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Jeff Mizanskey has done 21 years on a life without parole sentence for marijuana. Help us #FreeJeff
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Jeff Mizanskey is serving life without parole for marijuana. 

He was sentenced under Missouri's "prior and persistent drug offender" statute. Jeff was convicted of three marijuana-only felonies between 1984 and 1994, and was sentenced to life without parole at the discretion of the judge. None of his arrests involved children, violence, or weapons of any kind. 

Jeff has been incarcerated for 21 years at a maximum security prison in Jefferson City, MO. If the Governor of Missouri doesn't grant him clemency, Jeff will likely die in prison. He has exhausted all of his other appeals and options. 
In the time he's been in prison, he's seen convicted murderers and rapists come and go- including Ronald W Greer, a rapist who was released due to overcrowding before promptly re-offending and committing an additional rape. When rapists are released to make room for nonviolent marijuana offenders, its a sure sign the system isn't working. 
During Jeff's time in prison, he has taken nearly every community program offered. He works full-time in prison building furniture, and has been given the responsibility of training new workers and inmates in his craft. Even the prosecutor who sent Jeff to prison for life now believes he should be released. This year, he sent a letter to Governor Nixon asking him to grant clemency; he believes Jeff has paid his debt to society. 
Jeff has a wonderfully supportive family, including grandchildren he has never had the opportunity to know outside the walls of prison. This campaign is raising $21,000 to campaign for his release via clemency ($1000 for each year Jeff has spent in a maximum security prison for marijuana). 
The Campaign

$21,000 will allow us to bring Jeff's story to every corner of the state. This campaign serves two purposes- to make people aware of this injustice, and to motivate them to contact the Governor asking him to grant clemency. 

If a new opportunity to litigate for Jeff's freedom arises, funds raised may be allocated in part to hire a lawyer for Jeff. If this occurs, remaining funds will be distributed proportionally among the four categories below. If no additional legal opportunities arise, all $21,000  raised will be distributed as follows:

  • $8,000 designated for radio/tv ads (recorded by Jeff)
  • $4,000 for online advertising 
  • $2,000 for print advertising
  • $7,000 designated for high-traffic interstate billboards

    This billboard currently resides on I-70 near Sedalia, where Jeff was arrested. Right now, it's the only one in the state- but with your help we can change that. 
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