For Love Or Money

A film about 'love' and 'money'

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Hello I’m Kim Hopkins the director of For Love Or Money. I’ve contributed all my savings and 3 years of my life into making this film… I know I know.  But my mother always taught me, “Put your money where your mouth is, before you ask it of others”

So now I’m asking YOU.

This isn’t a film about child soldiers • This isn’t a film about sex slaves • This isn’t a film about children dying needlessly • This isn’t a film about environmental issues • This isn’t a film about suffering religious persecution…


This is a film about us and money and the kitchen sink.


The Message                                                                                                                            

For Love or Money Is a parable of our time. It’s a simple story of greed. It’s funny, poignant and we learn something about ourselves.  I’ve spent my career making ‘meaningful’ ‘serious’ documentary films about the social ill’s of the world - slavery • violence against women • religious persecution • healthcare in the developing world etc etc… "I’ve seen a lot of not very nice stuff". 


So I wanted to look closer to home, to understand the root causes, not the symptoms. To examine the issues, not on a grand global scale, but in the intimacies of my friends & neighbours and in their hopes and desires.

In The Beginning                                                                                                                    

This film began by accident, perhaps a lot of good films do. In early 2008 putting the 'world to rights' one evening in my local bar in Yorkshire, England, over too many glasses of wine, I got talking to  Helen, a local woman and mother to seven kids. She’d just sold everything, risked her & the kids future to buy a 72- roomed house – A film was born. Helen’s story that has taught me more about the ‘why’ things are as they are than any BBC foreign assignment ever could.

The Film (Synopsis)                                                                                                               
Some dreams are just harder to achieve than others. This inspirational, intimate and funny documentary follows the extraordinary dreams and ambition of one woman, Helen Heraty, who is determined, despite insuperable odds - the threat of bankruptcy, seven wild children, an unhelpful and usually absent partner, and major obstruction from one of the country’s most popular institutions - to convert a crumbling, grade-one listed, ghost ridden national monument into a family run boutique hotel.


Along the way we learn a lot – about the drive to succeed despite enormous risk, about class and aspiration in modern Britain, about the peculiar intimacies of a large bohemian family, and the sobering effects of economic meltdown seen through the prism of a couple trying to achieve an expensive dream.


Most of all we see close-up and personal family life not as a series of uncoordinated stories, but as a nail biting drama they are all caught-up in – in For Love Or Money there is something big at stake, it’s success or failure, and if it’s the latter it’s the family that won’t survive.


This story is a story of perseverance, hard work and relentless belief in a dream... it is a story that needs to be told, a message that has to be broadcast.

The Impact                                                                                                                               

Filming began before the global ‘credit crunch’ and captures in microscopic detail the economic storm of 2008 till present day. The camera follows in intimate detail Helen and her family caught in the eye of this storm as they struggle for survival against mounting debts and an uncertain future. 

This film is aimed at all of us ‘good’ people who bought into the ‘system’ and woke up one morning to find the system devouring us. 


What We Need                                                                                                                        

Most of this film is already shot, financed by myself. I have hundreds of hours of footage, dating back from early 2008, till August 2011. The footage is digitized, logged and an assembly edit of the main story lines has been made. I’m looking for some completion financing, to pay for some extra shooting • equipment hire • editing • music clearances • festival fees • marketing.


Help me finish For Love Or Money and get this story told.

Are You Interested In Becoming More Involved And Playing a Bigger Role In The Realisation Of  This Film?    

We have a Co-Producer credit available at $6,000, a Co-Executive Producer credit available at $10,000 and an Executive Producer credit at $25,000****. Your name will appear in the credits for all Festivals, Theatrical selected International TV. Plus IMDB.

*Please note that these are honorary titles and do not engender any creative or business involvement/decision-making nor does the credit entitle any claim of ownership. (**** unless otherwise stated)  All credits subject to broadcaster.  

Other Ways You Can Help                                                                                                     
Spread the word about our campaign! You, the indieGOGO 'For Love Or Money' Community can help finish this film by first contributing a monetary donation, but also by spreading the word to your friends, family, colleagues, enemies, strangers, anybody, anything (if they have a credit card or PayPal account)

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The Director                                                                                                                            

Kim has been making award-winning documentaries for nearly 20 years. Kim has directing/shooting credits for - BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, Al Jazeera amongst others. Films’ range from ‘social issues’ - violence against women around the world, modern slavery, healthcare in the developing world etc. Music Documentaries “Man In The Sand”  featuring Woody Guthrie, Natalie Merchant, Wilco, Billy Bragg, Corey Harris etc. 

She has also made several films about Native Americans • Wanted • Dance To Souls Departed etc. 

Industry Awards                                                                                                                   

* Modern Slavery, winner ‘AMANDA AWARD’ (Norwegian Oscar) 2009.

• Morocco (Never Again) won the ‘WORLD TV AWARD’  2009.

• Nominated for Broadcast Award: Best Multi Channel Series of 2006/7.

• Jerwood foundation for creative documentary, 1997.



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