Food Hacking Tour Europe 2014

Promoting Food&Beverage hacking within the hacker community and beyond!
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Food Hacking Base and Dancing Drops are groups of people interested in food and beverage hacking bringing together ancient knowledge of foods&beverage preparation, today’s scientific understanding with the technology of tomorrow. Our goals are to improve the quality of human life together with our connection with nature.

This tour will be bringing together people deeply involved in computer sciences and technologies with people focused on healthy lifestyle which is in harmony with nature. Both of these communities are highly advanced in their fields and for years we believe and cherish the fruits of their collaboration, you are welcome to join this adventure!

Program and benefits

We are going to provide set of courses and workshops on the topics of fermentation and food&beverage hacking promoting these concepts in the local communities. Our activities are aimed on both improving the awareness of the topic, getting people involved and help the local groups becoming more active and productive. The benefits of these activities are many both on the local scale where they strengthen the knowledge and society connections and on the global level, where they help to connect people interested in similar subjects and which they can further develop under the open source principles. You can help us to make this happen by contributing to our cause, you should especially consider our perks of "experimental incubator prototype" and "food hacking base at your place" which are likely to impact you and your community most.

The outcomes of the project

The impact of this project will be both on the local level in the hackerspaces and it's communities and on international level through the main hacker events in the field. During this tour we will connect with many people and communities building therefore a social network which will allow for a more efficient collaboration on projects in the field of food&beverage hacking. By making the local communities more aware and involved we will impact the global community especially on above mentioned international events where we will continue to be present with more resources. We believe that for example on the next 31c3 congress in December 2014 we will be able to set up bases for a future food, beverage and bio hacking department which will hugely impact both the participants on this event but also setting a new standard for other events of this type. We have laid a solid  foundations for this to happen both on the OHM2013 hacker camp and recently at 30c3.

How to support

To support us financially will be very helpful and we would really appreciate it, please consider bitcions options too. However based on our experience it is the community, positive references and spreading the word around is what makes the projects happen. We would like to ask you if you can try to help us in this manner and promote what we do mentioning our activities to your community and friends, more info is below.

Bitcoins - we are happy to accept Bitcoins, please use this wallet!

Bitcoin account address: 1Ph2ce4rUZei5Bz9GXESAHduczBY2QP2FT

Additional Info

Workshop topics to choose from:

Korean style feast "healing table" - lets come together, preparing and enjoying food and more

Makgeolli brewing - learn how to prepare traditional alcoholic rice beer (wine)

Introduction to soy bean fermentation - start to ferment your own tempeh or natto it is worth of it!

Kombucha is easy - yes it is and you can do it we make sure about that!

Kefir making - amazing style of probiotic lactic fermentation usable for wide variety of food and beverage preparation

Traditional kimchi making - ancient way of Korean vegetables style of fermentation

Community meals prepared and shared together:

Traditional Korean dinner - learn how to make and join for wonderful feast based on Korean ancient traditional food preparation!

International dinner - selection of food and beverages from all around the word prepared and shared together

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  • €10EUR
    probiotic drink selection

    At least two or more different flavours of probiotic drinks for you ranging from kombucha, water kefir to kefir whey based ginger beer, three 500 ml bottles in total. Keep in mind to let us know in advance and to pick it up in person (or arrange to pick it up in the hackerspace).

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  • €15EUR

    Handmade kimchi and saurkraut in lovely jar for you, two of them to be exact. Delicious product of our workshops, you have to pick them by yourself or arrange "short time storage" in the hackerspace for you.

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  • €50EUR
    crate of probiotic drinks

    Selection of probiotic drinks from kombucha to kefir whey based ginger beers, whole mate crate, 20x500 ml bottles. Please let us know at least one week in advance so we can prepare it. You have to pick this perk up or arrange the short time storage in the local hackerspace.We try to use organic ingredients.

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  • €100EUR
    event of your like

    We will prepare and run a workshop or dinner at your place up to 10 people (or more after discussion). Have a look at our tour plan and let us know in advance so we can confirm this perk! This is ideal perk for hackerspaces and communities which are on our list of stops already!

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  • €150EUR
    Experimental Incubator for you

    We will build up the control unit and heating/cooling system for you and send it to where you are based. We ask for up to 3 months time for preparation, it can be done faster if necessary.

    1 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • €300EUR
    Experimental Incubator combo

    We will build one prototype of the experimental incubator for you and for the person or community which you want to have it. Again it will be the control unit and heating and cooling system, accomplished within three months.

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