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If we win we'll free the press, if we lose you'll get every penny back. Let's send a message. Let's make this count.
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Make a donation, if we win we'll free the press and if we lose you'll get every penny back

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Way to cut that fraction in half, folks! We're now over 1/10,000th the way there. Keep rocking and make sure to tell your friends. All of them!

Meanwhile, check out our recent coverage in Bloomberg, Women's Wear Daily, CBS News and Upstart!

You all are the best, together we're going to win back the media for regular people! Let's keep turning those tides!


This is an experiment. To see if we can turn the tide of corporate media ownership, or at least shine a light on it.

So Here's The Scoop:

The Tribune Company which houses the Los Angeles Times, The Balitimore Sun and The Chicago Tribune (along with many other local newspapers) is up for sale!

tribune company is for sale

The Bad News: The only people who are bidding on it right now are infamous right-wing Billionaires, who are likely to pay something around a $660 Million pricetag to control a big slice of trusted news media.

Evil billionaires.

Rupert Murdoch, owner of Newscorp which houses Fox News and the New York Post, is one bidder:

Help stop fox!

And David and Charles Koch, the notorious funders of climate science denial and Tea Party thinktanks/media, are the other bidders:

Koch Brothers are responsible for Climate Denial, Tea Party and other horrible things.

The Good News: Instead of sitting back an allowing whichever victor to manipulate us through the media, we've decided to stage an intervention. And we want you to join us.

We thought...

If a football team...

That's why it's time for a...

people's peaceful

Together, we can solve or at least begin to seriously address the big problems like how...

Corporations are killing our media!

So, what would it actually take to crowdfund the kind of money that Murdoch and the Kochs are throwing at the Tribune Company? Something like this:

We can do it!

Yes, we're trying to make a point here.

And yes, some might say we're tilting at corporate windmills - but someone's got to do it. We need to get the conversation on media ownership started.

And what if by some freak miracle we do begin to approach the ridiculous sum of $660 Million? (That would be weird, but weirder things have happened - trust us.) What if we really do change the game of Billionaires vs. The Rest Of Us? It can't hurt to try, can it?


And that's not all...

Check out all the cool loot you could get!




In Short: This Could Be a Game-Changer. (Really.)

Corporate media is ruining the integrity of news. Winning the Tribune Company back might just start moving the tide in a different direction. Consider this an experiment that could have an enormous positive ripple effect for democracy.

Americans have said, time and time again, that they trust public and community media much more than corporate media. What if that extended not just to their radio or TV set but their local paper again?

Let's buy the Tribune Company and give it back to the people. We're already all stakeholders of the media-- let's own it for real. All of us.

Together we can make history. Really.


Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute? That doesn't mean you can't help take back the media!

Spread the word, tell your social network on Facebook and Twitter. We're going to need as many people as possible to help out if we are going to meet our goal of raising $660 Million.

Also make sure to like The Other 98% on Facebook for even more opportunities to  bring down the corporatocracy.

Who are the people who set this up?

The Other 98% is a non-profit organization that shines a light on economic injustice, undue corporate influence and threats to democracy. It works to kick corporate lobbyists out of DC, hold elected officials accountable, and make America work not just for the elite but for the other 98% of us.

The Other 98% is partnering on this Indiegogo fundraising campaign with Agit-Pop Communications, a socially responsible business. Agit-Pop is donating the use of its Paypal account and has agreed to participate in the bidding process for the Tribune Company, to formally compete alongside corporate heavyweights like Murdoch and the Kochs should we meet our lofty fundraising goal.

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This campaign ended on June 15, 2013
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  • $10USD
    Press Protector

    Shout out! You'll be publicly listed as an official Press Liberator. Not to mention you'll receive a warm snuggly feeling for having done something positive for democracy

    303 claimed
  • $25USD
    Fox News Nemesis

    You'll receive a "Free the Press" sticker in addition to being publicly listed as an official Press Liberator.

    500 claimed
  • $50USD

    You'll receive a "Free the Press" cap in addition to being publicly listed as an official Press Liberator.

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  • $100USD
    Media Mogul

    You'll receive your very own "Free the Press" t-shirt in addition to being publicly listed as an official Liberator of the Press.

    272 claimed
  • $250USD
    1st Amendment Warrior

    You'll receive your very own "Free the Press" hoodie in addition to being publicly listed as an official Liberator of the Press.

    69 claimed
  • $500USD
    Truth Champion

    You'll get the hoodie, the t-shirt, the cap, the sticker and listed as an official Liberator of the Press.

    30 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    You'll get the hoodie, the t-shirt, the cap, the sticker and listed as an official Liberator of the Press and the warm fuzzy feeling that you virtually kicked David and Charles Koch in the balls.

    18 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Fact Finding Freedom Fighter

    You get one of everything we're giving away, plus we give you virtual high fives and memorialize your name and photograph in our "The Day We Freed the Press" time commemorative time capsule.

    3 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Sleuthing Savior

    You get one of everything we're giving away, plus we blow your virtual kisses and place your name, photograph and DNA sample into our "The Day We Freed the Press" time commemorative time capsule.

    1 claimed
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