Food Hacking Base at OHM 2013

Share the love of experimenting with food and beverages,building tools and trying out new techniques combining traditional knowledge with science and technology


Many thanks for making it happen!

We would like to thank to all the supporters who helped us to make the Food Hacking Base at OHM 2013 reality. We hope you will come by and enjoy the event with us or if you are not present in a "physical form" you will keep an eye on it "online".


Oncer more many thanks,

For Food Hacking Base sincerely,

Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck



We are the Food Hacking Base (fhb), a bunch of hackers from all over the world who share the love of experimenting with food and beverages. After more than two years of promoting these concepts on some of the world major hacker events, we recently started our website and we are ready to become permanently active. We are building tools and trying out new techniques or those based on the ancient wisdom of traditional societies. Merging this ancient knowledge with today's scientific understanding and technology are some of our areas of interest.
This crowdfunder is about creating food&beverage hacking hub at the OHM2013  (Observe Hack Make) event and of course "in the online world". It is a place to hack food, either on your own or joining one of the donation based workshops. Next to that we will build and run a cookware washing area for the community and even build a prototype of a hexayurt-based cold room. We are documenting all of these activities and sharing it with the community as our contribution to the open source paradigm with the hope of changing the world for the better and enjoying it on the way!
  If you want to know more about how the FHB will be used, please read on at the chapter --The base--. Many thanks for your support, fhb!

The project

To provide the community with an excellent base for hacking food at OHM2013 and future events, we need your support. The funds we receive will go towards the basic infrastructure (tents, tables, floors), tools (pots, pans, stoves), and of course food! We'll need plenty of ingredients to welcome all visitors with exotic and exciting food and beverages and make food hacking a possibility for all, as we promoted at the last CCC camp, 28c3 and 29c3 conferences
  If you'd like to know in further detail how your money will be spent, we invite you to take a look at our OHM2013 wiki budget section.
Important to note is that any donations we receive that are not necessary to cover our costs will be set aside for Food Hacking Bases future events, next one being 30c3 in Hamburg.
  If you want to know more about how the FHB will be used, please read on at the chapter --The base--.
Food Hacking Base at OHM 2013 - "3D reality"

The base

As many of you might know, there is another major hacker conference coming this summer - OHM2013 in the Netherlands and we will be there! We've already had more than €500 donated within the core group, so that we can have a nice tent and some other stuff functioning as a food&beverage hacking hub. We have planned several workshops so people can join and contribute in a nice relaxed environment, leaving space for more collaboration and single projects. For one of the projects, for example, we will be makeing Matelade, a marmelade based on yerba mate, a herb for a tea-like beverage. Other projects include vegan hacking and probiotic beverages brewing, with "Kombucha cosmopolita" beeing the scary one! All this will be also presented during donation based workshops keeping to "no one turned away for lack of funds" system as we did before. We will be catering for ourselves and all interested during the event happily enjoying our experiments as a group, our capacity is around 15-20 people for a meal on regular bases. Another important feature worth of stressing is that  we also open the kitchen to the people  so you can join us and experiment on your stuff or play with your own food project after coordinating with us as on the last CCC camp. Again we will construct and run a community shared washing area for dishes and kitchen equipment. The new"big" construction project for this event is a hexayurt based cold room which would be again shared as a community project, aimed to be reused on other events.
So come and join us at OHM2013 and thanks for supporting us, we really appreciate it :)
We are also currently building a foodhacking centric place online as well at https://foodhackingbase.org Join us there!

The goals

700 - The Food Hacking Base is possible! We will be able to build the basic infrastructure for cooking and small workshops.
€1200 - At this level it's possible to prepare some foodstuffs and promotional materials in advance. Next to that we will be able to invest in more kitchen utensils for workshops and (glass) containers for projects.
€2500 and over - We will build and run a modular and reusable cold room. This room will make it possible to produce on a larger scale our probiotic drinks and even work on other projects that would otherwise not be achievable.

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