Free Clarendon!

Set one of the most popular typefaces of all time free!


The typeface Clarendon was designed by Robert Besley and published in 1845. It became immensely popular, so much so that Besley had to patent it to protect it. Even if you've never heard its name, you've probably seen it:

Because of its success, it has been adapted and refactored many times throughout the years. One such incarnation is called "Clarendon Text", and comes from Patrick Griffin of Canada Type. You can see a specimen of it and purchase it here.

The trouble is, I prefer fonts that allow you to use them for any purpose, modify them, and redistribute them. It's good to have those freedoms. But all versions of Clarendon since its inception have been proprietary.

However, Mr. Griffin has agreed to release Clarendon (renamed to "Clara" for trademark reasons) to me for a one-time payment of $30,000 Canadian. (The campaign goal is set higher than that for the sake of fees.) I will then release it under the very liberal Apache License. This license allows anyone to use the font for any purpose, modify it, and distribute modified and unmodified versions. One of the most popular typefaces of all time will be free and open for all to use.

Ways You Can Help

You can contribute a few dollars here and there—every new donation is a step closer to a beautiful new font for all of society! Or, if you don't feel like sending your money to a stranger, please spread the word about the effort to free Clarendon wherever you can!

Who am I?

My name's Darren. I'm as passionate about fonts as an art patron is about the arts, but I don't have the patience to design my own. But I like the freedom to use, modify, and distribute my fonts, meaning I can't exactly buy most of the stuff out there. This is my first attempt to set a proprietary typeface free — if I succeed, I might do it again. :)

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