Forward to the Sky

A Zelda-like 3D action adventure game. Forward to the Sky needs funds for the art. Let's work together to bring a better experience to the game!
Wei Chen
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Forward to the Sky! 

Balloon up and explore the sky ruins with Princess! A 3D action adventure game for PC/Mac/Linux. 

Developing by Magichnology, welcome to our Website and IndieDB game page. You can also subscribe to our major announcements by email.


Once upon a time, there was a great tower in the sky. People were mining crystal with delight during the prosperous days. Until that disaster happened…… Time past, the history had been forgotten. And now, it emerged from the clouds again – the sky tower.


Reveal the story of the sky tower!

Forward to the Sky is a third person action adventure game in the sky tower ruin. Without a single word in the game, you are going to collect all the fresco pieces to connect the story and everything will be revealed once Princess reaches the top level.

The game is Zelda-like, focus more on puzzles also features a mixture of action and adventure gameplay. Relaxing mood, bright art, adventurous but peaceful music, simple control and combat. A game everyone are able to finish and provides additional fun of difficulty to hardcore players. 


There will be 6 unique levels to be explored. Engage in combat with various attack combos, break the walls, run through the traps and play with interactive mechanisms to solve the puzzles. Find your path to discover the story in the sky!


Project status

We've been constantly updating our progress on our website and IndieDB. And we will continue to update the progress in the future.

To sum up the project status for now: 


# 90% of the system are done. The game is already playable.


# 2 of 6 stages design are done, 3rd and 4th in progress.

# 70% of must-have environment objects ( art ) are done.

# Princess model and all animation are done.

# 2 of 9 BGMs are done, 3rd in progress.


Wei is funding this game out of his own pocket and needs some more funding to help. 

Most of the team members have years of experience in the game industry but are working for little to no pay because they believe in this project.

However, all the little payments add up to be something not easy, especially when building a fantasy game with quality art. And that's why Wei needs your help!

All of the funding are going to be used in paying art. 

There are still 30% of the must-have environment arts to be done. $3,000 ($2,790 will actual go to the project after the fee for Indiegogo and Paypal) is not much, but it will allow us to improve the art and have more interesting environment.

We assure you that we do our best not to waste your money and spend the money only on where it needs to be.


Wei ( Project lead and programming )

Wei has years of experience programming. Although he is not in the game industry, he's been fighting/struggling his way making games. He is gathering talented people together to make this game and can't be happier to work with them.

Apupu ( Character modeling, animation and particle effects. )

Apupu has been working in the game industry for many years and especially good at modeling 3D characters and making character animation. His beautiful skill is bringing characters to life. 

CONE ( Character design and CG )

CONE has been working in game industry for a long time. He is good at character design and likes to do it. He has created many attractive characters in the past. CONE is going to work on the game CG as well, he said he needs some push so give him a word!

Randgris ( Game design )

Randgris is a gamer and always wants to design a game himself. He got many interesting idea and some were already implemented in the game.

Ted ( 3D Scene art )

Ted is in the movie/animation industry for years and he loves game. He helps a lot on the early scene environment and concepts, without him we would have a long way to go. He is also very good at machine concept and the balloon was designed by him.

Chris Kukla ( Music design )

Chris have been working in the music industry composing for a wide range of media for years. He is going to do the best he can to bring sound into this sky adventure.

Nori ( GUI design and CG )

Nori is good in a wide range of digital art and has been working in the game industry for many years. She has already shown her good works of GUI design and CG painting for this project and will continue to help us on the environment art if she got any time after.

Kay ( 3D Scene art )

Kay has years experience works on environment art in the game industry. She focuses her skill on providing a beautiful gaming world, and she is going to bring a fantasy sky tower into this game.

EOWS ( 3D Scene art )

EOWS, has been in the game industry for a decade. He is good at scene conception, modeling and texturing in variety styles. Even after years working for the company, he has not lost his heart for gaming. He is going to work with us with his strong skill of environment/prop art.

Also, credits to Jog for supporting particle effects, Bao Chen for creating the game opening BGM, and Bitgem3d for the skeleton.



At least 9 tracks from the game. You will be able to download it in high quality DRM-free formats.

Collection Book

The development of the game and all the origin art images from conception to production. How does this project started? How were the characters design changed? How the stages were being designed and built? Everything else happened during the make of this game. It should be around 20 pages in pdf format.

Risk & challenges

Every project has risks.

In the past 6 month, we've built up a playable game with all the required gameplay system and art that are already polished. We are starting this funding campaign because we have the confidence that we will finish the game. No matter what results in the end of this campaign, we are going to finish it.

However, this campaign will make a big difference on how good this game can be. More than the funding, this campaign really means a lot to us because it brings us confidence that we are making something people like.

We hope that you will join us, together, bringing the game better quality and gaming experience.


Q: Witch platform will this be on?

A: We are going to contact Humble Store to get a Humble widget and release on Desura

Steam? Yes, we'll definitely bring the game through Greenlight when it is near done and we'll need your support again! 

Q: What's the feature of this game?

A: This game focused on 3D interactive puzzling. You are going to play with mechanisms that will affect multiple floors and solve the puzzle of it. Asides from puzzles, the game also focused on action gameplay ( your controlling skill ) and a slighter part of fighting. Check the Updates and have a watch at the videos!

Please help us spread out the message. Simply share this campaign on Twitter/Facebook/G+ or any other social media or ask your friends if they can help this project, thanks!

Special thanks to RyanSumo, everyone from TIGForums and IndieDB helped me on this campaign page. 

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