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Free Maggie and raise funds for the A-bomb Bus: Avocado Army's Tree planting and Greenhouse party bus, Store, and Barracks for our War on Scarcity.
Avocado Army
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Hollywood, California
United States
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MAGGIE The A-bomb Bus is BUSted!!

And we need you to help free her from the Tow yard. (more like P.O.W. yard)

but first, an introduction and brief history...
Hi, I am Kam, the Commander of this whole operation. I am a drummer/songwriter/skateboarder/filmmaker/activist in Hollywood, and I have been working on a documentary called Peace, Love, and A-bombs, to inspire the creation of global Food Forestry through militant mobilization. 
Check out Beacon Food Forest in Seattle for successful urban food forestry looks like:

Beacon Urban Food Forest, Seattle

Two years ago, it was an Avocado food forest that nearly saved my life.
Rudolf Hass' original grove in La Habra to be exact...

The avocado, abundance bomb, or "A-bomb" for short, was a portal to a world of abundance. It is the most calorically and nutrient dense food on the planet, and it grows everywhere out here in Cali. Ironically, the "A-bomb" represents the power of produce in the palm of our hands, because within every delicious fruit, we can create MORE. Here is more on that subject in an interview I did for EveryMondayMatters:

 Not only did fruit provide my sustenance when I was foraging for food as a starving touring musician in Los Angeles, but it cured my scarcity syndrome, by giving me a gift to give: it's seed. 

So, I foraged fruit to share with everyone and started growing and planting avocados everywhere in Los Angeles.... with a militant mindset. I realized the only way to create food forestry on a large scale was to mobilize like war. 

This is Richard foraging with the AA. He is from Liberia, and was attacked by child soldiers as a child, and has the scars to prove it. Needless to say he loves the idea of peace through food forestry... and the neighbors loved it so much they gave him a T.V. too!

This is a silly video of me starting to grow the first seeds from the Hass grove! (its when I wasn't too good at film making ;)

This is a planting at the Hollywood sign. Some awesome tourists from Egypt stepped in, and just before the cops showed up ;)

So now onto...

The Avocado Army

My project, Avocado Army, is an L.A. based lifestyle movement and brand in support of Food Forestry. Food Forestry is believed to be the model for the future of sustainable agriculture.

Our movement implements this model through urban agriculture as a communal effort with a fun militant mindset. Our brand, centered around the iconic "A-bomb" (avocado bomb), the most energy abundant food source on earth, represents the abundant power of produce in our hands to wage a peaceful war on scarcity through food forestry. The hippy soldier twist gets people involved and having fun doing it!

Avo Army merchandise, multimedia, school programs and community events will raise awareness and implement Food Forestry at the community level. At a global level, we want to repurpose the military for Food Forest production. The Avo Army hopes to initiate our armed forces in global desert re-food-forestation projects. Until then, we live this truth and pave the way through our community efforts.

The next step in this 2 year passion project is to build the A-bomb bus, the Avo Army headquarters for all operations, and launch our brand.


Maggie the A-Bomb Bus

Last year, I bought a bus from hippies in Vegas, and started designing with my friends at GUILD to be the Avo Army mobile headquarters. Think Electric Koolaid Acid Test meets Saving Private Ryan.  It will have the following functionalities:

  • A greenhouse to grow trees and teach the process through youtube media and school programs
  • A tree planting party bus, to make food forestry fun; flash mob guerrilla garden style.
  • A headquarters and mobile barracks for research and development
  • An event space for festivals and outreach.
  • A mobile Surplus Store and Finger Foods restaurant to fund our efforts
  • everything solar and bio-deisel.

How you can join us...

Your contribution will help us secure maggie safely with us, cover some of the damage and provide temporary storage until we find something permanent, so this doesn't happen again. We can buy maggie back from Howard Sommers tow yard after 4/20, which is significant, because it's Easter, Green Day, 2 days before Earth day, and Avocado Army's birthday. And a Free Maggie would be the best birthday ever!!!!

Anything we raise above 10k will go to the A-Bomb Bus BUILDOUT, and establishing our brand to plant trees and Food Forests in a 1 for 1 kind of fashion... so keep it coming after we hit the goal and we will keep planting and creating even more incentives.

We are working with our friends at Neon Roots to create a business plan, app design, School programs, to make planting Food Forests in Los Angeles super effective, so extra is great.


For your contribution, you join us by receiving your rank in the Avo Army. You can also get some A-bomb Apparel swag from our Surplus Store printed on lovely eco tees from our friends at Alternative Apparel.

Rep the Army and we will donate trees in your honor!!!

Other Ways You Can Help

Share!!! Help us find people that can help us.

If you have other ideas to help, email me at Kam@avocadoarmy.com

Here is a list of some other needs...

  • A space to park the bus (in Los Angeles area)
  • Volunteer interest
  • Public places to grow food forests
  • Avocado trees and groves

Thank you for your support, and your service...

...souljah ;)


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$100,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on June 3, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    virtual victim

    Get virtual A-bombing "thank you" for your help via email. You are planting trees without getting your fingernails dirty ;) +recognized as vv ranking on our site.

    3 claimed
  • $25USD
    propaganda private

    Get an A-Bomb sticker to raise the hype! +exclusive content +previous incentives +recognized as pp ranking on our site

    2 claimed
  • $50USD
    a-bomb activist

    Get an A-bomb dog tag. Your handmade official Avo Army I.D. that you can use to make your own a-bomb and perform bombings. +previous incentives +aa ranking on our site

    4 claimed
  • $75USD
    civilian casual-T

    Rep the A-Bomb T-shirt, printed on an Alternative Apparel eco tee. +previous incentive +cc ranking on site

    0 claimed
  • $100USD
    guacamole gangsta

    We will donate a tree in your honor, with your dog tag and shirt to prove it, and tagged on our A-bomb Atlas online. +previous incentives +gg ranking on our site

    2 claimed
  • $200USD
    Guerilla Gardener

    Reserve a spot at on our bus for a planting and guacamole party if you live in the SoCal area. +previous incentives

    0 claimed
  • $300USD
    Kammander Kap

    Get an avocado Kammander Kap, worn by Kam in the video. +previous incentives +KK ranking on our site

    0 claimed
  • $400USD
    Bus Bomber

    Reserve a private planting trip with our bus. It will be like a party bus flash mob experience ;) +previous incentives +BB ranking on site

    0 claimed
  • $500USD
    A-bomb Admiral

    Get the official A-bomb utility belt, so you can be a commander yourself. (or give it to your kids) +growing and planting tips resource +previous incentives +AA ranking on site

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Guerilla Gardening General

    We will etch your name as a GGG on our bus. and feature it in our documentary "Peace, Love, and A-bombs" +previous incentives +GGG ranking on site

    0 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Food Forest Fighter

    We will plant a Food Forest in your honor, and feature you in our documentary "Peace, Love and A-Bombs." +Previous

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Propaganda Producer

    Executive producer credit in our documentary. +previous incentives +PP ranking on site

    0 claimed
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