Imagine a tool that gives you the freedom and ability to add artistic flair to your photos and create high-end greeting cards and more.

We have a vision and plan to create an easy, interactive photo design tool that can be adapted to be both an app and an online platform—Fotogenic

The beauty of our product is that it’s not just another "photo upload tool," it's a multi-destinational widget that will be populated with art and photo flair relevant to the particular site it’s living on. As such, it plays on the obsessive persistence of those eager to express their personal style at an online destination they would organically navigate towards anyway. 

This tool will have its own destination website and iOS applications AND will live on top of various blogs and sites as a pop-up overlay that expands for easy interaction. The key is to allow customers to do extraordinary things with their photos. From couture collectors to retro enthusiasts, alternative families to goth debutantes, Fotogenic will allow anyone and everyone to get creative by adding digital “flair” to their photos and producing amazing cards, gifts, and high-end prints. Plus, they can share their creations via social media outlets. 

Dare to Flair

Why would someone put our tool on their website?

Because they will generate revenue from any photo product someone orders from their site (not to mention the tool will relate to their content and help reflect their site's passion and style). We have buy-ins from a handful of very enthusiastic blog owners and retail outlets.

We already have a back-end media provider ready to print and distribute these orders. We have done extensive research and vetting of companies to find a print house that is open to new creative offerings and isn't driven or reliant on their own back-end technology. 

In addition, we have future product offerings ready once the tool is launched, and we’re able to invest in alternative materials and creative concepts such as 3D papercrafts and more complicated form factors.

Fotogenic Tool Development PHASE 1: Experience Design
We've already invested $32,200 in the discovery phase -- thanks Mom & Dad! (Our focus group LOVED the concept.) Now our plan is to create a campaign for each phase of the development. Here's how Phase 1 breaks down:
  • $80,000...PHASE 1- Experience Design. Taking our roadmap and creating a final user experience path and final design for the iApp, online shop, & iPad
 And if we get overfunded, we will immediately launch into the next two phases...
  • $75,000...PHASE 2- Proof of Concept Development. Creating a partial prototype for each media, server support, and initial testing phase.
  • $100,000...PHASE 3- Beta Test and Public Launch. Soft launch with our beta group (including some of you!), refine, then launch publically worldwide.


  • Please spread the word of Fotogenic by sharing our campaign! Bring creatvity to all -- steampunks, clubkids, gay parents, fashionistas, hip moms, creative diy'ers...everyone.

Our vision comes from our experience. We’ve been in the card design and photo customization industry for over ten years and have done lots of work and research around customized image-import products like photo cards, postcards, posters, photo books, etc. This is an industry with tons of depth and layers that are yet untapped. With the right tools, experience, and creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Perk Showcase:


Perk 1

Perk #1: 
Pledge $5 

Sassy screensaver: Receive a unique screensaver featuring art from the Fotogenic collection.


Perk 2
Perk #2: 
Pledge $10 

Photo flair: We’ll flair your photo, then give you a high-res, web-ready version so you can print (and share) as many times as you like.


Perk 3

Perk #3: 
Pledge $25

CallMe cards: We’ll design a CallMe card just for you, then professionally print and send you ten cards. Use them for yourself (personal or business), or hand out for your kids (play dates and ID info). Card specs: 2" x 2", doubled-sided.
Perk 4

Perk #4: 
Pledge $50
Photo postcards: We’ll flair your photo and/or place it in one of our beautiful postcard designs, then professionally print and send you ten postcards. Postcard specs: 4.25" x 5.5" or 5" x 7", double-sided.


Perk 5

Perk #5: 
Pledge $100
Holiday photo cards: This is the perfect way to get a jumpstart on the busy holiday season! We’ll flair your photo and/or place it in one of our beautiful holiday card designs (choose from a wide selection). We’ll professionally print and send 30 copies to you, along with matching envelopes. Card specs: 5" x 5" or 5" x 7", double-sided, flat or folded. 

Perk 6

Perk #6: 
Pledge $100
Birthday party kit: This kit includes 30 Birthday invitations or announcements with matching envelopes, 30 Thank You cards, and 30 Cupcake toppers. Choose from three different design themes.

Perk #7: Pledge $350
We’ll flair your photo and place it in one of our beautiful wedding designs (choose from 3 different design styles), then professionally print and send to you. You’ll also receive a special printable surprise! Each kit contains: 100 Save-the-Date postcards, 100 Invitations with matching envelopes, 100 RSVP cards with matching envelopes, 100 Thank You cards with matching envelopes.

Perk #8: $500
Receive the aforementioned Wedding kit, plus a commemorative photo book featuring up to 30 of your photos

Perk #9: 
Pledge $500 

Personalized photo storybook: We’ll place up to 30 of your favorite images in a professionally printed photo storybook featuring unique artwork and flair created just for you to complement the theme of your photos.

Perk #10:  
Pledge $1,000

Co-create a Fotogenic collection: Collaborate with us to co-create a photo product collection (using our very own creative "personality quiz" to help you create your designs). You’ll receive CallMe cards, photo greeting cards, photo books, and more—all featuring artwork inspired by YOU!


Foto Crush has been testing the market with our pop culuturally-driven flair, with great success. Our photo cards have been featured in Dasha Wagner's book, The Best Photo Cards, Stationery Trends Magazine, Vecu Magazine, PMA (the industry's leading Publication and tradeshow, keynoting 3 times), and gift bags for: The Emmy Award Nominees, The Oscar Award Nominees, Cartoon Network Hall of Game Award Nominees, The CMA Nominees, People Magazine for Beyonce & Jay-Z, and New York Fashion Week.

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