mind blowing. Whatever funds we get will be going to that purpose. But the more we can get, the better and more extensive the scene can be. 

We have the location, we have the camera gear. We're ready to go, we just need to get all the makeup expenses done. 

And not only is she changing, she's eating someone while doing it. How can you top that?

Other Ways You Can Help

Talk about the project, check out our facebook page. There's video about freeborn all over the web. Be a part of this, and help us get this thing moving. There's LOTS of werewolf projects starting to get developed. But NONE of them are Freeborn.  It does for werewolves what the walking dead did for zombies.  Talk it up! We're the little guys needing to get in the doors of the big offices. 

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  • $1USD
    Werewolves? Sure

    Kick in a dollar for your own self satisfaction. We'll make sure your name is on the list for our notifications of when you can see what.

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  • $5USD
    Because you CARE

    Just wanting to help out on the show is important, and will get you a thank you on the shows facebook page.

    3 claimed
  • $10USD
    RUMBLELOVE MP3 by Savage Gypsy

    LIke the music in the background of the video? You get a free MP3 of "RumbleLove" by Savage Gypsy. In the song, you also get to hear Megan Emerick who talks about cake. Cant beat cake.

    1 claimed
  • $25USD
    A sneak peek!

    When the scene is done. You can get a to see the scene on a private server. (password protected). And get a special thanks on the facebook page.

    5 claimed
  • $40USD

    You'll get a downloadable scene, you can keep forever on your hard drive. And also get to watch the behind the scenes video, including the making of, and on set production.

    66 claimed
  • $50USD
    2014 WERE Calendar

    Reset for 2014, the Were calendar contains 12 high quality werewolf renderings by Anthony And Emerick. Original work. 11x17 See samples in the Gallery

    3 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $75USD
    The Eye Shot

    Get your own werewolf eyes in a portrait of yourself. Send it in, and in two weeks, you'll get a picture of yourself with one of a kind wolf eyes instead of your own. Provided as a 300dpi file digitally signed by the artist. See the gallery for details. You also get everything below this price point.

    2 out of 50 claimed
  • $150USD
    Help I'm a werewolf!

    A photo manipulation of a provided picture of yourself into a werewolf in a varying stage of transformation. Each one provided as a digital 300dpi file, and digitally signed by the artist. See the gallery for details. You get everything below this price point except for "The Eye Shot"

    1 out of 50 claimed
  • $200USD
    Help I'm a zombie!

    A custom one of a kind digital photo manipulation of a provided picture of yourself as a zombie. Unlike apps, these are custom creations that give you the crazy undead look while still looking identifiably as you. The picture provided in a 300 dpi file for printing, and digitally signed by the artist. See the gallery for details. You get everything below this price point except for "The Eye Shot" and "Help Im a werewolf"

    0 out of 25 claimed
  • $500USD
    A press pass

    On the shoot days, (you'll know two weeks in advance). You're welcome on set during the filming in Dallas Texas. Transportation or hotel not provided however.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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