Frameri: One Lens, Many Frames

Frameri's interchangeable frame and lens system allows you to express yourself with as many frames as you want, without paying for extra lenses.

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While it's easy to change tops, pants, or shoes depending on the situation, the status quo for glasses is to have one pair of frames for everything. As glasses wearers ourselves, we think we should have the same choice with eyewear as we have for every other piece of attire.

So here we are today with the world's first interchangeable prescription frame and lens system. Now you can embrace vision without compromising your style. By purchasing one pair of lenses - you can easily snap them into a new frame for a new look. One set of lenses, as many frames as you want. 

For the past year we have worked as a team at Frameri to redesign eyewear with you in mind. We know that you're a dynamic person, and your glasses shouldn't hold you back from expressing that.

Starting with hand drawn ideas, we moved on to laser cutting wood models, and 3D-printing dozens of design iterations, before finally testing the product with hand-made prototypes. Throughout the process we stayed steadfast to a mission: enable dynamic people to express their lives to the fullest, even if they wear prescription eyewear.


We never force you to buy lenses you don’t need, and we don’t tell you how many frames to buy either. Decide on one of the perks below, then after the campaign is over, we will ask you to choose a lens shape, bumper color, and frames to go with them. Every lens shape will have at least one frame in each of the colors above. The first frames will ship in January; our partner in Italy makes each frame by hand, and the process takes about 3 months from start to finish. We will ship the frames to our backers as quickly as they are polished and delivered to us. Please add an extra $15 if you are purchasing from outside of the United States or Canada. Also, to answer your questions, if you buy a Duo, Trio or Quad you can chose for the lens be a tinted Sun lens (with UV Protection) if you prefer that over a clear lens. 

We wear glasses. And even though it hasn't always been easy, we love that change is in the air. Now is the perfect time to break free, and for once, create a product made for people like us: the dreamers, the explorers, and the intrepid.

Good products change your life, challenge your perceptions, and empower you to be yourself. We meld the beauty of the past with the technology of the present to embrace simplicity, design, and above all, progress. How do we operate? Ask questions, challenge everything, and stand out. 

Frameri belongs to the next generation of glasses wearers: where everything is built with a purpose and inspired by the people around us. 

Join us. Join the tribe.

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