Frank 'N Moby Build a Bookstore

T-shirts, posters, greeting cards, tote bags (and more!) based on the classics to help build a new Changing Hands Bookstore in the heart of Phoenix, AZ.

Frank ‘N Moby Build a Bookstore is a project to develop a brand new independent, community-grown bookstore (a second location for Changing Hands) in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. There’s a range one-of-a-kind perks for you to choose from, with all proceeds going toward building the new store.

Changing Hands Bookstore is currently located in Tempe, Arizona, where it has grown since its humble beginnings in 1974, when it was started on a whim by three college students who cared deeply about community service and books. Over the years, Changing Hands has grown to be more than a bookstore. It’s a place that believes in building community by providing space and resources to grow readers of all ages, connecting authors with book lovers, and encouraging storytelling and writing. It supports schools and teachers, local, national and international charities and service organizations, literacy projects, NPR, and PBS.

As Changing Hands has grown over the years, so has its fan base, including those who have hoped for a second Changing Hands location in Central Phoenix. We’re seeking your help to make that idea a reality.

In return for your support, you’ll be one of the few to own artwork created exclusively for this campaign—posters, tote bags, T-shirts, calendars, and greeting cards, all created by local artists and based on epic classics like Moby-Dick, Frankenstein, The Wizard of Oz, Beowulf, Alice in Wonderland, War of the Worlds, and more. The artwork is locally and sustainably printed.

All shirts are American made in men's and women's sizes. Final designs and colors may vary slightly. At the end of the campaign we will email you to get your design, color and size preferences.

Shirt #1: Moby the Dick

Shirt #2: Real Vampries

Shirt #3: Frank 'N Bones

Shirt #4: Stay Classy

Shirt #5: First Draft Book Bar

Greet friends and family with our classy Classic Greeting Card Set, which includes 10 cards—two each of five different designs. Final designs and colors may vary slightly.

Keep the days of the year in style with this 2014 Stay Classy Calendar. Locally designed and sustainably printed, this 9" x 12" (folded) calendar also includes birth dates of our (and your!) favorite authors. Final design and colors may differ slightly.

Carry your books and gadgets in style with this Stay Classy Tote Bag, locally designed and sustainably screen-printed in Phoenix. Final designs and colors may vary slightly.

Select a Classic Print of your choice. There are a total of five print options, designed by talented and generous local artists and sustainably printed in Phoenix. Please note that the final designs and colors may vary slightly. All prints are 8.5" x 11" to be compatible with standard frames.

Print #1 / Beowulf by Sebastien Millon

Print #2 / War of the Worlds by Jon Garza

Print #3 / Stay Classy by Safwat Saleem

Print #4 / Moby the Dick by Safwat Saleem

Print #5 / Real Vampires by Safwat Saleem

We’re operating on a fixed funding model. If this campaign does not reach its $80,000 goal, your credit card will not be charged and we will not receive any funds from you, our project backers. We need your help! Spread the word to friends, family and folks you Facebook stalk (and Twitter stalk, and Tumblr stalk, and Pinterest stalk, whatever!).

Changing Hands Bookstore has brought some pretty amazing literary talent to Valley residents. Rockstar authors like Neil Gaiman, Barbara Kingsolver, Matthew Inman, Sherman Alexie, Anne Rice, and even Grumpy Cat have visited to give talks, sign books, and pose for photos. (Actually, Grumpy Cat didn’t have much to say.)

Other rockstar authors—and actual rock stars—who have come to Changing Hands in the recent past include Corey Doctrow, John Green, Gary Vaynerchuk, Stephenie Meyer, Ozzy Osbourne, Austin Kleon, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sarah Vowell, Jon Krakauer, Garrison Keillor, Anne Patchett, Rick Riordin, Mo Willems, Khaled Hosseini, Scott Turow, Jeff Kinney, Dave Barry, T.C. Boyle, Linda Ronstadt, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, and hundreds of others.

Here's a short video of Anne Rice when she visited Changing Hands Bookstore in November. She talked about indie bookstores, vampires and her love of Diet Coke.

Check out the video below for a quick recap of one of the past quarter's biggest events.

The second Changing Hands Bookstore location will open in spring 2014 on Camelback and Third Avenue in Phoenix, in a former restaurant facility called Beef Eaters. The new bookstore will adaptively reuse the basic structure of the existing building, retaining key features such as fired adobe walls, timber framing, and original fireplaces, while transforming it into a comfortable place to read and gather. It will even feature a wine and beer bar called First Draft!

Even cooler, the new store will be a partnership with two other local businesses: a restaurant that focuses on simple comfort foods and casual elegance by the group that created Phoenix’s award-winning Beckett’s Table, and a co-working, meeting, and event space for mobile professionals. The developer, Venue Projects, is a brilliant team on a mission to create inspiring places that serve and celebrate nature while promoting community.

Pretty cool stuff. We’re aiming for a spring 2014 grand opening. To follow our progress, drive by the new Camelback and Third Avenue location or visit TheNewtonPhx.com.

No way. It’s just a fraction of what we need to build a new indie bookstore. We’re putting up the bulk of the funding from our own resources. The $80K we hope to raise with this project will bring us the rest of the funding needed to build the new store, get the doors open, the shelves built and stocked, and the lights turned on. We look forward to reaching and even surpassing our goal with your support. We also have plans for some “stretch goals” that will help us go beyond the $80K mark. We’ll post those goals here soon.

For a long time now, friends and fans of Changing Hands have asked us to expand to central Phoenix, which has lost many bookstores in recent years, leaving tens of thousands of people in the nation’s sixth largest city few options aside from online booksellers. It reminded us over and over again that people need bookstores in their lives; they crave them and what they represent—a community gathering place with opportunities to connect with authors, a place to browse with like-minded people in a world of stories and ideas. A kind of second home for readers. Now, by contributing to our Indiegogo project, you can help us build that home!

We hope our perks are the kind of cool stuff you’d love to purchase. They’re all locally designed and sustainably printed. We believe in supporting local businesses, and we know you do, too. When you back our project, you’re purchasing some pretty phenomenal goods, and doing something great for the community, too. All funds raised through this project will be used to get our new bookstore off the ground and expand our ability to serve our community. Thanks for being part of the awesomeness!

Thank you for backing this project. Places like Changing Hands Bookstore grow because of the strong support of people like you who care about the quality of life in their communities and invest in organizations that focus on social good.

Frank ‘N Moby wouldn’t have been able to put together this awesome fundraising project without the support of some of the coolest local artists and businesses. Kudos to our friends, and thanks for your support:

Safwat Saleem / Safwat is a Phoenix based graphic designer, artist and filmmaker.

Sebastien Millon / Sebastien is a world-renowned artist. He makes amazing drawings of bears, rabbits, kids, and other fantastical things.

Jon Garza / Jon is an illustrator and designer who draws rap lyrics and other rad stuff.

Impression Makers / Founded in Tempe, Arizona in 1972, Impression Makers constantly strives to deliver the highest-quality print products possible.

When will I get my awesome stuff?
Our fundraising campaign ends on December 20. Should our project successfully meet its $80K goal, we will begin production immediately afterward. We anticipate that products will be available in late January 2014.

Can I pick up my stuff at Changing Hands Bookstore?
Yes, products (i.e., perks) will be available for in-store pickup at the Tempe Changing Hands Bookstore location after production is complete. You will receive an email alerting you when your perks are ready for pickup. We anticipate availability in late January 2014. If you do not want to pick up your perks in-store, no sweat. We’ll be glad to ship them to you. You’ll can tell us which option you prefer (in-store pickup or shipped to your door). After the campaign ends we’ll send you a questionnaire, so keep your eyes peeled!

Do I get to pick my own shirt style and size? And what about prints? Do I get to pick the one I want?
Yes, you will be sent a questionnaire after the campaign ends, and will be asked which of the five shirt options you prefer and which size you need. If you selected a perk that includes a print, you will be asked which of the five options you prefer.

What if my shirt doesn’t fit. Can I send it back?

Unfortunately, shirts (and other perks) are nonrefundable and no exchanges can be made.

If I choose a Season Ticket perk, how do I know which author events I can choose from?
We’ll contact you after the campaign ends with details on how to select the author events you’d like to attend.

Team on This Campaign: