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Most people are aware that shoes can hurt, but few are aware of how harmful poorly designed footwear can be. Social norms influence us to cover our feet for a variety of reasons, but we pay a heavy price for this cultural obsession with shoes. Most modern footwear actually deforms the human foot over time, and in some cases can be debilitating. As found in the Barefoot Book "One in three Americans visit a podiatrist at least once in their lifetimes due to chronic foot pain", an ailment which rarely occurs in barefoot cultures.

“Foot” explores our shifting relationship to one of the most important and overlooked parts of the human body: our feet.

By guiding us through contemporary research as well as ancient traditions, this film reveals the rich heritage, body awareness, and health benefits that can be reclaimed simply by walking barefoot. “Foot” unveils the reality of our current dysfunctional relationship with feet, and gives voice to the doctors, athletes, shoemakers, and advocates who are pioneering a different way of thinking about foot health. The first step towards a brighter, healthier future is to take off our shoes and walk free.

SUPPORT We need your support to finish this film! We're so excited to be sharing this story, but we can't do it alone. Hundreds of hours of volunteered time and personal funds from the crew members have already gone into getting this film started. We need a little more support to finish this tale and to make it into the beautiful film it could be. Our costs include: 

  • Travel expenses for filming interviewees and locations
  • Compensating crew members for their time and hard work 
  • Equipment rentals 
  • Animation and graphics to be added in during post production
  • Editing, mixing, color correcting 
  • Getting rewards to all of our backers! 

Below is our original video with a lenghtier message from the director:

STRETCH GOALS The goal we've set above represents our production costs, the fees for Indiegogo, and the costs involved with delivering all of the rewards. Any money we make beyond this goal will help us deliver an even more amazing film! We'll be able to do things like: 

  • Rent specialized equipment for beautiful and technically difficult shots that will help in illustrating certain points 
  • Hire an aerial photographer to track various people/events for some neat aerial images 
  • Ensure great distribution so the film can reach even more people 

REWARDS We are so grateful and honored for all of our sponsors and collaborators! Here are a few of our reward highlights!

Northwest Foot and Ankle are great supporters of the film and have donated several reward options to the film's backers including a pair of Correct Toes silicone toe spreaders! These are effective in helping your toes re-align and aid in giving your body a more stable base. For more information check out

 And a "Spread Your Toes" T-shirt. All shirts have been CLAIMED

The Barefoot Sage is a holistic foot spa in Portland, Or. For our local contributors, the Sage has donated several foot soak packages which include a massage from one of their licensed massage therapists. For more on The Barefoot Sage check out: 

Tune footwear has generously offered backers an opportunity to support the Foot film and receive a pair of their classic "boat" shoe.

Soft Star Shoes have donated two pairs of any of their handcrafted shoe styles to pledgers! 

Lems is offering their support through donating a pair of Sweet Janes and a pair of Mariners to end up with two lucky pledgers! Note: The Mariners style pair has been claimed. 

Lems Sweet Jane CLAIMED!

Lems Mariner CLAIMED!

Aimee from Medicina Massage has donated three hour-long Ashiatsu massages for three lucky pledgers! Ashiatsu is an efficient massage technique that utilizes the increased surface area of the foot and the assistance of gravity and body weight to produce a deeper more effective massage with out associated pain.

For more on Medicina Massage take a look at

The Portland Homestead Supply Company has generously donated 5 foot care baskets to the cause! 

Each basket includes 10 oz Epsom Salts, 5 oz Dead Sea Salts, 4 oz Hemp Seed Oil, 4 oz Aloe Vera Gel, 4 oz Sweet Almond Oil, 1/2 oz Peppermint Essential Oil, 1/2 oz Tea Tree Essential Oil, Recipes for: Aloe Overnight Foot Softener, Epsom Salt Peppermint Foot Scrub, Tea Tree Foot Soak, Dead Sea Salt Soak. For more info on this great business and the products and classes they offer, check out 

Frances Michaelson is a multi-media artist from Minneapolis, MN. She has illustrated works for variuos organizations, and especially loves puppetry, carving, and block printing. The piece she'll be creating for Foot will most likely be a water color or mixed medium on paper. Above are two illustrations that represent the style she'll be using for her piece. 

TIMELINE We're currently researching, planning, and fundraising. We hope to get all of our filming done this summer/ early fall, and finish up post production between the end of the year and early 2015 at the latest. Because documentary film timelines are hard to predict exactly, this may vary. 

Tristan setting up lights

Interviewing Barefoot Bruce

NOTE FROM THE TEAM Making a feature-length documentary is a long and challenging process. When you watch films on the big screen and take an hour or two out of your day, you may take for granted the hours, months, and most often years that went into producing that film. With such a project come many risks. We've already faced several risks and challenges to make this film, and are prepared for what's to come.

The Director, Sarah Heath's dedication to this film has held strong for many years, and she and the rest of the Foot Team are determined to deliver a well sculpted story so that the important messages of the film may be received by many. 

We're very fortunate to be connected and connecting with so many supporters all over the globe who are invested in seeing this film come to fruition. It's with all of this support that we feel confident in our ability to overcome future obstacles, together!

THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for your interest and support! We can't do it alone. 


Official website: 



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    Receive a digital download of the film so you may watch it from your own computer screen!

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    Receive your own copy of the DVD. This will include extra interview snippets and behind the scenes footage. U.S. shipping included. Add $20 for international shipping.

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    Receive your own signed copy of the DVD, and a Correct Toes tote bag from NW Foot and Ankle. Now you can carry things with your foot pride! U.S. shipping included. Add $20 for international shipping.

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    Receive your own set of toe re-aligning Correct Toes and firm hacky sack from NW Foot and Ankle. Hacky sacks are fun, and also great for massaging soft tissue for fast recovery. Note: Please include shoe size in comment box if selecting so we may get you the correct size. U.S. shipping included. Add $20 for international shipping.

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    Receive a hand forged steel foot themed bottle opener forged by Wayne Dillon of Oaks Bottom Forge. Plus a digital download of the film! U.S. shipping included. Add $40 for international shipping.

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    Ashiatsu Massage

    Soften that tension, smooth out your soreness, with a 60 minute Ashiatsu massage from Medicina Massage. Ashiatsu is an efficient massage technique that utilizes the increased surface area of the foot and the assistance of gravity and body weight to produce a deeper more effective massage with out associated pain.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $90USD

    Portlanders, enjoy a peaceful experience with your feet at The Barefoot Sage. Includes a salt water foot soak, followed by a 30 minute lower leg and foot massage, ending with a soothing paraffin dip. (Limit one per customer; cannot be combined with special offers or gift certificates; expires December 31, 2014.) See campaign text for more info.

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    Receive a “Foot” poster of your choice, a computer wallpaper of your choice, and a digital download of the film. Plus a handwritten thank you card from the director! U.S. shipping included. Add $20 for international shipping.

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  • $100USD

    For those of you in or close to Portland, Or, you will receive a medieval turn style shoe class series by Portlander Mike Glover. Learn to make this simple yet elegant moccasin-like shoe and go home with your very own pair!

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    Receive one pair of Tune shoes Boat style shoes. Now you can be casually dressy, in these comfortable shoes. Sizes range from 8 to 13.5, and are usually around a size and a half too small, so let us know which size you normally fit into, and we'll match the right size for you. U.S. shipping included. No international shipping.

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    Receive your very own pair of hand-crafted adult minimal shoes. Take a look at the styles they offer and more about this amazing company left or at U.S. shipping included. Add $25 for international shipping.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $200USD

    Receive your very own limited edition art print by well known Minnesotan artist Frances Michaelson. Art print will be inspired by reflexology charts and will be 9x11" ready to be framed or displayed as is. FIRST TEN to choose this perk get a $20 certificate to use on Soft Star's online store! U.S. shipping included. Add $20 for international shipping.

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    Receive a "Foot" logo embroidered sweatshirt, embroidered by the director, and everything from the $25 level below. U.S. shipping included. Add $40 for international shipping.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2015
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    This perk will give you a 1/2 day of business development one-on-one with Portland's social media/email marketing maven, Albert Kaufman. Learn more about him at

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  • $1,000USD

    Receive a photo book of production stills, Associate Producer credit, and an INVITATION to the Portland thank you party at Thai Square. (Travel not included) Plus all rewards from the $40 pledge point and below! Shipping included.

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  • $5,000USD

    Be credited as an executive producer with your face and small bio on the website, your name in the credits, and honorable mentions at functions and showings. Plus all rewards for the 1,000 pledge. Shipping included.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $10,000USD

    Receive everything in the above executive package PLUS a 3D hand sculpted steel foot, and lunch with the director if you're in Portland. Shipping included.

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